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  1. Black Floor Texture Bug Al Basrah

    Tried to fiddle with them, and it did not go away,
  2. This black texture is showing up inside buildings floors and walls and on some object i have no diea what is causing it to show up.
  3. Some people putting mines on main.

    The only thing you can do is dig them up, or if the admins are active and watching they could be banned/kicked for griefing until a system to stop this is implemented. At least that is what I would do.
  4. Weapon mechanics

    Please note there is a new animation system coming so all of what you just said might happen if not then yeah I would totally agree with all your points, also if you listen as you fire your weapon you will start to head a different sound for each shot fired when you start hearing said sound then you should reload. Also after each engagement reload your mag, (side note a repack mechanic would be nice for magazines that are low on ammo and you have multiple of them.) though if you are a M249 gunner then don't bother reloading after every single engagement you have 200 rounds in that box. when I see people do this it makes me cry. Welcome to Squad.
  5. HDU

    If you hit M then you have a map and it becomes very easy to navigate after a while you get to know the ways in to each point on the different maps and you wouldn't really be looking at your map much unless you want to know where the other squads are and what they are doing or where you need to go to be able to help friendly units.
  6. Deploying mines

    Honestly though, its not much of a problem as it has a green outline that shows on the ground when you are holding the mine/IED or a rock.
  7. MATV/MRAP vs IEDs+Mines

    i would not be surprised if they do the exact same as they have done with HAT's and put a delay on the vehicle explosion, unfortunately we didn't see any MRAPS being him with a mine or IED during the stream, but lets hope. As you have said that the are designed to be mine resistant so they could say that the first mine/IED does reduced damage but anything after that will deal full damage unless the MRAP has been repaired, then again during the stream, they said it is not a fully fledged MRAP but rather a slightly less armored one.
  8. Gradual Supply Ability

    You know it would be cool to have a "global" resource kind of like Planetside 2 so when you deploy a specialised role, lets say a carry able mortar then it would deduct x amount of resource. Obviously the mortar that is man portable would have to be a much lower caliber that the one we can build at FOB's.
  9. Soldier career

    Just going to point out that even IF the devs implemented a no squad lead until x amount of time/rank, even if they hit that requirement you are still stuck with a squad leader that has never or has very little squad lead experience, assuming that said player has never player Project Reality or ArmA or another game that are similar.
  10. I prefer if they didn't have a icon for the battle recorder because if cheaters or griefers from going out of there way to avoid battle recorded servers.
  11. When you quickly switch between the roles in the resupply boxes, the text can get stuck and not change. In the example below I switched between the M4A1 + OPTIC to the M4A1 + Red Dot Sight and as you can see the text is still the M4A1 + OPTIC. A very minor bug I know but nonetheless.
  12. That is strange when I got out of the Stryker it made the text go away but it came back if i got back in and hit enter.
  13. When sitting in the gunnery seat of the US Stryker and when you press enter, the "Select a Spawn Point" text will show and remain on screen until you switch seats or get out and then back in to the Stryker.
  14. Marksmen Role Having Binoculars

    While yes Marksmen have a magnified scope it doesn't really help with id'ing if a infantry unit is nme or friendly from ranges of 350m+.