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  1. Ranking System?

    I understand that possible scenario, so that's why we shouldn't have badges, but more of simple rank insignia.
  2. Ranking System?

    I literally said I was not going for that kind of toxic system.
  3. Ranking System?

    I've had this suggestion in my mind recently and I thought it could be implemented into Squad in the future. The ranking system should not be placed with the mindset of a COD/BF player (which is extremely toxic imo). I was thinking the ranking system should work like something from Halo 3 or Halo: Reach. Throughout your hours of game play, you climb the ladder and earn a rank insignia that appears next to your IGN in the scoreboard. The difference with this ranking system is that you earn NO collectibles of any sort (weapons, kits, boxes, etc bullshit). The very purpose of this ranking system is to simply allow people to tell who is experienced and who is not. But what worries me is that the implementation of a ranking system will encourage and develop a toxic form of individual behavior within players, causing them to abandon teamwork and place # of kills as a priority to earn a high rank and show it off like a badge of honor. Just to clarify, this was the Halo 3 ranking system. This is what I am trying to go for and suggest. What do you guys think? Bad idea?
  4. Squad is dead or not ?

    From what I've been seeing, Squad is not even CLOSE to dead. I see many more servers than before and the community is growing by the day!
  5. I fended off an entire squad for 5 minutes in a crater using nothing but my AK-74 and MP-443 Grach and eventually taking out their rally point. Do you recall yours?
  6. L85A2 Recoil (British bullpup)

    I guess no one has a problem with the British, really. They seem very balanced and quite powerful when used correctly. The bullpup is quite enough for me, I don't find the recoil terrible, maybe a little wavy but it's sufficient for use of combat.
  7. Tank help.

    Just use them like this... SABOT for hard targets (tanks, IFVs, APCs, trucks). HEAT for soft targets (infantry and emplacements). TOW for hard targets (tanks, IFVs, APCs, trucks). Coaxial for infantry o n l y . Use them differently and I will guarantee you little success. Use them correctly and you will succeed.
  8. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    Two words... Y E A H B O I
  9. Widened rear sights

    I am all for realism as much as the next guy, but this new change made on the iron sights was a MUST. I had to place my face on the screen just to see if my sight was on target, it was the most annoying thing... Now I can shoot accurately at the comfort of my seat
  10. Team Commander Role?

    So a few weeks back, I was playing Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and I rediscovered the commander role and its contributions in the team, even in previous games such as Red Orchestra 2. For those who do not know what I am talking about, the commander in the Rising Storm/Red Orchestra series is a player who guides squads throughout the entirety of the match and supports them with his/her abilities such as recon observation, heavy artillery support, spawn tunnels, etc. The role of the commander was so crucial in games, factions without a commander would fail 90% of the time (with the other 10% surviving through raw effort or luck). As someone who has 663 hours in Squad, I have gathered enough experience to effectively lead 9 players into battle while also working with other squads to achieve a certain objective. The number one problem I have always faced as an SL is how ineffective our current coordination system is when it comes to trying to work with other SL's. Now, I am not saying that coordination goes to shit every time people try to work together, but it happens often enough that is makes us almost unwilling to cooperate with others knowing that there is a 50% chance they will purposely not listen to you in the heat of the match. So my suggestion is... why not include a commander slot? I am still trying to wrap my head around this idea as to how exactly it can work in this game without changing Squad dramatically. But the idea of having a single player lead 3-5 squads in the game and effectively coordinate with them and completely prevent that gridlock of no teamwork we get in Squad sometimes could really do wonders! But the one thing that this role shouldn't have in Squad is the support abilities knowing that it simply kills other roles such as mortar squads. Again, this idea is VERY basic and it is clearly filled with flaws, but deep down, I think something of this sort could really work out. Peace ~
  11. The M4 feels extremely inferior now.

    I don't know what the hell you are talking about. I find both Western and Eastern weaponry equally powerful.
  12. Alpha 12 Release and Free Weekend

    T-73..? I'm pretty sure you meant T-72
  13. The Yearly Crewman!

