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  1. Unplayable

    Today I played all day and I didn't have any FPS drop . I have not changed anything, I don't explain how it is possible. I will keep you update in the coming days. Thanks to all for support !
  2. Unplayable

    Unfortunately I can no longer get the refund, it seems impossible that a 6600K has problems with a game I noticed that when in a game FPSs are stable at about 60. When I get killed I go down a lot (10 fps), and the situation stays the same Fps are displayed at the left top Before: After:
  3. Unplayable

    Hi All. Tonight I finally decided to buy SQUAD, but during the matches on any map I have FPS drops that make the play unplayable. I tried any setup, and any updates .... I updated the MB bios, updated the VGA drivers, changed the render distance settings etc ... but it has changed nothing. Yet when start a new match Squads works perfect, it does so after a few minutes and I can't understand the reason. Can someone help me? I spent my money in vain My hardware spec: GTX 980 SC i5 6600k 16gb 3000mhz Apacer DDR4 Asrock Gaming K6 Z270