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  1. Suggestions and Feedback After 10 Hours

    That would make everything i said useless. As i can understand where you are coming from but helicopters will be here eventually. Air insertion will make everything much much quicker, as long as the helis stay alive. Which creates a real need to take out AA vehicles. Overall it is fine. Dont abandon vehicles. Dont drive them into enemy territory. 3-8min timers on vehciles is not that much to ask, for over 9 vehicles(currently on yehvorika not including the helis that will be added) No. Like everything else if rallies were nerfed, it would just require more TEAM WORK and COORDINATION. That is the whole point of nerfing the rally. Why just hand vehicles out to every single person? Might as well keep rallies the way they are. Only thing that would change is a designated driver. Thats it. Same with heli pilots. Common sense now required. I agree completely. All these weird rules kill the realism. You want to keep your helis alive? Go after AA. You want to stay alive pushing into a building? Group up and watch every direction. No one will go out of their way to hunt AA that much unless helis were that much more valuable. You create this need to do things together and people will either do it or not do it. But the mechanics support overall the need for teamwork.
  2. Suggestions and Feedback After 10 Hours

    saw it somewhere. I am pretty sure it is going to happen. unless it was a joke and said it was going to happen on some threads.... idk.. Can anyone confirm? haha i guess i should stop. Its just because i really wish they would make the rally system like it was in PR. Or make it less powerful. Would u be in favor of game mechanics which promote more use of team work? More worth to everything in the game? Meaning to longer ranged engagements and ambushes. Then the rally should be nerfed. Its like inflation. A game world more affected by player action is a game world more while playing inside of? I think so. The only real reason i can think why they wouldnt is because they want to gear it more towards the arcade shooter crowd. Thats it. They did say they were doing that but, i question whether it really does get more sales. Look at arma. There is nothing out ther competeing with it. Will the game still be more of an arcade experiance if its rally system went back to what it was in pr? I think so. But with more actual real world strategy. You can be a marksman, be prone in a field, wipe out an entire squad over and over which is inside a house literally til the end of time. Unless that squad kills that marksman or the marksman manages to push into the rallies proximety. That is too overpowered. Little risk for the enemies in the house, little reward for the marksman overall. Shooting people does not really eliminate any enemy threat, unless the enemies spawn is far away.
  3. UI feedback: Change the bearing color

    i disagree. its fine for me. What settings do you have on? Or are u playing on a really small monitor. The less colors the better really. Its a military game not candy land. Its strange enough seeing bright blue and green markers running around on the map.
  4. Suggestions and Feedback After 10 Hours

    repelling is confirmed. You can see alot of this stuff on their kick starter page. Just go there for more info. Although snipers are not going to happen most likely as they refuse to nerf the all powerful rally. Making long ranged engagments kind of meaningless. Unless ur sniping from an objective. Most likely no jets either.
  5. Warning before squad kick

    I dont think anyone here has said they wanted that to happen. I think everyone is talking about kicking from the squad, not from the server? if you are referring to my post, when i say kicking i mean kicking from the squad and forcing them to respawn. Not from the server. I should have made it more clear. "gone" as gone from the general area where our squad is in the game, or at least give us a head start when leaving a HAB. I agree that is too much power, for sls to kick people from a server. Right now just kicking someone from the squad does not resolve the situation immediately and sometimes not at all. Because that same guy is still free to scream at you, block doors, threaten to TK all because he is not removed from the general area. There has been times where the offender has followed me around for nearly a whole game. Just trying to screw with everyone. So many times ive kicked people from the squad who just want to cause trouble and they just stand right in front of me for saying "ohhh you kicked me, i dont care" and he keeps doing what got him kicked in the first place. The SL is powerless. @Zylfrax791 so you are saying it will just make it worse if you choose to harsh kick them rather than remove? I am suggesting there are options for both. Because i dont know about you but i still have had people chase me around the map either way. Those kinds of people dont care. They want to screw with you and your squad for fun no matter what. You dont go easier on them just cause you are worried about their reaction. Their intent is to mess with you, they should be back on a spawn timer away from everyone else. You need some means to control the situation. Instead of hitting kick from squad as is and ignore them. Throwing your arms up in the air and telling the guy "fine you win, keep blocking the doors all you want" has not helpped me very much. You need to say "knock it off, stop or i ll send you back to the spawn timer" you need actions to back up your words and not to whimp out. Whimping out is all an SL can do right now or and wait for an admin to intervene. "Cut that out right now! Or u wont be able to use squad comms but you will still be able to piss us off any way you please until an admin connects OR an enemy kills you....maybe someone will tk you back if you really start to? I dont condone it but it can happen?" Think he cares? with possible additional commander approval required for hard squad kick. Soft kick no approval needed.
  6. Warning before squad kick