    So you join a casual game of Squad and you feel like you finally have what it takes to handle a combat vehicle. You create a squad, you grab a partner and decide to take the biggest beast of them all, the BFV (Bradley Fighting Vehicle). You start the engine and roll into the map, eager to kill your opponents! You settle on a hill and watch the horizon, hoping to see the enemy and blast them out of the ground. Next thing you know... BOOM! You just got hit by a rocket, but you don't know where it came from. You frantically search your surroundings but see no signs of the enemy, so you tell your driver to get you two the hell out of there. Just as you're turning around to retreat... BAM! You find yourself at the menu screen, baffled as to what the hell just happened. You're embarrassed, but you are also discouraged. So out of frustration, you quit the game. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We've ALL had this experience at some point in Squad when crewing a vehicle, it's very discouraging and it never feels good. But do not worry, my friend! If you're looking to become an effective crewman, you've come to the right place. So sit back, relax, and feast your face on this article. HOW TO BE AN EFFECTIVE COMMANDER 1. ALWAYS HAVE A MICROPHONE - I cannot stress this enough. You are not a commander if you do not have a microphone. You are the voice of reason, you are the one who gives out orders, you are the leader! How can you possibly do these things when you can't even talk? Get off your chair and go purchase one for $20 or less, it's not that hard, my friend. 2. COMMUNICATION IS KEY - An effective vehicle commander is always talking to his crew members. As the commander, your duties are to call out tangos, communicate with other SL's, and to always keep the map updated. Keep your messages short and simple with your crew members, ESPECIALLY with other SL's. 3. KEEP YOUR COOL - As a commander, your experience in a vehicle will not always play the way you expect it to go. In fact, you must never have expectations in the first place. If things go wrong, be patient and be positive. You can always try again (that is if you have enough tickets, otherwise you're done)! But most importantly, try understanding your errors after getting wiped out and try to not repeat them. 4. YOU GOTTA KNOW WHEN TO BAIL - Trust your guts! An effective commander knows when it's too dangerous to proceed an attack or a defense. Calling a retreat can, in some cases, determine the fate of the whole game. I highly consider this! To be even more specific about this, if your vehicle health is below 50%, you should totally head back to base for repairs. Trust me on this, you cannot afford driving around with half your health. 5. USE YOUR MAP - I already mentioned this on #2, but I will remind you once more. Use your damn map at all times! You have to know where you all are heading and you need to mark enemy positions. It'll not only benefit you, but it will the entire team as a whole. HOW TO BE AN EFFECTIVE GUNNER 1. ALWAYS HAVE A MICROPHONE - You get the idea. No talk means no coordination. No coordination means you're screwed for all eternity unless you start talking. 2. CONSISTENTLY SCAN THE ENVIRONMENT - You are the literal eyes and ears of your whole crew, you can see shit and you can hear shit. Always keep 360 degree awareness when gunning and call out tangos the moment you see one. 3. USE THE RIGHT WEAPON FOR THE RIGHT TARGET - I have had so many cases where a gunner uses HE rounds to engage an enemy vehicle and many other cases where a gunner use AP rounds to engage infantry. Let me try to make this as simple as possible for you; AP/SABOT rounds are meant to be used against armor or trucks, even techies. HE rounds are meant to be used against soft targets such as infantry and emplacements. The coaxial gun is meant to be used ONLY against infantry, preferably when they are dangerously close to your vehicle. TOW missiles are meant to be used ONLY against vehicles, preferably when they are EXTREMELY far away (this only applies to the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and emplacements). 4. CONSERVE YOUR AMMUNITION - As a gunner, your worst nightmare is to run out of ammunition in the middle of an engagement. To combat this, always use short-bursts when engaging enemies, this is especially important when conducting attacks from a long distance. In other words, only shoot when necessary and make your shots count. 5. ALWAYS COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR CREW - Got to #1. HOW TO BE AN EFFECTIVE DRIVER 1. LISTEN TO THE GUNNER/COMMANDER - Your ability to listen to your gunner/commander literally determines the fate of the crew. When told to move, MOVE. When told to stop, STOP. As a driver, you actually perform the most important role of the vehicle. 2. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED - As a driver, your keen-vision is limited to only the front of the vehicle. It may be inferior to that of the gunners, but that doesn't mean you can't see anything at all. If you see something creeping up from the front while your gunner is facing another direction, you better call that shit out. 3. THE SHIFT BUTTON - When climbing uphill, it is said that holding down SHIFT will assist your vehicle with climbing. To this day, I personally do this on a regular basis, but I am still not sure if it is true. Either way, I highly suggest you do this when necessary. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ VEHICLE LIST AND THEIR BEST INTENDED USE LOGISTICS - Logistical vehicles are meant to be used to transport supplies from your main base to any friendly FOB. They are extremely vital and should never be lost. Always use the safest route, even if it means a long road trip. TRANSPORT TRUCKS - Transportation trucks are meant to be used for, obviously, transportation of players. They are extremely useful for motorized infantry squads. Speed is your strong-point with trucks, use it to your advantage. MG TECHNICAL - Machine gun techies can be used both defensively and offensively. When defending, their mobility can be useful for switching positions. On the offensive, they can be used to decimate infantry squads, but this doctrine should only be applied from a distance, the lack of cover for the gunner and driver poses a great danger from incoming fire. SPG TECHNICAL - SPG techies are strictly intended for anti-vehicle warfare. The vehicle sacrifices armor for speed and for a powerful SPG-9 Recoilless Gun that can pack a serious punch. Although it can be use fragmentation rounds against infantry, mobile anti-vehicle warfare will always remain as its strong point. ARMORED TECHNICAL - Sacrifices speed for armor capable of stopping most small arms fire, only protects the driver most of the time. M-ATV MRAP/BRDM-2 SCOUT CAR - These light vehicles are strictly intended as scout trucks. Their speed and descent armor make them deadly support vehicles. Their armament can engage both infantry and lightly armored vehicles. Do NOT engage heavy armor when crewing one, it will take a miracle to survive. STRYKER/MT-LBM/BTR-80 - These are APC's (Armored Personnel Carriers). Their intended use is the safe transportation of players using heavy armor that can stop up to three rockets, providing passengers with effective cover against small arms fire. They are armed with a heavy machine gun turret that can decimate enemy infantry. In some occasions, they can be used in scout roles or support roles. M2A3 BRADLEY/FV510 WARRIOR/ 30 MIKE - IFV's (Infantry Fighting Vehicles) are heavily armored combat vehicles equipped with powerful anti-vehicle weaponry. They are, obviously, best used in anti-vehicle warfare and nothing else. They can absorb the harshest of damage but are very easy prey when used incorrectly. Some, like the M2A3 Bradley, are slow and engages the enemy head on with heavy armor as cover. While others, such as the BTR-82A Aka "30 Mike", are very fast and perfect for conducting ambushes, but are less armored than its counterpart. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ANTI-VEHICLE WARFARE TACTICS I'll make this short and simple! 1. SHOOT AND SCOOT - Don't stay in one spot forever! Once you open fire, everyone will know where you are. So you better get the heck out of there once you are done shooting or else you're getting a one way ticket to the menu screen. 2. ENGINE NOISE - Some people don't realize that the engine noise from a moving vehicle can be heard from miles away in the game, even when you're standing still. Please cut the engine every time you stop, it can save your life. 3. HIGHER GROUND - Almost everyone knows that having the higher ground is the greatest advantage. Use it! You will become an unstoppable killing machine. 4. FRONT ARMOR IS THE BEST ARMOR - When engaging other vehicles, always make sure your front glacis is facing the enemy. Your armor is strongest in the front and weakest in the rear. One rocket to the ass and you're dead. 5. AVOID URBAN AREAS - Please avoid entering urban areas, it will always result in the death of your crew. The only times you should be inside an urban environment is with infantry support to reduce or even eliminate the possibly of enemy anti-tank weapons from reaching you. 6. BLEND WITH YOUR ENVIRONMENT - Trust me, it works sometimes. It's worth a shot! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Well, that's all I got for you guys! This is all I know about how to be good at using vehicles. If you have anymore tactics or tips I didn't mention, please write them in the comment section! Other than that, good luck in the battlefield! - Shipidge
  14. How'm Does one set up Effective FOB Fortifications?

    A HAB must ALWAYS be placed out of plain sight. Hesco walls and sandbags should be facing the enemy and providing cover where there once wasn't. Machine gun turrets should be facing and covering tactical vantage points, such as open fields or a road. And ammo crates should ALWAYS be placed in an FOB zone if you want the FOB to be able to resist assaults without its defenders running dry on ammunition. And most importantly, keep the FOB fed with supplies from logistic runs if you want it to last. The most important strategy to FOB building is knowing where to place it. A bad place to place an FOB is placing it out in the wide ****ing open. A good place to place an FOB is among a dense forest, behind a mountain, anywhere that provides COVER. So please, for the love of god, do NOT place it where it can be seen by the enemy from a distance.
  15. Smoke screen for IFV's

    Seems like V10 will be giving us such a feature. What do you guys think? How do you guys think it will affect gameplay? Good or bad?