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  1. Founder Weapon Skins

    i was just about to post about this! i miss my desert skin
  2. No skins

    I have the same issue, i seem to not have the skin options in my settings tab at all which is odd since i payed my $70 worth!
  3. To all AMD (CPU) users - we need your help

    I have a AMD Fx 8120 OC @ 4.1 Ghz with a GTX 970SSC 4Gb, but I run around 25-35 frames at most which really isn't enjoyable gaming. 12 gb of memory at 667 mhz which may be the issue I believe but I need help!
  4. Effects to the game

    In a situation where you and your squad are moving around to a flank for a better attack position but end up getting suppressed. The problem with that scenario is the fact you cannot locate the enemy shooters postion which leaves the squad totally defenseless, well i had a thought what if effects were added that showed the shooters postion by dust getting kicked up from the discharge of the weapon as he fired it. That would add a more realistic feel to the immersion and would do nicely with the foliage already in place. The effects wouldn't be placed for every rifle but rather ones that had a high recoil rate like the long range rifles and machine guns, if you wanted to go deeper into it I would say the dust kick up wouldn't be the same size for every rifle as not every gun has the same power. So as you and a couple men are being pinned down, you don't have to completely expose yourself to the enemy shooter but instead watch as the dust is kicked up...just a little idea I guess.