    @Arcapse you didnt finish reading lol. I would also add that before the game starts the only option is "remove" instead of kick and that i changed my mind, any SL kicking someone must type the reason. It can not be left blank. And I would add that a timer may be added to squad changing. So that offenders may not easily escape. "... they should make kicking even more severe to deter people who are going against the SL and a lesser removal for other reasons: " Click on player on squad roster: Options are as follows: "Promote to Squad Leader" - Dialog box: Are you sure?: Affirmative, Cancel "Honorably Remove"(might be better named) - Dialog Box: Are you sure?: Affirmative, Cancel "Kick"- Dialog Box: State Reason [text box]: Affirmative, Cancel - if yes in team chat: [Player name] Kicked from Squad [squad number] due to [Given Reason] When a commander is present, there could be even another layer of security to prevent an SL from just kicking instead of removing. Such as the need to request Commander approval in order to kick someone. THIS might help solve your concerns @40mmrain A dialog box will open up for the commander: Squad Leader [squad number] [SL playerName] requesting "Harsh Kick" due to [typed given reason]: Request: Approved, Denied. If approved then the statment is also posted in team chat.
  7. Warning before squad kick

    @40mmrain yeah it is more power. Maybe you are right? I will think about it more. I am basing this idea off that nearly all SLs in squad arent trolls. In my experience there arent many. Will there be more trolls if this does happen? I dont know. But i believe there is enough opportunity to ruin everyone elses game as an SL currently anyways. Will this help the game? I think so, as long as more trolls trying to be SLs dont magically hop on squad after freeweekend. If so the game will have more problems than just someone getting kicked. If that is not the case it will help those who are trying to actually play the game. Otherwise: i am not worried about taking a bigger penalty for getting kicked, because i dont get kicked. The people who should be kicked, get kicked then they stick around. Yell at people, TK people, threaten to TK people. Or just dont care at all because they are lone wolfing anyways. Why as an SL do i have to tolerate anyone screaming at me unnecessarily after ive kicked him? Why? The SL is powerless. The only thing i do is tell him to shut up, ask if an admin is online after its been a few minutes. And try to ignore him for the rest of the time. I have had people that ive kicked follow me around nearly the whole match. Hasnt happened more than a few times but it has happened to me. Kicking people doesnt help enough. I just dont talk to him and act like hes not there. but...... Kicking people does not solve the problem immediately. In some cases not at all. Some info about me: When I SL, i dont kick people for being mic less, new to the game or bad at the game. As long as they are listening and stick with the group. I am not an overly strict sl. If someone says my driving sucks i let them drive. If someone is yelling at me to get a rally constantly (to a certain extent). I will if i can. If someone suggests a better strategy we will start doing it. But if someone just wants to screw with me and the rest of the squad i want him gone as soon as i press kick.
  8. Warning before squad kick

    i agree most everyone else, verbally should just do the trick. Although i do see your side @SpecialAgentJohnson I think there should be another way to punish a squadmate other than a kick. That would help but i cant think of anything. Anyone else have any ideas for other options to punish disobident squad members? Either way a lesser punishment would be nice. But either way i think this should happen, they should make kicking even more severe to deter people who are going against the SL and a lesser removal for other reasons: PLEASE DEVS THIS WOULD HELP A TON: 1)Kicking also forces the offender to respawn. With a timer nearly or equal to if he committed suicide. Kit penalty on next spawn 2)click "kick" and then a dialog box opens asking for a typed reason, option to cancel is also present. The reason is then posted in team chat. If left blank it will say [playername] kicked from [squad number] "no reason given". This warns other SLs. Comms are busy as it is. 3)You can "honrably kick" or "remove" a squad member which does not appear in team chat and does not force the player to respawn. No kit penalty. Lets face it. U kick some guy for not grouping up and going off on his own. It leaves him with his gun and still able to do what ever he wants. Its not enough. Often times (when the offender is not lone wolfing) the guy is still just fighting with us even after hes been kicked and calling out targets and everything. Annoying. If he is kicked because he just keeps yelling at the SL for no real reason, he should be gone. I dont want him hanging around. In my experiance the guy still is yelling at people and threatening to TK people. Why does the SL have to deal with this if he has been kicked? "oh you kicked me, so what? What u gonna do SL, i ll block all the door ways. Whyd u kick me i was trying to help! All i was doing was telling u that u suck at driving!" "I did not hit one tree, and i let you drive and u still kept saying i sucked the whole way there. You ran into 5 trees. I told you multiple times to stop talking. Clear the comms." "no no u suck sl u suck, i hate u sl. Whyd u have to kick me sl. But i dont even care. I am going to go tell squad 3 next door how much of a dumb ass you are and then come back here just to piss u off." Ok sure he can get banned. But that could be a while, 3mins or more even if there is an admin. An SL should be able to solve the problem by doing the only thing he can do. Kicking people. It should just end it. No questions asked. He cant stand around and say f u SL a million times.
  9. Im New and in need of Senpai

