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  1. The Maps Poll: Please Vote

    Sorry double post was trying to edit, damn tapatalk.
  2. Medic-nation

    I really just want my M4 ironsights back.
  3. Vehicles Countdown Thread

    Can't wait to say "Thanks for the ride".
  4. Closed Alpha Version 2 Announcement

    Very nice.
  5. What games is everyone playing on PC in 2016 ?

    I'm hyped for the new Hitman. There's so many games coming out in 16 that I can't remember them.
  6. Quick question..

    You know when that will happen?
  7. Unify Map and Spawn screen

    It's kinda silly to have both when there could be one interface that could act as both of them. And maybe move that function to TAB and move scoreboard to F1 since that's less important. Just some suggestions.... tell me what you think of them.
  8. New radio VOIP filter

    I agree it sounds really cool.
  9. Closed Pre-Alpha Week 5 (CPA v6.0): The Buck Stops Here

    Hm, every time I try to download this, the file is corrupt. Tried like 6 times, both with Chrome and Edge.
  10. Week 5 Closed Pre Alpha

    What a tease...
  11. Let's get together on Steam

    Thanks dude. I'll be checking out your youtube channel.
  12. Let's get together on Steam

    Yes I'm from Europe so I suppose
  13. Add me on Steam; http://steamcommunity.com/id/WildlifeMarshal/ I'd like to get some steam friends from the Squad community. Share yours and people can add you too. Hope to see you there!
  14. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!

    I wonder why these forums don't have a dedicated hardware section? Good idea no?
  15. Reddit AMA Starting Soon!

    Cool thanks.