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  1. Order of Chaos, here o7

    It's less if you choose FOB or main base to spawn from, but I'll make this more explicit, thanks!
  2. Order of Chaos, here o7

    Ty, sir
  3. Ability to jump over walls. Start shovel animation immediately when building. Different shovel animation (whacking/hitting?) when destroying. Cancel reloading animation when swapping to bandage. Don't trap players standing in build zone of HAB. Hot key to swap directly to Bandage or Medicine Bag. More rifleman kits with reflex sights T_T
  4. Order of Chaos, here o7

    Hi All, I've logged about 116 hours of Squad, so I'm new to the forum but not the game. Being a teamwork driven game, there is a huge valley of difference between games with people who know what they're doing and people who don't, so I wrote this little document if anyone is interested (yet another guide to squad): Order of Chaos’ Guide to Squad for Try Hards