    @DaTrout7 Welcome to the Forums DaTrout! 1)Start by playing as rifleman for a while and or maybe medic after maybe a handful of hours 2) Use youtube to understand the other roles in a squad and probably spend the most time on what a Squad leader is and what he is supposed to do in the game. You also said u specifically wanted to know what strategies to use or how to think about the game.That is where the strategy is. You understand that a little, the game from a squad member standpoint will be easier to understand what is best for you to do. This guy has a pretty good guide series for the roles inside of a squad: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwEZppmnx1L9p25PgLt_D7g Not to be too overwhelming but here is some additional stuff u will probably figure out later anyways (although there are many people who still dont do some of these things): Calling out targets: [Compass Bearing] [Enemy Unit Type] [Distance to target] = 215, multiple enemies, 100meters Marking enemies on the map: [say the words "Squad Lead" and then wait, if hes not busy then..] [enemy squad E5-9-1] if you just say it and hes talking to a bunch of other people it will add to the noise, and potentially wont be heard correctly. Wait until he asks "what is it". -Dont just do stuff on your own ask your SL "suggest". And if your suggestion is not whats best someone will give a reason. -Dont talk over the SL -stick with your squad but spread out enough for one grenade not to kill everyone -Use Local comms as much as possible -Turn up your local volume in order to hear others while inside of friendly vehicles -m is for map and n is to zoom in, using it often helps -Spend time on the firing range. -Practice with weapons on full auto and learn how to judge the effective range of it/behavior by just looking down a hall way. Further Strategy/stuff After Youve played the game a while: -When your squad keeps getting wiped pushing into an objective multiple times. Change what you are doing. Dont just keep running into the same brick wall. Tell your SL. -If you arent attacking or defending in AAS and you arent in any kind of vehicle team. You are doing it wrong. The game mode is the objectives. -FOB placement and building is tricky it will be a while before you start to understand what is best. -Long ranged engagements contribute very little to the game unless you are defending an objective. I am annoyed they havent nerfed rallies yet for this purpose even. But when attacking, wait until you are as close as possible to the objective before giving away your position. At least until grenade range. Probably a little further if u can. -When you push, smoke smoke smoke. Where should you put the smoke, right on the enemy's position. If you cant remember (this has helped me), smoking saves lives but only when the enemy is inhaling. -I know many ppl will disagree with this but I have 400hrs of experience and for sure keeping your gun by default "on full auto" in almost every environment you are in is what will keep you alive the longest. Most certainly in any kind of urban environment. Possibly not if you are running over a completely open field without any grass, or anyway an enemy could be waiting for you between yourself and destination. Even if there is a small dip. Switch to auto. Change it back to semi when you are being engaged or about to engage longer distance enemies. -FOB hunting is something you will learn better how to do later, especially after knowing the maps and sensing where the enemy is coming from. Understanding when it is best to do this will take some time too and when not to do it. Know what point in the game things like this to make sense, even spreading out and just throwing bodies every which way to find a fob might be best at certain points in the game. Vehicles are probably the hardest thing to do well in a group in Squad. All decisions must be made quicker. Especially SPG-50cal Techie teams. And being in any group of vehicles coordinating in a together when dealing with an enemy 30mm BTR(an armored transport with a mounted 30mm cannon). If you are new dont drive. -When using vehicles with MGs on them, be conservative. Never drive straight into a possibly enemy controlled area. -Q is to zoom in -vehicles are for sniping/overwatch and supressing targets when you arent actually going after other vehicles. (to brag: 2 of my clanmates the other night killed an MLTB 1kilometer away with a 30mm
  10. Animation for the reloading + an idea

    @Touka01 Thanks man! Hope you find it on sale soon! Happy Squadding! By far the most team work (in a game) i have ever seen in online public matches.
  11. Discord

    @LaughingJack roger. Cool what kind of mod are u making?
  12. Animation for the reloading + an idea

    @mangoman65 Thank you for reading (or at least some of it) my post guys! Mango and @Touka01! It has brought more meaning to my life lol, no, i know it is really long.... thank you for replying! As you guessed mango i have yet to play PR. Worshiping landing helicopters haha absolutely friggen hilarious! What is your opinion though mango of capturing players with no option to surrender? Too awkward and not worth it? I am curious now how intel points worked in PR exactly. Might look that up later.
  13. Animation for the reloading + an idea

    @Touka01 only time i really ever remember it being on sale (without a big steam sale event) have been during the game having free weekend events. Which i dont know if they are going to continue to do? Dont know if they still will have sales anyway. I think the last free weekends were over 3 months apart? It could be a while, id guess at least after the summer.
  14. Animation for the reloading + an idea

    @Touka01 cool, yeah would be neat to have sligthly different animations for things sometimes. I would find it cool if surrendering and actual detaining would work but unfortunately they would have to make one life only game modes maybe for that to happen. =\ haha the tagging system is a little annoying. Need to delete and make sure its highlighted yellow for any name you put down. Must find them through the inteli-sense.
  15. Animation for the reloading + an idea

