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  1. Stryker VS. Russian BTR

    So I just finished a game of Squad with a buddy of mine. We both got into a Stryker to search for a BTR that was holding down our teams position. We roll up to said BTR and my friend starts to rip into the BTR's side for about a good 3-4 seconds before the BTR turns to us shoots us about 8-10 times and kills us. The BTR caught fire and was close to death. From what I've been reading the Stryker has great armor and has even some pretty good damage towards armoured targets. Just wondering how it was possible that the BTR could have just turned the table on us. If anyone has more info on that I would love to hear. I think it was complete BS as we had a pretty big jump on it, just to have it complete annihilate us. I thought the Stryker was supposed to go up against the Russian BTR. Not be useless against a head on battle.