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  1. Tickets for TOW-Missile

    Wouldn't be that off either. Those missile are tens of thousands of dollars each and that's not even counting the actual tripod/launcher/FCS.
  2. Your outlook on the player population is generally pessimistic, while mine is generally optimistic. It's not really worth discussing further since we won't agree unless one of us changes our point of view.
  3. Input Delay After Reloading

    I'm not seeing anything other than what seems like a built in delay. As far as I can tell it's to prevent you from doing unrealistic things like switching your weapons or accessing your rucksack while in a dead sprint.
  4. Definitely would like to see more light infantry centered maps.
  5. Tickets for TOW-Missile

    Don't forget you have counters to TOWs as well. No piece of military equipment is without a weakness. One of the reasons Squad is so great is it forces everyone to work together. If you're having problems with a TOW emplacement, the solution is to use non-vehicle solutions like marksmen, mortar fire, suppressive fire from machine guns/infantry, etc. Where I come from we like to say, "teamwork is OP."
  6. A few comments about this: 1) Back in the BF2142 days I used to SL and Command a lot. I actually had ~75% compliance with orders I gave as long as they were tasks that were actually able to be accomplished. The remainder generally didn't argue, they just ignored you. I think your negative outlook assumes a kind of community that isn't nearly as prevalent here as other games. I have very few problems leading squads or coordinating with the majority of squad leaders. 2) My favorite server had a simple solution to insubordination: kick the offending player. It was a server rule that you had to properly obey orders. Blatant insubordination and failing to play as a team was an immediate kick. Multiple offenses was a ban. Server admins can make or break the quality of teamwork on the server in a variety of ways. On servers where teamwork is encouraged and promoted everyone works together much more closely. 3) SLs generally aren't fighting a lot anyway, which renders the whole point sort of moot. A good SL spends the vast majority of the time communicating, coordinating his squad's movements with other squads, marking the map, using his binoculars, placing rallies/fobs/defenses, etc., etc. If you're constantly fighting in the trenches you're probably neglecting a lot of critical SL duties. 4) Psychology/history teaches us that most people respond to power structures with little resistance. Most people fall into line and play their role rather than resist. I think the vast majority would respond well to a Commander. 5) In real life there is the same back and forth between commanders and their subordinates. However it is viewed as positive communication instead of arguing because the lower level subordinates always have more awareness of the battlefield than the commander. It is expected and encouraged (in the U.S. military) for subordinates to provide feedback about orders when it is impossible to comply with them or if the subordinate is able to articulate a more effective solution to the problem. There is a reason why real militaries use the command structure they do. The U.S. military, in particular, has poured vast sums of money into researching how to effectively structure their organization and lead troops to maximize their combat effectiveness. The current system is the result of decades of trial and error combined with research. All of that experience and academic work has shown that the unified leadership of a single individual is vastly preferable to any downsides. And don't get me started on the sociological research of organizations in general.
  7. Tickets for TOW-Missile

    Costs associated with defense/weapon employment is generally abstracted in Squad by the supply/ammo logistics. If TOWs are too common, it means that they are not expensive enough to build or fire, which is an easy problem to solve. This is exactly what happened with mortars. When they were first implemented they were very cheap and so every team built 4+ mortars and had them continuously firing. Now you can barely have a single mortar due to the logistics requirements. TOWs will probably be balanced the same way.
  8. Defenses

    The reason why most of these positions fail is because they do not apply known techniques on how to properly set up a defensive position. Most people concentrate the entire defense in a 50m radius around the radio/HAB. This is never going to be effective (and it shouldn't be). The strategic counter to IDF is to not provide them with a juicy, concentrated target.
  9. Defenses