    @Touka01 Welcome to the Forums! Suggested Reload Animation: Not a bad idea but i am guess the US places their mags upside down in their pouches to prevent sand from getting in? Dont know why they wouldnt? Dont think this animations should happen all the time, in real life u probably wouldnt have to do that every time? The Suggestion of Commanders Being Able to Talk with Eachother in close Proximety: Not realistic. And probably an option literally no one else wants. If you could do it short range you could do it long range. Just having it in close proximity does not make any sense. 1) I dont want to have to filter out local, squad, command, chat and over the top of the enemy commander. Way to much. 2) The enemy commander will probably just trash talk the whole game. If the server wont ban you for it why not? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ------------------==:CAPTURING PLAYERS:==------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Introduction What are the consequences and gains in respect to capturing players that you had in mind? What would the person need to do to capture an enemy? The idea can cover a lot. I dont think anyone has really attempted to think it through completely on here. Other people have suggested it and wanted to implement it one way or another, no one responded to my previous comment on it and just kept wanting to implement it the way they suggested. Maybe they didnt read it. But because you didnt nail anything down specifically on the subject i give you the wall of text below. I hope it kills this topic dead and a clear conclusion is reached. Ok, it would be cool to be able to just randomly detain people or capture them in some way or another but, The Question is: CAN CAPTURING PLAYERS BE DONE IN THIS GAME IN SOME WAY? IF SO, AND THAT IDEA WERE TO BE IMPLEMENTED IS THAT STILL WHAT IS BEST OVER ALL FOR THE GAME? Lets work through it. Means of Capturing: 1) Capturing a weaponless enemy at gun point. ANSWER: Everyone holds on to their guns (even if u cant see them). Should this or could this change? Dropping weapon due to nearby explosion or something? It would be considered "random chance" which the devs are strongly opposed to on the individual level but really open to it on the overall game match level (which annoys me, further evidence in the quoted post below, but slightly off topic). This most likely will not happen. 2) Capturing a weapon bearing enemy. ANSWER: Requires surrendering. Which is not a viable option in nearly all possible ways for it to be implemented (that i can think of) *Listed Below* 3) Captor uses rope or zip to incapacitate the enemy in close proximity. Like "knifing", maybe easier. The captor being able to jump on the enemy from a further distance. potentially with a follow through animation for tying up. Option 3 i think is the only real option. I dont think the US millitary has regular soldiers carrying net launchers or ?tasers?? But if they did have tasers: If Tasers were implemented. The benefits of capturing would have to be reduced in any game mode it was an option inside of. Because it would occur more frequently. In most every case, shooting people is just better because the goal is still the cap zone or cashe. Surrendering: If you are suggesting that by being captured: 1) You lose the same amount of tickets as dying and then the players respawn. ANSWER: No one would surrender 2)If you lose the same amount of tickets as dying and then the players are trapped somewhere. ANSWER: No one would surrender 3)If you lose no tickets for being captured and the enemy was forced to take you prisoner. ANSWER: No one would surrender. Unless the game was nearly over. (ticket bleed over time > any number of friendly players being taken from the fight to prevent that potential critical ticket bleed.) 4)If you lose more tickets by being captured than you would dying. ANSWER: No one would surrender. 5)If you lose no tickets but are captured and lose information. ANSWER: Depending on the system in place, the enemy would never want to capture anyone, and they shouldnt be forced because only the US follows "rules of war". Or the other team would never want to be captured because it would hurt their game. CONCLUSION: In nearly every case of actually surrendering yourself to be captured it would not be worth it. No one would choose it and it does not make any sense for it to be even an option in the game. Surrendering will not be worthwhile especially any case where the player is forced to stay in a location outside of the fight for any given time. Choosing to be afk will always hurt the team more than any tickets equal to or less than the absolute amount the player could have died while being detained, in the case of AAS. And in pretty much every other game mode as well, but probably slightly less for INS. It is not being in jail during the later rounds of monopoly. It costs your team. Surrendering is not a sane option in this game, or (to my knowledge) in any real life conflict which the game is based around. COUNTER SUGGESTION- RAISING TICKET COST OF DEATH: The only option to keep your suggestion viable would (in AAS) be to raise the ticket price of death to such a level to nearly require individuals to surrender if the option is presented. I dont want to do the math and I am guessing you dont need to either. For this idea to have that much potential of an impact, the game would, at that point, be about kills and deaths overall to determine the final outcome of the match. No longer being centered around the objective. You would have to add or take away additional mechanics to give players insentive to assault any objective(s). This idea of surrender would not be an option at the game's current state. And still, again, not that realistic of a choice in irl. No Option of Surrender, but Captor Team Obtains Some Advantage: 1)if it impacted the game enough, people would focus on capturing and no one would defend or attack objectives (very much). 2)If it was not that much of an impact no one would even try. 3) If it was balanced just right. It would still be such a low boost to the team that they would still be encouraged to push the objective. Why Capturing a Player Resulting in Detainment from the Rest of the Game WILL NOT WORK: See post below.When I am refering to capturing below i am mostly refering to in the context of leading to the detainment of an actual player away from the rest of the game. THE CONCEPT OF DETAINING OF PLAYERS DOES NOT FIT WITH THE CURRENT QUICK UNREALISTIC PACE OF THE GAME. IF THE GAME GAVE MORE POWER TO PLAYER ACTION AND DEATH, SUCH MECHANICS WOULD FIT. I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO SEE RALLIES NERFED AND PLAYER LIFE MATTER MORE BUT SO FAR ITS NOT HAPPENING. A game where player action affects the game world more is a game world more worth while playing inside of. Having to Bring Captured Enemy Physically To A Certain Location: They could detain the player indefinitely, one at a time, and bring them to the middle of no where or keep them inside a vehicle until it gets found. Well, what about adding a timer? ANSWER: It is unimmersive and unrealistic. Why would there be a timer requiring you to bring the player to a certain point before he disappears? Not worth it. Well, what about replacing the player with an AI soldier? ANSWER: It could work? INS and INV: Defenders Can Capture Players Just For Tickets Surrendering wont happen. Detainment wont happen in the game's current state either. Increasing or decreasing ticket value of capturing would either be worthless or give less reason for being on the objective.Except in the cases of INS or INV, where one side does not have to worry about ticket loss. The defenders would be able to chunk the attacker's tickets to some degree by captruing enemy players, because the game modes still would focus on the objectives regardless. Would it be possible for the attackers to capture defenders for tickets chunking in INS/INV. ANSWER: They could but the defenders dont rely on tickets in those game modes. Teams in AAS and other Game Modes Capturing Players For Ticket Chunks Again why cant both sides just chunk each other's tickets through capturing in AAS, and other game modes with both sides needing tickets? Lets say a locked squad is specialized for this purpose. They go behind enemy lines in order to catch enemies off guard. They rake up a bunch of captures but overall their team loses. Its because ticket bleed will and should always be the determining factor most games. One team has most of the objectives during the match, most likely that team will win. Being able to try and even guess whether captruing people would help is impossible over another small squad actually pushing the objective. Isnt it the same as mortar squads? ANSWER: No because mortars can destroy FOBs and fortifcations. Also Suppress and kill bunched up infantry and stationary vehicles. Alot of players go after vehicles and get alot of points, isnt this the same? ANSWER: No. Because vehicles are useful (if used correctly) for aiding the push or defense on active objectives. You destroy an enemy BTR in the area your team is now able to push the objective without having to worry about it. It adds nothing new to the game in terms of results and it would possibly be left to chance, like a tank rolling over a mine at the very end of the game. It doesnt help the game in any clear cut ways other than tickets, which is and always should be tied to the objectives and used to determine ties (in a way). For the best possible way capturing can be implemented it would have to actually work with the game and not a ticket pool. Everything else that costs tickets has jobs in the game. Why cant this feature be different? ANSWER: Why would you want it to not effect the game world? And just the ticket pool which is really mostly for determining who has the majority of Objectives the longest? It should and always should, be more beneficial for ticket control to go after to objectives on the map. Capturing Resulting in Mainly Loss of Information: Surrendering wont happen. Detainment wont happen in the game's current state either. Increasing or decreasing ticket value of capturing would either be worthless or give less reason for being on the objective in every other game mode besides the defenders of INS or INV. What if captured player's team lost information primarily? 