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  1. Why the medic aversion?

    I'm a very patient guy and i find the medic to meet my playstile. I'm not too good at spotting enemies and even worse hitting them, so medic is a perfect class for me. But who knows if that'll change as i get more experienced with the game. I still think the medic will be my favourtite class.
  2. Gracias leon330. Seguro que lo haremos, y espero que por mucho tiempo! García, te recuerdo que los 100 euros eran solo para decir las palabras bonitas hacia mi persona, pero en el soborno no iba incluido el permiso para presentarte en el mismo post que he abierto para mi, y solo para mi xD. No, en serio, me sabe mal que lo hayáis hecho en el mío y no en el vuestro propio para que quedase registrado para la posteridad. La última frase de @Stggarcia tiene demasiado contenido como para no enmarcarla y ponerla en un marco bonito encima de la pantalla del ordenador
  3. Me permito el lujo de ser el primero en estrenar este apartado de presentaciones (a no ser que se me haya colado alguien en este mismo instante) Llegué hace poco al Squad siguiendo a mis excompañeros de PR/Arma/etc tras un largo retiro del PC, pero con ellos de compañia al menos se lo que estoy haciendo jajaja. Nunca he llegado a ser bueno en ninguno de estos juegos porque he sido muy irregular por cuestiones ajenas a mi voluntad, pero vuelvo con las ganas de siempre y contento de ver una comunidad de españoles bien unida, por lo que he podido ver hasta ahora. Así que si me veis por el juego sentíos libres de darme órdenes, soy completamente sumiso y con ganas de aprender y jugar sin malos rollos que, al fin y al cabo, es lo que mantiene vivo cualquier juego, y la comunidad sana. ¡Nos vemos en el campo!
  4. Gente seria y un placer cuando coincidimos con ellos, sí señor. Mucha suerte con los nuevos reclutas y que no tengáis que mandarles muchas flexiones.
  5. Este tipo de noticias es muy positiva. Tuve el placer de jugar ayer en el server y me llevé muy buena impresión. A ver si continuamos creciendo y se nos queda pequeño el server para todos los españoles jaja, eso sería muy buena señal.
  6. @Smee i can't believe you are asking this, but i'll reply anyway. There are NO spanish servers because it seems so far we are not a very big community. Does it mean we shpuldn't play at all or maybe just limit ourselves to 5 v 5 because we don't have the power to move hundreds of Spanish speaking people to come play squad? To peace of your mind we paid a new Spnaish server yesterday and started testing it, because it seems because people with thoughts like yours are starting to make things harder and harder.
  7. I see what you mean @Para. I agree with you in that part where we live in a snowflake world, i often say it myself. But this time it was true and we felt like that. It is when this happens to you (us in this case) you realize the impotence feeling, and it's not a nice feeling, i assure you. And i repeat, the bans are the lesser of our complaints. Yes, we deserved the bans because the warnings were there and it's a fact. We are ok, just wanted to let people know an injustice. This doesn't prevent us from going back to play squad and enjoy the game and our lives. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Thanks for the response @chronic I'm speaking for myself in this post. I want to make clear that our complaint was not for the bans (i say on our post that people of both sides are kicked, and i understand it) But of course, the ban @LaFuria gets for asking for an explanation is completely out of place. If you read my post carefully, which i'm sure you did judging from all the info you answer with, the thing that got us really worried was the apparent passivity from admins on the moment of harassment. SInce noone said anything after some time, we saw appropriate to intervene regardless your warnings, and i'm sure we would do it again, and i still think we must, as anyone who gets involved in a situation like that. I must say the only thing i dissagree with you is that the problem was with our SL communication, he does communicate a lot and made us, in that same game, remain in silence in order to talk to other squad leaders a lot of times. We understand people could have got mad because our gameplay that moment, but that is not an excuse to act as they did against every spanish born on earth. We still think we were on our right to defend ourselves. Only one person complained about our language, and that was a squad member who didn't know the rules (we CAN speak spanish in our squad) so i'm pretty sure it was not the subject of discussion that day. We really hope you take into account what happened and cut it from the begining the next time it happens. Thanks.
  9. 9.4 Thoughts?

    I really liked the new features, but i can't hide the happiness it makes me feel the lowered volume inside vehicles. I can actually hear my teammates!
  10. Please, Smee, read my post, i'm not saying we got banned for not speaking english. I don't think you take this seriously. The problem comes when they do nothing about the unfair harassment we were getting just because we were not good enough for them playing the game. Our country should not be an excuse for abuse. We are aware we are going to get a lot of negative responses since Exodus is a good to play and well known server. Just wanted to let people know the possibility of this happening (it actually happened to us, and our jaws dropped when it did). We feel it's our right and must reflect our experience on this matter. We see it easy to get insulted by the simple fact of being from Spain , and we feel we should respond to it.
  11. We thought so, and that's why we usually liked playing there. That was a BIG surprise and that's the reason it didn't cross our minds to take screenshots before the bans.
  12. Last saturday, me and my team, and some more spanish people were playing in EXODUS EU/UK server a squad named SPANISHTEAM. We are typing this post because we were subject to racist, xenophobic and discrimination comments unexpectedly. Everything started when some individual blamed us for losing the game saying things like "damn Spanish" or "Spaniards noobs, leave the server", then some more of his squad added saying things of the like. Meanwhile, we were saying nothing and continued with our game. We thought it was an isolated case and decided to ignore them. Then a few more joined the pointless harassment against the entire Spanish community in general (even people in the opposite team who didn't know anything about how we were playing, just seemed to enjoy the free abuse), and to top it off, two squads of our team changed their names to "NO SPANISH" and "NO SPANIARDS". then we decided to intervene to defend ourselves because we noticed it was not a single child playing thug. We told them to stop the abuse against the entire Spanish community, and focus on the people they disagreed with. Then an English speaker on our squad said that we were speaking in Spanish inside the squad (like if that was a bad thing after the name we put on our squad!) After that, an EXODUS admin said to "speak in English among squad leaders". Then we said that "our squad leader WAS communicating in English with the other squad leaders", as we always do. No EXODUS member said anything about the unfair blabbering against the entire Spanish community. After a few moments some of us started to get banned. I'll be partial here and say that people got banned from both sides (the ones attacking us and some of us included for defending ourselves against an injustice) but that was just like 3 of them, while a lot more contributed, and to our surprise not a single word from the admins about the injustice that had just happened, which is the saddest thing and what made us feel really discouraged. But far from that, even moderators laughed at us when a Spanish community member tried to talk to them and get an explanation about the bans and that we kept the rules about language spoken (Spanish inside our squad, and English among other squad leaders) Only one of them told us that it was fair to speak our language inside our squad, the others just limited to mock at him, which tells a lot about this server's members. After everything, most of us got banned because of this situation and we think some action should be taken if this happens again, but mostly to warn people about the "politics" of this server because admins are not to be trusted. I'm speaking on behalf of every Spanish person that was on that server. EDIT: In case there is any doubt, some fellow spanish players were on the opposite team and they felt equally offended, in case anyone thinks they were just being mean to our squad. And also other non spanish people took part on our side and supported us (and got also banned). We would appreciate if any of the present people at the time could support us on this thread.
  13. When is Squad finished?

    Already enjoying it! Nice game for being early. Still missing some weapons and factions though.