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  1. I agree with most of the suggestions. Here are the small adjustments I would like to add: The ability to designate a 2iC within the Squad: - Objectives/ Markers should be visible to all, just like they are now. - In the event the second in command is made SL, they should receive the SL kit. - The fireteams should not get a separate voice channel. - 2iC should not SL voice channel, it is likely to cause too many people trying to plan and hurts effective communication. The ability to designate a point man within each fireteam - Designating a point man is is too rigid to adapt to the quick changes of squad and go against the the focus on communication. So the "pre-game" would be a 5 minute break between matches: - I love this idea. and after the first 2 minutes to form up squads, the teams and squads need locked. A change to the FOB status where it is: - Blinking yellow for not yet active - Green for active - Blinking green for under attack - Blue for proposed friendly FOB - Solid Red for enemy FOB confirmed - Blinking Red for possible enemy FOB Rank / Progression related - Rank/ progression systems have already been ruled out already. Commander & Command Squad - Awesome idea. I don't think we need a feature for this. Just coordinate a command squad. End of Round Debriefing - unless without a rank/progression system Squad Member Markers - map can become busy already and most players are not staring at the map . Also goes against focus on communication.
  2. How boost supply drivers motivation ?

    I often have no problem doing supply/ logi runs. Also as these supply runs become more vital to the game,, and maybe more fun in the form of IEDs and targeted vehicle ambushing (a natural consequence of making logistics a core need to progress) the supply run will become a task for a half or full squad. That way the logi truck will need fire support, and a scout to alert of RPGs or trip the IED early!
  3. Squad on Linux...?

    Right now the game is only supported, officially anyway, for Windows OS. I would love to see a Linux version but in most cases if you are dealing with Linux I am assuming you know more than your average Windows user and can install a Windows OS partition if needed. If I am wrong however, I apologize and will try my best to help you get the Windows OS installed.
  4. How is the cheating?

    In 80 hours of playing on public servers, I have encountered 2 games with "problem players". One was with 2 players trying to frame people as team killing. Just ignored them and the squad did a little social pressure and the problem mostly resolved itself afterwards. The second case was for like 2 minutes at the beginning of the round where we had 1 player team kill their entire 9 man squad . My squad was like 30 seconds behind in another a transport truck and we rushed in, killed the team killer (and got a admin to kick him out quickly), and revived our fallen teammates.
  5. 30mm AOE?

  6. Vehicules damage system

    I am liking this idea. and this is a stretch but some kinda mobile repair ability. Like if you flatten tires, soldiers may be able to dismount and patch up the tires. Of course, serious damage like a cannon jam requires go back to a vehicle repair station.
  7. FOB/HAB Question

    This guy gets it!! +1 for convoy +1 to nerf rallies before fobs +1 to remove fob passive generation
  8. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    Literally was bored, looking for a new steam game and boy did I find one!
  9. Good Enough PC Specs?

    Right now some optimization is taking place, because of the developers have to some extent. However the focus is still developing and adding features. Once most of the features are added then the focus will primarily shift to optimization.
  10. Agreed/Disagreed button

    - I understand the concern over the negative effects of the disagree button. - I also understand the usefulness of the suggestion - I have no idea what is involved in making that happen. 1) So I suggest we only add the agree button. This way good ideas are simply agreed to without the risk of disagreement being an issue. 2) If there is still concern about the effects, what it is was placed in only certain sections of the forum such as Hardware Tech Support?
  11. Tech Question

    Thank you both for the help, yes i know there are better places to ask this. Anyway I see where i failed to explain some details. So let elaborate a bit: - I have Ubuntu install and I am placing windows in a virtual machine. (so it shouldn't be a hardware issue) - I am giving the virtual machine 75% of my CPU and RAM (so should be no issues there) I have not yet thought of clearing the CMOS however, so stay tuned as I try that option out.
  12. Recommended CPU(AM3+)

    Yes there is a pattern of issues with AMD CPU systems, as mention before. Also with high player servers I have noticed that the FPS tend to be lower with my last system ( i recently had lost my motherboard, and did a much needed upgrade). In short, I highly agree with CrustyTheSailor. but if moppel's ryzen idea interest you, I may be able to tell you how my ryzen build goes assuming I can get some OS installation issues out of the way (fingers crossed).
  13. Tech Question

    I know there are a lot better places to ask this, but this game is only thing I have to have Windows OS for anymore, so I'm giving it a shot. I just seriously upgraded my gaming rig, after 2 desktop motherboards died within 2 weeks . So now I have the brand new amd ryzen board and CPU. Everytime I try to install windows before I get the setup page it either freezes or error out with "an error has occurred" or something similarly unhelpful. I scoured a ton of websites but found nothing. So was wondering if anyone had any ideas or was able to successfully run squad on a ryzen (or similar ) system? If so, how did you set it up? I will add additional info, just tell me what you need to know. I'm desperate to get back in the game!
  14. Why the medic aversion?

    I personally enjoy playing a medic majority of the time when I'm not squad-leading.Good point have been made here though. I feel like a lot of probably is due to the fact that people give up and the role is not always given a lot of attention. I have found my most enjoyable medic games are when the SL and team value you coming to save the team. When I do get to be SL, I always try to make sure we have a many medics as possible and try to encourage the team that they need to pay attention to the medics when first "briefing" the squad.