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  1. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    too drunk
  2. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!

    https://imgur.com/a/ezVKd i7 6700k 4ghz 16gb (2x8) 3000mhz ram gtx 1070
  3. Rally Point Discussion

    *cough* change server if you can't get in a squad *cough*
  4. Why Squad players can't play Call of Duty

    Umh I can play COD although I don't any more. This was Black ops on xbox. I only played hardcore search and destroy. (no crosshair, 1 shot kill). I played as 'Glossia'. See what last stand gets you? That's right, a tomahawk in the face (blind throw too). See what you get when you miss your first shot against me? That's right, a tomahawk in the face. See what you get when you try to defuse my bomb? That's right, a tomahawk in the face. See what you get when I have C4? That's right, blown up. Fun game. Strictly for casuals and kids.
  5. Suggestion about the game

    you're doing it wrong
  6. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    gurkhas would be good
  7. I see only problems, not solutions with a commander role. On pubs anyway.
  8. I think I've played with you before Frazz? You're welcome in the British Tea Party any time
  9. Are you a good shot?

    Gun play and aiming are different things. Gun mechanics do not really effect a player's ability to point and shoot with your mouse. The OP seems to have problems with pointing and shooting not gun play mechanics.
  10. WTF with the cheating over?

    Being prone in the corner of a building usually makes you clip through the other side as others have said. You can be shot through walls quite regularly that way. It can be easy to kill people in smoke depending on the situation. If you see an enemy run into smoke you can still judge where the are and shoot them. If you down somebody from distance and keep your scope on the same spot and smoke is popped, there's nothing stopping you taking a few pot shots to try and take out the medic most likely reviving there. As for being shot instantly around corners or as soon as you leave cover- this is most likely down to somebody knowing you are there either through game sense, sound or communication rather than cheats. Try being a medic and following a player who is usually getting a high KDR on a small map. See how they go about their business and if you can learn a thing or two. Or just bait your squad members. Let them leave cover first and get shot at, then take the trade kill \Salute
  11. Console Commands

    Suicide is now Respawn
  12. Are you a good shot?

    I consider myself a pretty good shot in Squad. I have played FPS games ever since I was a wee kiddy on Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, right up to CS:GO and even console shooters like Goldeneye, COD and halo. In my early 20's (oh god where did it all go!) I played in one of the best counter strike source teams in the UK at the time, so I know my way around FPS games in general whether they are twitch shooters or not. Here's a list of tips and observations I've had to come to terms with in Squad and FPS shooters over the years. 1. Take nothing for granted Never assume because you are in a good position and you have the drop on the enemy that your first shot or two will drop them. Be prepared to miss and adjust your aim before it actually happens. This is definitely one to remember in Squad as once I got to grips with allowing for mistakes to be made I stopped making as many mistakes as it were. 2. Fire when ready Don't shoot as soon as you see the enemy but also don't take too long to shoot. As a guide to practice try shooting within 3 seconds of spotting a viable target. Obviously this changes depending on squad orders (weapons hold, weapons free) and situations (close range face-to-face, medium/short range on unsuspecting opponent, short rage.). Note: What makes a viable target is down to your game sense which is a whole other topic. 3. The G3 sucks This is just my opinion but avoid the G3 for now. I find it the most difficult gun to aim Squad and I'm just not a fan of its iron sight in general or in fact anything about it. It's dump. 4. Be prepared Information on targets from your and other squads and sounds are your friends. I find that the majority of my close to medium range encounters are won not by my aiming skill but by sound. I have a good idea where the enemy are before I round a corner based on my map, footsteps and gun fire. If you get the drop on your opponents and you're already aiming in their direction when you breach cover to shoot, you're already halfway there. 5. Semi and full auto I recommend you only use semi auto until you are happy with your aim. Full auto is just going to frustrate you and cause you to panic more. Full auto is great in many situations but semi auto can be just as powerful and effective in many of the same situations too. It will help you practice your aim and keep you calm when you're gunning in all situations. Definitely one of my top tips and pieces of advice for you. 6. Don't be afraid to fire from the hip in close quarters As a squad lead a lot of the time on Russia and USA factions I have an optic. I like to get my hands dirty too and I can't tell you how many times in close quarters I've nailed several players in super close quarters without bothering to right click and zoom. The weapon fires in the centre of the screen so if you're standing still and you compensate recoil by moving the mouse slowly down, you'll get them before they get you. 7. Keep your aim centred at all times Generally speaking with less accomplished FPS players (I'm not saying you are, I know you're only having trouble with aiming in squad but this is still worth making sure you're doing) they tend to keep their aim pointing more towards the floor or horizon when moving around. I find that no matter the situation, if you're always keeping your "cross hair" directly in front of you then you will find it easier to point at things when the time comes, as it will be a natural movement from point A to B. 8. Controlling recoil Semi auto, full auto, whatever, your gun is going to kick upwards. The faster you fire the more it goes up. Practice bringing it down. If you are going to be shooting rapid semi auto shots you need to compensate more. If you are tap, tap tapping away you need to do it less. It's going to take some practice and by putting more hours into Squad you will get used to it. All shooters have their gun play nuances and it's just a case of learning these. 9: Decision making This doesn't necessarily come directly into aiming weapons in Squad but on the subject of suppression I don't really agree with using it as a tactic in the situations you've illustrated in your OP. You should be settling for nothing other than killing the enemy and surviving. If you for some reason fire and you miss, your choice of what to do next is a vital one. You've already given away your position to the enemy in view and others around. If you try to suppress you're only digging yourself in deeper. Moving around and finding cover and 'digging in' somewhere and making them come to you can make your life a lot easier. It's much easier to shoot soldiers coming through a doorway than out in the open at multiple angles. This makes your aiming skill much less of an issue. 10. Confidence: Every FPS shooter requires a degree of competence but also confidence. If you feel like you can't aim or you have rubber bullets or your gun is under powered then that's going to reflect your kill tally no doubt. When you spawn say to yourself 'I'm going to kill 1 and live.' Then when you get one, say to yourself, I'm going to make sure I get two now. Take it one step at a time and your confidence will build. But don't get carried away and do something silly Hope that helps \Salute
  13. I like the idea but feel like it will be 'gamed' and abused by players :-/
  14. Free resupply for Medic

    What about looting. I don't see why you shouldn't be able to pick up kit from downed allies. Or would this detract from FOB mechanics too much? Perhaps if it was only a minimal amount you could pick up. A loot wheel may work: Chose 1 nade, clip, bandage, rocket, perhaps.
  15. Scout guide 101

    Nice video mate. I recognise your voice and have played with you a few times. Your steam name is London something, right?