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  1. This is an idea I've wanted to see for a long time. I don't think it should replace the current modes. It should be a new mode called "Phase Lines" or something. But this style of zone based map encourages advancement along a front line. Sometimes it's fun to play a chaotic Conquest map, but other times I wish there was something that encouraged my teammates to organize into a proper lines. IRL the military uses this sort of method to plan out operations. Each movement has phase lines that must be crossed at certain times to keep the operation coordinated.
  2. Prone animation

    Just requiring a 1-2 second animation for going to prone or from prone would fix the problem. That would make crouching and standing more useful for mobility (like real life! amazing!). To summarize: Stand -> Crouch - fast (0.5 sec?) Crouch -> Stand - fast (0.5 s) Stand -> Prone - slow (2 s?) Prone -> Stand - slow (2 s) Crouch -> Prone - slow (2 s) Prone -> crouch - slow (2 s) This way going prone is a tactical decision you have to make that has consequences.
  3. Minus 10 FPS in 9.4

    Did you check your GFX settings? They were reset after the patch and I think the best anti-aliasing is on by default.
  4. Mortars - A Beginner's Guide - Death from Above

    Useful terms: ADJUST FIRE - used when exact target location is not certain FIRE FOR EFFECT - used when there is a known target at an exact location SUPPRESS - used to force the enemy to seek cover, displace, or prevent them from firing IMMEDIATE SUPPRESSION - used to indicate friendlies in direct fire contact with the enemy GRID - Grid coordinate to follow ("GRID Kilo 6, KEYPAD 2 POINT 5") KEYPAD - Keypad follows POINT - Subkeypad follows SHOT - Transmitted for each round fired for adjustment SPLASH - trasnmitted when rounds are 5 seconds from detonation ROUNDS COMPLETE - signifies the number of rounds specified have been fired (if more than 1). DANGER CLOSE - rounds will impact very near friendlies (IRL it is 600 meters, but that would be always in Squad so it would be pointless to define it this way, maybe rounds that will land within 100m? 200m?) AT MY COMMAND - Aim and prepare to fire, but wait for the observer's command to fire. FIRE - commence firing CHECK FIRING - battery must immediately halt firing. Usually because the safety of friendly units is in question. REPEAT - repeat the last fire-for-effect mission, changes in number of rounds, etc. can be requested ADD - increase impact range by this many meters DROP - decrease impact range by this many meters LEFT/RIGHT - adjust impact left right by this many meters DIRECTION - the direction to reference adjustments off of, usually given in mils, but in Squad it would be degrees.
  5. Types of Annoying Players

    Seems like you haven't played much PR or Squad. A squad that's full, but without an SL commanding properly is going to fail. Even one squad on a team failing to perform it's job properly generally means that team loses. Everyone has to work together properly. "Teamwork is OP" as they say. By opening a squad that you don't want to lead you are creating a squad that has a 50-75% chance of accomplishing nothing useful the entire round. That means the team probably has around a 30-50% chance of losing just because someone was being selfish and ADHD. Just wait. The only scenario I can see this being useful in is if no one has made a single squad and there are 10 seconds until mission start. It might get the ball rolling (usually more people make squads afterward, but few people want to be alpha squad for some reason.
  6. When is Squad finished?

    With any luck it will never be done. If the Squad devs just keep adding and improving to the game indefinitely I'll be just fine with that. Stability and performance improvements are a never-ending battle, to say nothing of adding new content and balancing.
  7. Stat tracking

    I'm against stat tracking of personal stats like K:D, accuracy, etc. I would be okay with stats like games won vs. games lost or commendations. Things that are more about the team winning or cooperation with other players. At the end of the day, that is the thing that sets Squad apart from every other military FPS on the market: it is a game that encourages teamwork through its game design. Adding stats, badges, or any other direct or indirect rewards to selfish or personal action will only serve to encourage people that don't understand the spirit of the game. If they want to pad stats there are dozens of other available options on the market.
  8. I really like this idea. To expand on it, make digging FOBs the same from both sides. The friendly or enemy SL has to hold F while others dig. That way the only method of removing FOBs is to truly hold an area in the long term as a team and not just suicide charge to knock it out. Considering how losing a FOB can, in many cases, equal losing the entire match, it's more interesting to force the enemy to take ground since in abstract terms that's what the game is simulating anyway.
  9. Hacking prevalence

    I didn't offer any.
  10. Hacking prevalence

    Please post your source on those numbers.
  11. Hacking prevalence

    Nah, there were videos posted as recently as a few days ago.
  12. Just because you have poor reading comprehension and inability to logic, does not mean I'm ignorant. I've been shooting for 27 years. You seem pretty upset about a post you didn't even take the time to read properly. If you have been following firearms like I have, you should know that these terms are usually used interchangeably by fuds with no understand of human anatomy or terminal ballistics (even though, yes, they are not technically the same). My point is that rounds until incapacitation is a better term for the concept you are describing than any of the buzz words that became popular in the '90s. Especially since the other terms are inaccurate. It's telling that you didn't address any of my actual points and went straight for the semantic argument--the fallback of those who have no tenable position.
  13. SL Experience Requirement

    I posted this a few days ago, but I'm in favor of XP-based class restrictions. Gaining rank would unlock new kits. XP would be earned by active playtime + time in a squad + games finished + player commends (if added). This way you can't game the system and you have to put in time in the seat. The rough numbers I gave would put SL kits being unlocked at about 15 matches completed and all kits unlocked at around 20 hours (the marksman and commander kits being the last two). It's important to know how to follow before you lead. That's a core principle of leadership--know the jobs of the men under you. If you haven't put in a few hours playing the standard rifleman, medic, etc. and have watched the flow of firefights/matches for awhile you won't have much experience to draw from when you do step up and lead.
  14. More server options

    And I'm totally okay with that too. I don't mind if the server is listed as "modded" or "unlicensed" or whatever terminology. I'm just generally of the opinion that options can be beneficial.
  15. More server options

    I'm not sure what you're talking about. A3 has an extremely active player base with an order of magnitude more players than Squad.