1)SLs could only be captured, slightly more tickets lost than if they died or equal. 2) You can capture anyone but you get more info from an SL and potentially slightly more tickets subtracted to the enemy if u do capture an SL? And raise the difficult in the actual act of capturing an individual? -Information Gained: 1)Enemy Map Info. Nothing else is really of any value information wise. 2)Being able to listen to enemy comms for a short duration. What is best then? Information dealing with the map is what is best because, enemy SLs might not be talking at that time. Still why not then just take a chance on the comms? Because not enough worth will be gained to capturing someone. The enemy team will probably know that an SL or player has been captured and would then start to limit their communicating of specific sensitive info. And just say "North FOB", instead of FOB e4. Its hard enough being able to go up and "knife" someone. Enemy map info is a solid reward in general. So to what extent of the enemy map should be showed? Promoting Further Team Work: If anyone doesnt agree with promoting further need for coordination and team work realistically I dont think you are playing the right game. In this case so far what would be the best way to aim to further build up teamwork inside the game? BEST ANSWER I CAN THINK OF: If possible only an enemy SL can be captured. It is reasonably difficult to do, and must be done with a small group of players to be effective. The enemy squad will in turn will now have a reason to protect their SL in game. But all this depends on how exactly people are able to capture each other. Probably will require testing to really dive into it. Enemy Map Reveal 1)random area of the map. THOUGHTS: some maps are small. It could reveal too much, where on larger maps it would reveal too little. Even if balanced the information could end up revealing too much or too little. Not a very solid reward for being able to "knife" an SL or capture a regular soldier in some difficult way. 2)Possible enemy FOB question marks or accurate FOB mark added. One of them being real. THOUGHTS: seems like the number one choice. Either accurate FOB mark or maybe 3 FOB question marks dependent on how difficult the act of capturing actually is. 3)Showing an area of random enemy activity on the map.THOUGHTS: Too much information could be revealed or very little still. Snapshot vs Realtime footage of the map? ANSWER: Accurate or potentially accurate FOB marks are enough. Real time wont work with fake FOB Question Marks anyways. Why FOB Question Marks or Accurate FOB marks Are Best: There are very few places you actually would care about on the map. First: Areas around active cap zones. Second: FOBs. Any snap footage of random or other places on the maps is nearly pointless in comparison to finding a FOB or seeing activity near an active cap. In INS random snap footage would be the only way to find anything. You would most likely know where the defender's FOB would be at that point. Because that is pretty much where all the SLs stay around. With the exception of maybe one SL or two at the most. Caught doing a logi run or leading a small fireteam. Chances would be slim. And the Defenders do not have a ton of reason to know exactly where the enemy FOB except for mortars. Game wide FOBs are something that your team will want to know about. Snap shots of an active cap provides very little information under these circumstances anyways: 1)You are under constant assalut. 2)You are making good progress pushing into the cap. Both of which, if either team is doing what it is supposed to, these things should be happening at least on one of the 2 (at least) possible active cap points. You will know where the enemies are. Either right on top of you or shooting at you. Its like the SL putting 5 mg markers right on the cap, right next to each other. They might be accurate but who cares. They are shooting at everyone already. Everyone knows where they are. Stop looking at the map and start killing people. The other friendly SLs most likely will have alot of those enemy occupied buildings already marked on the cap. Getting just a picture of that would do very little. Sure it could still work but in many circumstances it may lead to finding absoltuely no new information. FOBs are more constant. Fixed positions of importance on the map. A much more solid reward for something difficult. Early Game: 1)Very little enemy contact potentially, or full on rushes. Both of which are difficult to capture anyone. But why would u want to? Not much has happened yet. 2) One team knows where the enemies one FOB is early game: No reason to capture. It keeps focus on the objectives. Capturing would be a tactic reserved for later in the game, if you wanted some kind of intel on their FOB locations. Helping out a potentially losing team from having to really look hard for an enemy FOB. Accumulation of Intel Points Through Dead Enemies and Captured Enemies: Intel points is another suggestion suggested by someone else in another thread. Accumlated points through capturing enemies and being in proximity to enemy dead bodies. Accumulation would work for FOB question marks or FOB Accurate Marks if the points reached a certain fixed number and then you would "buy" the info. ANSWER: No. 1) If it nearly took one enemy to capture then why not just forgo the whole Intel Point system altogether. How many times in the game are you actually going to be able to "knife" someone? Giving the team a solid straight forward reward for such a task is whats best. There would be no need for the additional Intel points being required other than one straight forward capture. Making the idea of intel points useless altogether. 2) If no capturing was required and the cost of the enemy FOB mark could be purchased by accumulating points found from dead enemies, no one would ever attempt capturing as it would be too difficult. Leaving our entire topic of capturing useless. 3)Just finding enemy bodies will more likely be done by random chance or actually killing enemies in close quarters. Even if you actively looked for dead enemies: If a zone is too hot, going out looking just for dead enemies is stupid. And if enemy presence has decreased in the area. Most likely they will start to give up soon and respawn. Leaving less opportunity to actually try and find them. Still being possible, but the concept as a whole is awkward. Something more straight forward and that promotes straightforward capturing of players is what is best for the topic. 4) If the intel points nearly require multiple enemies to be captured in order to "buy" accurate FOB mark(s), i think the price would be too high and still, overall there would be no reason to continue to use intel points if find dead enemies still did not give any real additional benefit. ----------------------===FINAL CONCLUSION===---------------------------------- Capturing Resulting in Mainly Loss of Information: IF ENEMY SL IS REASONABLY DIFFICULT TO BE CAPTURED BY A SMALL GROUP OF CAPTORS: 1)GRANTING ACCURATE FOB MARK(S) DEPENDING UPON DIFFICULT OF ACTUALLY CAPTURING SOMEONE. TESTING PROBABLY REQUIRED. ADDITIONALLY TO GRANTING FOB INFO, TICKET LOSS TO ENEMY TEAM SLIGHTLY HIGHER THAN IF THE PRISONER WERE TO DIE. IF CAPTURING IS DIFFICULT AND OCCURS NOT THAT OFTEN INCREASE ENEMY TICKET LOSS TO REASONABLE VALUE AS NECESSARY. 2)NO DETAINMENT OF PLAYERS, IMMEDIATE PRISONER RESPAWN AS IF DEATH OCCURRED. 3)NO OPTION FOR SURRENDER. USELESS. 4) ONLY DONE BY BEING CLOSE ENOUGH TO AN ENEMY WHO IS UNAWARE YOU ARE THERE. NO TASERS. --- THIS IDEA IS SIMPLE AND STRAIGHT FORWARD. IT REWARDS THE TEAM ENOUGH FOR HAVING SUCCESSFULLY CAPTURED SOMEONE. IT OFFERS SOMETHING NEW TO THE GAME AND INCREASES TEAM WORK, BOTH IN A GROUP TO CAPTURE REASONABLY AND THE ENEMY SQUAD TO PROTECT THE SL IN-GAME. (WITH TESTING) IF THERE IS NO SIMPLE REASONABLE WAY FOR A SMALL GROUP OF PLAYERS TO CAPTURE AN ENEMY SL: 1)SWITCH TO ANY ENEMY BEING CAPTURED, DEPENDING ON DIFFICULTY. USE RANDOM FOB MARKS INS and INV ONLY IF THE DEFENDERS COULD "CAPTURE" PLAYERS IN THE GAME MODE OF INS AND INVASION. 1)GRANTING A SMALL BENEFIT TO TO THEIR TEAM OR EXTRA TICKETS LOST FOR THE ENEMY TEAM. 2)NO DETAINMENT OF PLAYERS, IMMEDIATE PRISONER RESPAWN AS IF DEATH OCCURRED. 3) NO OPTION FOR SURRENDER. AS ITS COMPLETELY USELESS. AND UNREALISTIC. 4)ONLY DONE BY BEING CLOSE ENOUGH TO AN ENEMY ATTACKER WHO IS UNAWARE YOU ARE THERE. ---HOWEVER, THE OBJECTIVES SHOULD STILL ALWAYS BE THE FOCUS, AND IF IT ALWAYS IS. THE OPTION TO ACTIVELY SEEK THE "CAPTURING" OF OTHER PLAYERS WILL ALWAYS BE LESS BENEFICIAL IN MOST ALL SITUATIONS TO THE DEFENDING TEAM. ONLY VIABLE IF ATTEMPTED WITH A SMALL GROUP OF CONSERVATIVE DEFENDERS WHEN THE GAME IS IN THE DEFENDING TEAM'S FAVOR. IT COULD BE AN INTEGRATED MECHANIC BUT AT BEST, NOT A GOOD ONE. MY OPINION: "Capturing Resulting in Mainly Loss of Information" could work game wide. I am guessing it would be difficult and should grant the captor's team at least one accurate FOB mark and the ticket chunk of less than 20 to the enemy team. Even though this might not happen every game I believe this option could add something to Squad as a whole. If it were to work in a way that would make capturing not too difficult for while capturing enemies in general, I would suggest that an enemy SL would be the only enemy able to captured. Giving the rest of his squad actual reason to protect him. INS and INV ONLY really doesnt seem worth it. But really if UAVs ever came to Squad or Insurgents could use AI civilians to scout certain areas. Capturing anyone would seem completely pointless.
  16. Discord

