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  1. Unassigned player classes

    no to everything, there are no nurses on the battlefield. real life recon is done in groups of people with rifles, lmgs and everything else. I need to stop looking at the forums its making me sick. im taking it off my bookmarks im done, cya guys. I cant take it anymore, its just filled with garbage and nonviable suggestions i cant take it.
  2. Suggestion about the game

    The mortar reloading, irl idk ive sen 3 people just constantly dumping mortar rounds on youtube. The stryker 3 hits to kill isnt realistic maybe it will change later. But overall sounds like u just want battlefield. go back to battlefield
  3. Oil drums

    i agree, oil drums dont do shiz. few nights ago on narva some SL put our Hab out in the street so we had to enclose it with indirect fireshelters. Thats the only thing you really is worth it if you have a logi runner.
  4. [Suggestion] The Spawn

    @L0cation yeah i agree, why would anyone be against this. no tk zone is easy for start. No grenades no weapon fire and even no one able to kill people with vehicles. the devs said this might happen on a previous suggestion. some of zylfrax's arguments do not seem viable at all but i don't think he is subtly trying to screw with us. i dont think? im not going to look for it but he said the reason things were bad in squad were that vehicles just make the whole game worse or something. that it was better for walking because the rally was always further away. well just nerf the rallies then (to say it again and again) in some way, the solution is not taking the vehicles out of the game. idk it is possible he is very subtly trying to screw with us. No offense zyl. but if you are doing it, you are somewhat decent at it.
  5. Any chance to see some of THIS in Squad?

    yup First thing to go, ive been saying alot, should be the way the rally respawn system works. Death has little consequence. You can just die and respawn in a house across a field endlessly until they push up or you kill all of them. There is nothing to it. Without advancement from the other team there is very little risk of losing as defenders and very little reward to those who are attacking. Killing enemies barely means anything until you are on the objective or get in their rally's proximety. Rallies need nerfing frist.
  6. @embecmom The current rally system is to blame for alot of your complaints i feel. Except for the new and selfish players. If rallies were nerfed the game would inherently be more punishing for mistakes. Perhaps it would help deter those kinds of players from even joining the community. OK sales are sales but... i am all for not having them around too. I have said this probably in every other topic ive commented on for awhile, zylfrax commented on my last one why i keep saying this stuff. If this isnt enough explanation, just look up another longer one i did, i am getting tired of trying to reason against this pointless current respawn system
  7. @embecmom I have to agree with zylfrax, these rules constrict the realism of the game. Perhaps in the future, with commanders there will be a way for the commander to demote the SL and give it to someone else. Where the commander may actually enter the Squad Channel of the squad with the problem and figure things out. Handing it off to someone better suited. Until then id say any actual game rule is a step in the wrong direction. To deviate: Are you refering to not able to create a locked squad without naming the squad first? I cant think of any way since last patch servers have specifically tried to do away with? What other things? Even aside from last patch what other things? Rushing and not camping main? Thats all i can think of. I agree the ticket formula system is pretty awkward mainly because we play closed handed. If we have future commanders and they really wanted to win along with the SLs on their team, i think it would be possible if the commander doesnt have a ton to do, to start trying to count how many tickets the enemy team would be losing. If the Devs really wont allow in-game cross local chat because people will use discord or TS over in-game comms, with the arrival of commanders (if this doesnt exist) someone is going to make a way of estimating enemy ticket loss really efficiently down to a science. Might as well play open handed. I never really got why not? Its equal either way? However there is a point where one team will lose no matter what, unless the enemy spams FOBs all over the map and leaves them to be destroyed. Just end the game then! Why keep going? There may be a reason but i am not seeing it. Maybe to hide how truly awkward the whole thing is? Heck if i commander this is what i'll start doing if my team's SLs and I want to really win. Or for future clan matches i suspect commanders will do at least 1,2 and 3. Ud be stupid not to if you had nothing else to do but watch the map and no squad to lead. Q: Mid-End Game: Should friendly forces hold their middle capture point and stay? Should i send a squad to enemy back caps to look for abandoned enemy FOBs? A: What is the enemy ticket value right now? Info that a commander who wants to win should write down to estimate enemy ticket value: SHOULD BE DONE AT THE VERY LEAST: 1)Obvious ticket bleed/time for enemy 2) Number of enemy FOBs and or Habs destroyed 3)Tickets gained by the enemy due to capturing objectives -------- 4)"EVD" Reports 5)"ED" Reports EVDR: Any enemy destroyed vic is reported to his SL, which the SL remembers and then relays to the commander if the commander is not busy at the time. EDR: Ask every SL to have their men remember after every life how many enemies they have downed (to their knowledge), they will keep track and then give that number when the SL asks and is not busy. The SL will add that number to his squad's total or directly relay it to the commander once a total of suspected enemy downs has reached 10. Whether the commander would take ED and EVD reports or not he could have a premade chart for the suspected grey area. Know how many vehicles the enemy has and what types for the map. Know how many tickets the enemy would lose if each of their vics died upon spawn continually ( roughly on average, to compare with the game). And the opposite being an above average time of survival. (if the game were public just start recording rough times every time i man a vehicle, or watch some random team mate and time him) (Idk what enemy down and enemy vehicle destroyed reports are called irl) *(If the SL has too much on his plate, the SL will ask his FTL to remember the count until next report back to command)* Suggestion: The whole ticket system is kind of pointless. Just make ticket bleed based totally on objectives, nothing else. It will just be like a time limit to the game not some awkward means of winning or losing suddenly. This idea that it should be reliant upon anything else but the objectives is pointless, sure player death has a ticket cost to it but there is no real way of knowing when its not viable to play with rash attrition and that is usually just by guessing regular ticket bleed back and forth. The only reason i can think of is because they want to give the losing team some random chance of winning if they do a better job killing people. Really awkward. Its not like it deters players from dying any more or less on an individual level. Am i missing something? Now if the Devs actually did give the commander tools for tallying downs and everything, if this became the standard for playing the game, I would count it as an added feature or some kind of added team work, kind of silly though. Otherwise seems like they should just play it open handed or bog the commander with more work. Either way 1, 2 and 3 would not be that difficult for someone just watching to do.
  8. Suggestions and Feedback After 10 Hours

