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  1. German Army/Bundeswehr in Squad

    Well, i agree with the helicopters, but its another thing with the rifles. You could take ANY currently existing assault rifle and fire magazine after magazine in the desert: the result would be the same as with the G36 --> the barrel would overheat and deform after a while. Its called physics.
  2. German Army/Bundeswehr in Squad

    I already saw it, but they're trying tp reproduce the Bundeswehr with 2020 (or further) equipment like the IdZ-system which would in my opinion not fit into the game. And when you think about it, the BW-Mod team is originally working on a mod for Arma 3 which plays in 2030 and not like Squad in 2010-2017 (approximately).I mean, all the other armies already in the game use their presence equipment, why should the Bundeswehr use its furture stuff? But thanks anyway for the answer.
  3. German Army/Bundeswehr in Squad

    Any plans on adding the German Bundeswehr into the game? They are playing a decent role in ISAF and would fit into the game quite well fighting the Insurgents. And i cant imagine them being a lame faction to play. I would really enjoy seeing them in your game with your guys high quality standards. I look forward to your answer. Best Regards
  4. Bundeswehr Mod

  5. Bundeswehr Mod

    Nice work, but the BW-Mod is trying to replicate the Bundeswehr how it will be in 2020 (as far as I know). Me for myself would prefer the Bundeswehr like it is today with the Gefechtshelm M92, the G36A1, the MG3 and not the Stuff from 2020. All the other factions already in the game arent equipped like how they will be in 2020 or further, so why should'nt this one be like that. But as I already said, nice work.