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  1. Yep EDIT: I'm unable to play on server with high pop, it's seems i can't take a slot in the server, i'm unable to send messages too, my only issue is to waiting a new game and join quickly ^^
  2. +1
  3. Ethernet used, same problem
  4. DNS already changed But i can't use Ethernet actually
  5. Already tried. My game is on a SSD
  6. +1 BUMP You loose a lot of players
  7. Already tried, bug still
  8. Bump, seriously nobody care about this bug, a lot players got this --
  9. Firstly, sorry for my english ! Hey everyone, since one month i can't play or... only on server with low population to be insure to get a slot. Some seconds (or minutes it's various) later, i got "Server closed connection" ANOTHER BUG/GLITCH: it's happened two times, the game "unfreeze" and i joined automatically squad or spawn (maybe it's the previous commands during the freeze), and nobody see me moving or firing etc, allys and ennemys (i was in a building and ennemy go next to me in a stair, i was able to kill them, medics too ^^'), 5-10min later i had a rollback, i was in my previous location, just a simple tp. Sorry for my english again ^^'