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  1. Server Licensing General Info

    Hello@Odin, On 11 June, we filed an application for a server license. Unfortunately, we have not received an answer yet. Did we do something wrong?
  2. Special Service Group - Server We are running a 80 slot server, located in Frankfurt - Germany We are a German tactical Squad. It is our intent to support and develop the Squad Community. All Veterans and newbies are welcome to have fun with tactical teamwork. If there is any issue, feel free to contact our Admins or post here. Rules Language German/English Don't hack, cheat or other unfair game play No bad language No Base rape No Excessive Team Killing No Sabotaging Your Team No Abusing Other Players No Spamming SERVER ETIQUETTE SL must have a Mic and use this SL may kick players from their squad SL should communicate with the other Leaders Join a Squad Fight hard but fair
  3. Hey, euer Server ist seit einer Woche offline. Gibt es Probleme?
  4. Hello, I have a little question Is there a negative aspect of a higher tickrate on a server? Does the engine limit to ~ 50 FPS? How are your attitudes? Do you go with the standard 50 tickrate or higher? I would be glad about an answer.
  5. [GER ONLY]INSURGENCY@GamerzHost.de

    Hallo, ich habe bei euch öfter mal vorbeigeschaut allerdings war nie jemand anzutreffen. Spielt ihr selber gar nicht drauf? mfg