    @LaughingJack what are u talking about? What discord server? u meant to post this in the discord official forums? Some discord servers have an anti spam setting, so u may have to be a member of the server for a certain amount of time or a higher ranking member of the server in order to post things or talk in any or all channels, text or voice. Discord did go down like more than a week ago i think. But its up now for sure. I am on a server based in dallas right now without any trouble. Some servers are invite only? That may be ur issue? In what context is this related to squad?
  17. @tatzhit what specifically are u looking for then out of an ingame squad social hub? Like to view what servers your steam friends are currently in on the main menu? That would be nice. Maybe they will add it, they do that with counter strike and insurgency and i think Left 4 Dead 2 but having to add friends on squad that you already have on steam isnt necessary. again clan menus/whatever are supposed to be coming.
  18. Gas attacks?

    @Trevor larsen i would love it if they choose to nerf rallies, death had more of a consequence, more options for tools and everything. Closer to reality with gas attacks. Ijust dont think it would work to well now. ADDED AFTER EDIT: Also i didnt mention this above but for more modern uses of gas attacks, i have heard of more different chemical weapons other than mustard gas being used more frequently. Such as nerve gas ect where i think the standard issue for any kind of supposed chemical weapon threat is a full body hazmat suit, possibly even if just mustard gas was suspected, realistically they would believe they might have other kinds of chemical weapons? Is this true? if it is then you would have alot more gear (the full body hazmat suit) on either way. I would guess that even though mustard gas doesnt kill right away when making contact with skin, it cant do anything good in the long term to you either.
  19. Gas attacks?

