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  1. How'm Does one set up Effective FOB Fortifications?

    A HAB must ALWAYS be placed out of plain sight. Hesco walls and sandbags should be facing the enemy and providing cover where there once wasn't. Machine gun turrets should be facing and covering tactical vantage points, such as open fields or a road. And ammo crates should ALWAYS be placed in an FOB zone if you want the FOB to be able to resist assaults without its defenders running dry on ammunition. And most importantly, keep the FOB fed with supplies from logistic runs if you want it to last. The most important strategy to FOB building is knowing where to place it. A bad place to place an FOB is placing it out in the wide ****ing open. A good place to place an FOB is among a dense forest, behind a mountain, anywhere that provides COVER. So please, for the love of god, do NOT place it where it can be seen by the enemy from a distance.
  2. Smoke screen for IFV's

    Seems like V10 will be giving us such a feature. What do you guys think? How do you guys think it will affect gameplay? Good or bad?
  3. I have begun to worry for the wiki as I notice that there is too few editors and admins not administrating anymore. I feel like I am the only one who has been contributing these past few months (hopefully that isn't true). There is still a lot to be done and I could use a hand from others in developing the wiki for future players to read on and learn.
  4. Alpha 9.9

    I thought so too... I need more information on that first one
  5. Alpha 9.9

    Does this mean we get bipods now?
  6. Flares

    I was thinking the other night and a possible feature came up to mind that might have some use in the game. FLARES! If you really think about it, it could come in handy in various situations! Even better, having different types of flares for different types of situations. Such as... - For when helicopters make their debut in Squad, red flares can be used to signal the aircraft where to provide fire support or land. - In night maps, illumination flares can be used to light up and area during an ambush and confuse the enemy. - Flares can be used to direct artillery fire. Dangers can also be present when using flares to apply realism. - At very close proximity, flares can blind you temporarily. - Upon contact, flares will burn you and lower your health. These are some uses, there could be more I might have forgotten. I am not sure if this will successfully apply to Squad at the end, but who knows, it might be worth a try! - Shipidge