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  1. Feature: Intel Gathering

    Actually just had another idea: What if it the SL instead could get the actual VOIP chatter of the enemy Squad Leaders for a certain amount of time? With the same conditions applied of course (min. 2 squad members near etc.)
  2. Feature: Intel Gathering

    You're right that FOBs are often easy to find and im sure you have more experience/hours on Squad to make that judgement. I do think that is a player error though as it's possible to hide/protect the FOB if done properly (I've seen it done many times). I know that player behavior is harder to change but im inclined to believe that knowing all the (increased) risks of having your FOB exposed would help people with FOB placement/defense planning. And, in the end, both teams get this option so there is no unfair advantage. The smarter/organized team wins. Do you guys have like a tester community where you put things like this to a playtest? Or does the early access serve that purpose? I searched the forum prior to this post and found loads of posts with "intel" suggestions though none of them matched this suggestion. Either way, it looks like Intel in any way, shape or form can bring value to this game.
  3. Feature Suggestion: When finding an enemy FOB radio, the SL gets the option to retrieve/translate Intel from it. This will give the SL a short amount of time to check his map for the approximate location of another enemy FOB (if it exists) as accurate as 4 keypads. Conditions: - SL needs min 2 other Squad members (to help "translate" or "decrypt" the intel if you will) on him to retrieve Intel from the Radio - Optionally, the FOB radio could then be blocked from being destroyed for 1 minute (this will make the decision for the SL tougher: destroy or gather intel, which brings more value?) I believe this will add not only much more realism (enemy radio chatter would naturally give away strategic information) but also makes finding an enemy FOB radio all the more valuable/interesting, while not altering the gameplay too drastically. Thoughts?