    That would make everything i said useless. As i can understand where you are coming from but helicopters will be here eventually. Air insertion will make everything much much quicker, as long as the helis stay alive. Which creates a real need to take out AA vehicles. Overall it is fine. Dont abandon vehicles. Dont drive them into enemy territory. 3-8min timers on vehciles is not that much to ask, for over 9 vehicles(currently on yehvorika not including the helis that will be added) No. Like everything else if rallies were nerfed, it would just require more TEAM WORK and COORDINATION. That is the whole point of nerfing the rally. Why just hand vehicles out to every single person? Might as well keep rallies the way they are. Only thing that would change is a designated driver. Thats it. Same with heli pilots. Common sense now required. I agree completely. All these weird rules kill the realism. You want to keep your helis alive? Go after AA. You want to stay alive pushing into a building? Group up and watch every direction. No one will go out of their way to hunt AA that much unless helis were that much more valuable. You create this need to do things together and people will either do it or not do it. But the mechanics support overall the need for teamwork.
  9. Suggestions and Feedback After 10 Hours

    saw it somewhere. I am pretty sure it is going to happen. unless it was a joke and said it was going to happen on some threads.... idk.. Can anyone confirm? haha i guess i should stop. Its just because i really wish they would make the rally system like it was in PR. Or make it less powerful. Would u be in favor of game mechanics which promote more use of team work? More worth to everything in the game? Meaning to longer ranged engagements and ambushes. Then the rally should be nerfed. Its like inflation. A game world more affected by player action is a game world more while playing inside of? I think so. The only real reason i can think why they wouldnt is because they want to gear it more towards the arcade shooter crowd. Thats it. They did say they were doing that but, i question whether it really does get more sales. Look at arma. There is nothing out ther competeing with it. Will the game still be more of an arcade experiance if its rally system went back to what it was in pr? I think so. But with more actual real world strategy. You can be a marksman, be prone in a field, wipe out an entire squad over and over which is inside a house literally til the end of time. Unless that squad kills that marksman or the marksman manages to push into the rallies proximety. That is too overpowered. Little risk for the enemies in the house, little reward for the marksman overall. Shooting people does not really eliminate any enemy threat, unless the enemies spawn is far away.
  10. UI feedback: Change the bearing color

    i disagree. its fine for me. What settings do you have on? Or are u playing on a really small monitor. The less colors the better really. Its a military game not candy land. Its strange enough seeing bright blue and green markers running around on the map.
  11. Suggestions and Feedback After 10 Hours

    repelling is confirmed. You can see alot of this stuff on their kick starter page. Just go there for more info. Although snipers are not going to happen most likely as they refuse to nerf the all powerful rally. Making long ranged engagments kind of meaningless. Unless ur sniping from an objective. Most likely no jets either.
  12. Warning before squad kick

