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  1. The next tank added should be T-55

    Yes! T-55 vs Challanger! Because what's balance anyways?
  2. Playing with friends?

    Do not go for 9 men squads. It's nothing more than live-die-repeat cycle while trying to attack flags. Instead consider following; 1- Guided Jihad: Get a scout, mine the roads next to enemy base (you can place 4 mines) first, then place 3 IEDs on the pickup truck. Find enemy positions or vehicles, 3 guys including the scout jumps out, your friend in the pickup drives next to the target then your scout friend detonates the IEDs. Place a Rally as soon as you jump out, then attack. This is actually very good way of killing vehicles, and if yuou manage to find enemy radio in the open you can instantly vaporize it with 3 IEDs. 2- TOWTOTHEHEAD: Some maps have elevated positions next to map border, find some, place a TOW there. Shoot every enemy vehicle that moves. 3- Mortar: While playing 1x1 or 2x2 maps, place mortars as close to you main base as possible, if enemies have their HAB in the open, constantly spam the HAB with mortars. Do not forget the "we love squad mortar calculator" 4- Protect the president vehicle play: Go for 1 supply truck 1 armored vehicle. Hesco walls provide almost perfect hulldown cover for armored vehicles. Make a small bunker out of hesco walls on a elevated position, and add a vehicle repair station. Enjoy being able to constantly spam and repair. Do not forget that Bradley's tow do not cost 500 points to replenish so you can also spam that. you can add HMGs and TOW for the remaining people next to your bunker.
  3. You play competitive games on lowest graphic settings/highest resolution.
  4. Tldr of story: 1- kohat-russian side 2- team has no tows, warriors are becoming problematic for team 3- create squad, build a tow on hill, get a rifleman for shovels 4- kill 3 warriors, 2 trucks and various inf who were trying to fob up bridge flag 5- admins and his friends on other team are mad. 6- im kicked for "no mic and sql without sql kit" no one even asked me if i had a mic and i was having a chat with nearby randoms while shooting from tow. You know badmins were one of the main reason pr died, right? still good to know all you say is: "use the report system, where your reports go directly to trashcan lol why would we even care lul at least they bring players to game lul"
  5. A Little Update from Merlin

    1- It's fine, I can flick around like a 12 year old CSGO Twitch streamer and head shot people while doing ADAD-EQEQ spam. Working as intended tovarisch. 2- 30mm eats "players moving together and working together." If you haven't noticed. 3- Average visibility on any given map is 50 meters thanks to foliage spam. OFC you gonna get CSGO like engagements. Maneuvering does not mean anything if they cant see you anyway. 4-Like it or move on? Nice mind set. It's fine tho, considering people don't need to pay for this game because it's F2P. Wait...
  6. Medic progression in Squad

    I takes 45-60 seconds to spawn on HAB-RP. It also takes 2 minutes for a medic to revive you. Give up button is your friend.
  7. Hey what happened to 50 v 50??

    Release date is 2025
  8. At least pre alpha binoculars were actually binoculars instead of terminator eyes with zoom. Also pre alpha looks exactly same, the only thing we got was some vehicles that handle like autism on wheels. Don't forget that the weapons on the vehicles are quarter-arsed. Maps and layouts are apparently designed by someone who never played any kind of mil-sim. Keep the green fetish alive, more maps with denser trees and vegetation! BUT the glorious v10 is coming, which brings the only thing that the game is currently missing. ANIMATIONS!
  9. What's up with the community?

    Nice. My loooong post is gone. GG tldr; Teamwork in PR was great because people were free to do what they do best. You could go trans solo, go commander and build some backup fobs, provide repair stations to armor on front lines with supply truck. One random guy couldn't use armor because he couldn't go gunner solo. If he tried to use it as taxi he wouldn't even want that because of crewman kits. And if he did he would end up having to play on Russian Reality Pros 24-7. Two man apc squad could change the round by simply doing what they do best. (BTR on muttrah docks hunting hueys says hi.). Remember those pilots who could navigate inside muttrah while flying backwards? They were able to do that because they always had 3 people in their squad before they enter the heli. You don't even have a commander seat in vehicles for the 3rd guy, and you force mechinf play style. It doesn't work. You can't cover your apc in albasrah from rpgs. If you send it away from city then you are simply playing as a 7 men inf squad. People in PR always had a friend who they work best with. You already have a working system that has been tested for more than 5 years. If a server is confident of their admins they should be able to go for PR rules. I'm sad to see this game is currently in a state of "Insurgency with bigger maps"
  10. Looks like community mostly consists of Insurgency and CSGO players. Vehicles are never used, and if some uses them they are either dead (rly? it takes shitloads of lat hits to kill an apc) or flipped somehow or left behind ( again rly? if you leave an supply truck or apc behind in PR, you get banned) At least have some standarts for your community(talking to server admins here) or leave the retarded vehicle claim rules behind. Used to do some trans for fun in PR AND IT DIDN't REQUIRE 3 ****ING PEOPLE TO GET IN THE HELI.