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  1. Turret Sounds

    Thank God, I thought I was the only one with this opinion. The turret sound on the Challenger drove me insane after just 10 minutes of traversing it on Jensen's Range.
  2. Show kit contents in popup?

    You can, just look at the loadout tab for the kit you have selected.
  3. Suppression

    It gives machine guns their intended purpose; to keep the enemy's heads down. I don't know why in the world you would want to remove this feature other than the fact that in annoys you.
  4. Just do it yourself lmao
  5. It's great that the creators are adding new vehicles and new features into the game, as well as performance optimization and stability. But if there is ONE thing that needs to be added in Squad, that would have to be the ability to flip back or tow a vehicle that happens to be stuck in such an unfortunate position. What kind of method should be added?
  6. Could you please rewrite your question? I can't seem to understand it.
  7. Thank you CHG for Invasion servers

    Totally agree with this. CHG hosts the best servers out there in the list!
  8. Voice Lines?

    No. And why would they? You could just say it yourself...
  9. V13 Turret Stabilization

    I have and it is pretty annoying. The commander's gun camera is slightly moved every time the main turret moves. Now I find myself telling my gunner to stop moving for a few seconds whenever I am about to engaging surrounding enemy infantry units. It's not really stabilization anymore... The same goes for the main turret on vehicles. Trying to accurately fire my weapon is nearly impossible on the move.
  10. I agree with you. But I believe they should simply revert back to A12 running speed. It felt so much more realistic and it encouraged people to carefully use transport vehicles in fear of being forced to go on foot in case their vehicle was destroyed.
  11. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Please slow down the player movement, this is too fast for me and for a lot of people here.
  12. Implementing AI in Squad and Why it's Necessary

    I respectfully disagree with your post. The idea seems fun and exciting on paper, but I strongly believe the fun in logistics management and team construction cooperation is far greater than this. No offense, but it just sounds like you love Super FOB's and simply wish to not participate in building one, so to compensate, you suggest AI's to do the job for you and get the base that you want.
  13. Vehicle reset feature

    I strongly believe the towing ability in Squad will be extremely helpful. Simply flipping a vehicle will cause many bugs regarding physics. War Thunder is a good example when it comes to the towing system. Fast, reliable, and much more fun to use!
  14. Squad and Google's Stadia?

    I personally do not think this is a good idea, but I respect your good intentions. I prefer to have small numbers of people with good quality join the game over an abundance of individuals that will most likely have very toxic natures and behaviors. I don't want Squad to lose the name "Squad".
  15. As a native Italian and a member of the Squad community, I wanted to suggest the addition of the Italian Armed Forces! This great NATO country has become so underrated in the last few decades that people forget the amazing weapons and vehicles Italian innovation has created for the world. If you are wondering what the Italian faction can offer, here are some great examples.. The C1 Ariete MBT. Extremely fast, maneuverable, and powerful! The Dardo Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Very similar to the Bradley, but fires 25 mm tortellini's at the enemy! The B1 Centauro Tank Destroyer. Like the C1 Ariete, but on wheels! Standard M113 APC. IVECO ACTL Logistical Truck. Ready to deliver thousands of pizzas to the front lines! Italian Army Service Combat Uniform (Could not find anymore full portrait pictures for some reason). The Beretta AR70/90 semi-automatic rifle. The recently introduced Beretta ARX 100 semi-automatic rifle. And so on, and so on! What do you guys think? Should the Italians have their place in the spotlight? I personally would love to have my own country's military be a part of Squad! Hopefully the developers will consider this in the future. Opinions are more than welcome as well as additional information I did not put in here!