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  1. Cant find server in list

    .ya i cant find the server i looked every were but like i said i can restart it and it is in the list i dont know
  2. Hello i have a sever on Game Servers frag not lag but when i log out of my server i dont see it in the list any more i talk to the server company and they told my to turn the server off for about 10 min i did and started the game again i went to custom server and there it was but when i log back out and try to log back in the server was not there they told me it was a back end problem that you guys need to make a patch to fix the problem and told me to let you guys know about this so thats what im doing like i said i can cut the server off for about 10 min and turn it back on and i can see the server i log in and play but when i log out and try to look for the server in the list it is gone cant find it until i repeat it again thanks guys for your time and i hope you can fix the problem... Marc Nichols