    How will this balance out? Will this add anything to the game at its current state at all? Why gas attacks? Has anyone thought about these? So far there is no reason above to any of these questions (except that a few people want "gas attacks"). And if there is no clear reason obviously there isnt a clear reason this should be added. This is the kind of climate which brings out the people who are in favor of the rainbow-colored, cotton-candy-flavored gunskins. Ive done my best to avoid this topic but i couldnt help it today. If they arent here already, they will be soon, as they are always waiting to start spewing coddisms at every opportunity when things arent thought through or nailed down. They will claim anything is more inline with their cod religion than it is ours if you dont make it clear. I dont really like them and i am slightly afraid of them. As they take what they want and dont care about the community as a whole. If there is one there are more, mark my words. My tinfoil helmet is on and i have my fly swatter so dont try anything. Not one inch closer, i swear! This is my corner! i am staying in my corner! Thats right! I knew i was coming down here and i do have goldfish crackers and flashlight batteries! You hypocrites try and take either of them you are asking for trouble! IT WONT WORK: THE SIMPLE ANSWER 1)No large pool of options, 2)Death has little consequence, 3)Mustard Gas or Nerve Gas is not commonly used (that we know of) Everyone will be walking around in hazmat suits? Will everyone have them or will they have to resupply? Doesnt matter at its current state: This wont add anything to the game. Its not realistic enough to have this. There is no large pool of options enough in this game with equipment ect to warrant the ability to use "gas attacks". This would only work out if death had more consequence and there was a larger pool of equipment and options. The game as is wont benefit from just obscure "gas attacks". Sure it happens in irl (not often from what ive heard). No, this is not whats best. The reason why player death would need to have more meaning even if there were more options is because out of those options most people would choose to leave an entire hazmat suit at base (more gear to carry) and take there chances that an obscure gas attack might not happen. They would then die and then go grab the suit. Nothing added but annoyance. Nerf rallies, add more different equipment to the game which the commander can choose. It will work then. There is no reason why this should be added to the game. Smoke rounds are a good idea though.
  20. New Possible Roles? Whats on the horizon?

