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  1. Can I run the game?

    I got the game now and played for 10 hours. It really is dependent on the map how mc rig performs. While im not hitting 60 fps constant i am enjoying the game too much to really care. Sometimes it suck of course. But many people have this problem so im not at a major disadvantage. After installing Reshade i managed to make it look fairly good on high settings. Lets just hope that performance continues to be a priority for the devs.
  2. Can I run the game?

    So far i have only enabled the Boost in the Bios. I will look into it. Maybe i can get some more performance out of it. Thanks for the reminder! Thanks for your input! Just like you said, ill probably get it and see how it runs. If the framerate bothers me too much that i cant enjoy it ill have to give it back which is sad because i really want to enjoy this game. I really love shooters that require teamwork and go the direction of military simulation but i just cant stand stuttering when i need to be able to aim properly. Man, what i would give for Arma and Squad to run above 60+ frames at all times. Time to upgrade my rig soon i guess^^
  3. Can I run the game?

    Alright! Thanks for you insight!
  4. Can I run the game?

    Thanks for your input! Are you saying 45 fps in woodlands areas or citys?
  5. Hello everyone, i recently gave project reality a go and must say that i really liked it. However, at certain times its hard to get a good game going in Europe. Needless to say im also rather interested in Squad. I just wanted to ask you guys whether my Pc could run the game fairly smooth Heres my setup: Intel i7 3770(non-k)@3,4 GHz GTX970 4gb by Zotac 12 Gb Ram 120 Gb SSD 1 TB HDD Running on Windows 10 I really want to dive into this game but i cant play it if my PC cant handle to run [email protected] 60Fps. So any tips by the community would be much appreciated! Cheers, Mo