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  1. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: NorseTactical Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/hackeye8236 Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 21 Timezone or Region: EST Nature of Interest: Im looking for a Casual group that takes the game some what seriously. Gaming Background: I have over 700 hours. Can do alomost anything in game ATM Additional Skills: A preatty good SL Status: "Unsigned"
  2. Rally Point Discussion

    Not only that but the majority of players ether refuse to or dont know how to SL. Which would be a major problem. I feel that the rally system should stay but they punish death in a different way. By one, decreasing the amount of spwan a rally has to 6. Forcing both the SL and the squad members to be more careful in there actions. Other wise they risk running out of spawns. Second Is to increase the cool down time on rallys. For instance make it 5-10 mins. This mean the squad would be forced to reli more on there medics then on the rally.
  3. The 6th Rifles-Recuiting

  4. The 6th Rifles-Recuiting

  5. Dedicated Squads

    Yea but when your in the middle of a firefight you cant do it and it is easy to forget to do it after that fact if things get to hectic.
  6. Dedicated Squads

    I agree compleatly and its something iv been trying to have my group do more often. Iv also been trying to focus on doing this more my self.
  7. The 6th Rifles-Recuiting

  8. Teamkillers and 1-man squads

    I get it, its a smart strategy. But there is one flaw most of your standard players who are not SL's will not pay attention and stick with there squad and trusting that there squad leader is doing what is needed to win. I'm not trying to be a *** but it just doesn't seem realistic when playing with random people.
  9. Teamkillers and 1-man squads

    Well first off why would you attack a enemy point when you don't have the people required to cap it in the first place? Seems like a bad move. Secondly when people join a squad with a SL they like/ can tolerate they normally wont leave the squad it has very little to do with kits or weapons. At least in my experience. Third that's not the "normal" state of the game. When I play I normaly find people that are willing to do there best to help the squad. They may act disruptive at first but once I make it clear that I'm the SL they calm down.
  10. Teamkillers and 1-man squads

    It is man, the game always gets like this during a sale or free weekend. Its worse right now due to it being the steam summer sale. Give it a few days and things will begin to calm down and go back to normal.
  11. The 6th Rifles-Recuiting

    the 6th needs you!
  12. The 6th Rifles-Recuiting

    Still looking
  13. The 6th Rifles-Recuiting

    Its the one mentioned in the post, Lt.Ryan
  14. The 6th Rifles-Recuiting

    We have members from both, so were both EU and US
  15. The 6th Rifles-Recuiting

    Still looking for people