    The argument that mortars negate defenses is missing the fact that mortars require a large investment by a team to set up and operate. Generally 2-4 people (so around 5-10% of the whole team) will be dedicated to the task and unable to participate in any close combat. Also, at least one logistics truck has to be used exclusively to supply the mortar position if you want to continuously fire the mortar(s). Not being able to use those supplies/ammo at a different location can be a huge loss strategically for the team. If you consider the time, effort, and supplies required to build defenses, it's probably almost equal to the time, effort, and supplies required to set up and mortar those defenses.
  10. V11 Feedback

    I haven't played since early V10 and I want to echo the sentiment. V11 is easily the best version of Squad yet. I'm extremely happy with the direction the devs have moved for the movement and shooting mechanics. I think the game has really moved into the realm they wanted it where strategy, tactics, communication, and teamwork are at least as important as typical FPS skills like reaction time and aim. I hope it stays this way. I really appreciate how they are thinking critically about the meta-game issues from previous patches and coming up with practical and fun solutions that stick to their vision and keep Squad unique from other multiplayer FPSs. I still remember the meat-grinder from V8/V9 and this is a vast improvement.
  11. Personally I have the 100% opposite opinion. The movement speed is exactly where it always needed to be. The pace of combat is now much more true to life, which means that more real tactics and strategies must be applied in order to win. Pure twitch skill won't win you the battle anymore. I think this is much more in the spirit of the teamwork-focused gameplay that the devs have been striving for. Rather than only consider how it affects you, consider the larger impact on gameplay and the 2nd and 3rd order effects on tactics and strategy. All the way back to PR this game was never about your personal conquests, but rather working together to win as a team.
  12. This is an idea I've wanted to see for a long time. I don't think it should replace the current modes. It should be a new mode called "Phase Lines" or something. But this style of zone based map encourages advancement along a front line. Sometimes it's fun to play a chaotic Conquest map, but other times I wish there was something that encouraged my teammates to organize into a proper lines. IRL the military uses this sort of method to plan out operations. Each movement has phase lines that must be crossed at certain times to keep the operation coordinated.
  13. Prone animation

    Just requiring a 1-2 second animation for going to prone or from prone would fix the problem. That would make crouching and standing more useful for mobility (like real life! amazing!). To summarize: Stand -> Crouch - fast (0.5 sec?) Crouch -> Stand - fast (0.5 s) Stand -> Prone - slow (2 s?) Prone -> Stand - slow (2 s) Crouch -> Prone - slow (2 s) Prone -> crouch - slow (2 s) This way going prone is a tactical decision you have to make that has consequences.
  14. Minus 10 FPS in 9.4

    Did you check your GFX settings? They were reset after the patch and I think the best anti-aliasing is on by default.
  15. Mortars - A Beginner's Guide - Death from Above

    Useful terms: ADJUST FIRE - used when exact target location is not certain FIRE FOR EFFECT - used when there is a known target at an exact location SUPPRESS - used to force the enemy to seek cover, displace, or prevent them from firing IMMEDIATE SUPPRESSION - used to indicate friendlies in direct fire contact with the enemy GRID - Grid coordinate to follow ("GRID Kilo 6, KEYPAD 2 POINT 5") KEYPAD - Keypad follows POINT - Subkeypad follows SHOT - Transmitted for each round fired for adjustment SPLASH - trasnmitted when rounds are 5 seconds from detonation ROUNDS COMPLETE - signifies the number of rounds specified have been fired (if more than 1). DANGER CLOSE - rounds will impact very near friendlies (IRL it is 600 meters, but that would be always in Squad so it would be pointless to define it this way, maybe rounds that will land within 100m? 200m?) AT MY COMMAND - Aim and prepare to fire, but wait for the observer's command to fire. FIRE - commence firing CHECK FIRING - battery must immediately halt firing. Usually because the safety of friendly units is in question. REPEAT - repeat the last fire-for-effect mission, changes in number of rounds, etc. can be requested ADD - increase impact range by this many meters DROP - decrease impact range by this many meters LEFT/RIGHT - adjust impact left right by this many meters DIRECTION - the direction to reference adjustments off of, usually given in mils, but in Squad it would be degrees.