    look on their kickstarter page. All the roles are there i am pretty sure except for sniper, which is probably not going to happen unless they nerf the all powerful rally.
  21. @Igno then sorry, what do u mean?
  22. Promote to Squad Leader Button

    would be helpful +1 or add an additonal "are u sure u want to promote him or kick him..." dialog box
  23. Free resupply for Medic

    @Loxy.357 thats cool but then ammo points as a whole would have to be swapped out for real inventory of finite grenades, rpgs, bandages and everything game wide. Fine with me, make logi runs more to think about. "we need grenade crates" or "just bring mortar rounds no build points" and have to place the individual mgs on the trucks too.
  24. they dont need this. It sounds like they will have some kind of ingame clan menus or something but just to keep in touch you have steam? Steam has a social hub. what smee said ^ It also says who are friends in the current game. I think steam should allow u to create categories of friends like u can in ur game library but that is a suggestion for them.
  25. What are your guys' best Logi Runs? Here is mine: My Best Logi Experience I wish so much I recorded it. It was on Fools Road while on millitia a few months ago. My squad and I were on the hill 123, we were holding it with nearly the rest of our team, doing really well, until we got suddenly wiped on it out of nowhere. With the exception of myself and one of my squad members (we just spawned at main) the only other people on our team alive at that time was a single squad just taking up positions in popanav and a friendly mortar crew on ammo. Myself and my other squad member were trying to run supplies to set up a HAB in Popanav, everyone else in our squad held their spawns. The enemy had finally literally just neutralized hill 123 and capped the point a few seconds after we pulled the logi out of main. Shortly down the road we started getting engaged by infantry before we came direct north of hilltop. Which was surprising. (Later our team realized that the enemy had just set up an FOB there, on hilltop). We didnt know where the fire was coming from so we cut south off the main road at the break in the guard rails and continued to parallel the road , eventually hoping to cut back on and drive north to popanov. Exactly at the time our small journey had begun from main the entire enemy team coordinated a huge push to popaonav and north village. Coming from Hill 123, Hilltop and the surrounding area. We had no idea that the enemy was ready to move in that quickly so we ended up driving through the middle and wake of the frontline. We were constantly getting peppered by infantry, shot at by vehicles, missed by over 5 rpgs and almost killed by friendly mortars. We drove parallel from north west of hilltop all the way into north village, and missed our turn (I wasnt paying attention as we were being shot at from everywhere even north, on the other side of the road and was worried we would get killed if we didnt keep going east as the dips and trees were the only thing keeping us alive). We didnt realize we were driving through the frontlines til that dip between hilltop and hill 123.Where we had a short break from the contact. We stopped and debated what to do. I decided to try and to continue driving to popanav, if the enemy team had already missed us that much and we had already made it that far I thought we could beat them to popanav by driving through north village, hoping to use the buildings as cover from infantry on the road road to the west. And we knew there was potentially enemy vehicles to the east of hill 123 (i think i remember we heard an mg in that direction, thats why), so we concluded going through the center of north village was the best route. Not knowing if the enemy was currently occupying it, since we took very very heavy contact already from the area north of hilltop we decided to throw the dice. We decided my compatriot should jump out, no sense in losing both of us if the enemy was on north village and that he would be in a powerful position being behind the frontline. So I kept driving.Coming through the trees to village i saw that it was literally crawling with 2 whole enemy squads walking around outside of the buildings. Fortunately most of them were facing other directions. So i was able to drive right through the middle of them. One enemy started shooting at me, I ran him over on the way up the island to popanav when multiple rpgs hit me at once and finally blew up the logi. We made it 500-600m without taking a scratch, being targeted by the entire enemy team. And were under fire for probably a whole minute + in total, died exactly 100m from the enterance of poponav. My squad mate who was dropped off also died a few minutes later but, after relaying how many enemies were on north village he took up position on the hill south and was able to rack up around 11 downs before a gl killed him. Awesome Game.