    I dont think anyone here has said they wanted that to happen. I think everyone is talking about kicking from the squad, not from the server? if you are referring to my post, when i say kicking i mean kicking from the squad and forcing them to respawn. Not from the server. I should have made it more clear. "gone" as gone from the general area where our squad is in the game, or at least give us a head start when leaving a HAB. I agree that is too much power, for sls to kick people from a server. Right now just kicking someone from the squad does not resolve the situation immediately and sometimes not at all. Because that same guy is still free to scream at you, block doors, threaten to TK all because he is not removed from the general area. There has been times where the offender has followed me around for nearly a whole game. Just trying to screw with everyone. So many times ive kicked people from the squad who just want to cause trouble and they just stand right in front of me for saying "ohhh you kicked me, i dont care" and he keeps doing what got him kicked in the first place. The SL is powerless. @Zylfrax791 so you are saying it will just make it worse if you choose to harsh kick them rather than remove? I am suggesting there are options for both. Because i dont know about you but i still have had people chase me around the map either way. Those kinds of people dont care. They want to screw with you and your squad for fun no matter what. You dont go easier on them just cause you are worried about their reaction. Their intent is to mess with you, they should be back on a spawn timer away from everyone else. You need some means to control the situation. Instead of hitting kick from squad as is and ignore them. Throwing your arms up in the air and telling the guy "fine you win, keep blocking the doors all you want" has not helpped me very much. You need to say "knock it off, stop or i ll send you back to the spawn timer" you need actions to back up your words and not to whimp out. Whimping out is all an SL can do right now or and wait for an admin to intervene. "Cut that out right now! Or u wont be able to use squad comms but you will still be able to piss us off any way you please until an admin connects OR an enemy kills you....maybe someone will tk you back if you really start to? I dont condone it but it can happen?" Think he cares? with possible additional commander approval required for hard squad kick. Soft kick no approval needed.
  13. Warning before squad kick

    @Arcapse you didnt finish reading lol. I would also add that before the game starts the only option is "remove" instead of kick and that i changed my mind, any SL kicking someone must type the reason. It can not be left blank. And I would add that a timer may be added to squad changing. So that offenders may not easily escape. "... they should make kicking even more severe to deter people who are going against the SL and a lesser removal for other reasons: " Click on player on squad roster: Options are as follows: "Promote to Squad Leader" - Dialog box: Are you sure?: Affirmative, Cancel "Honorably Remove"(might be better named) - Dialog Box: Are you sure?: Affirmative, Cancel "Kick"- Dialog Box: State Reason [text box]: Affirmative, Cancel - if yes in team chat: [Player name] Kicked from Squad [squad number] due to [Given Reason] When a commander is present, there could be even another layer of security to prevent an SL from just kicking instead of removing. Such as the need to request Commander approval in order to kick someone. THIS might help solve your concerns @40mmrain A dialog box will open up for the commander: Squad Leader [squad number] [SL playerName] requesting "Harsh Kick" due to [typed given reason]: Request: Approved, Denied. If approved then the statment is also posted in team chat.
  14. Warning before squad kick

    @40mmrain yeah it is more power. Maybe you are right? I will think about it more. I am basing this idea off that nearly all SLs in squad arent trolls. In my experience there arent many. Will there be more trolls if this does happen? I dont know. But i believe there is enough opportunity to ruin everyone elses game as an SL currently anyways. Will this help the game? I think so, as long as more trolls trying to be SLs dont magically hop on squad after freeweekend. If so the game will have more problems than just someone getting kicked. If that is not the case it will help those who are trying to actually play the game. Otherwise: i am not worried about taking a bigger penalty for getting kicked, because i dont get kicked. The people who should be kicked, get kicked then they stick around. Yell at people, TK people, threaten to TK people. Or just dont care at all because they are lone wolfing anyways. Why as an SL do i have to tolerate anyone screaming at me unnecessarily after ive kicked him? Why? The SL is powerless. The only thing i do is tell him to shut up, ask if an admin is online after its been a few minutes. And try to ignore him for the rest of the time. I have had people that ive kicked follow me around nearly the whole match. Hasnt happened more than a few times but it has happened to me. Kicking people doesnt help enough. I just dont talk to him and act like hes not there. but...... Kicking people does not solve the problem immediately. In some cases not at all. Some info about me: When I SL, i dont kick people for being mic less, new to the game or bad at the game. As long as they are listening and stick with the group. I am not an overly strict sl. If someone says my driving sucks i let them drive. If someone is yelling at me to get a rally constantly (to a certain extent). I will if i can. If someone suggests a better strategy we will start doing it. But if someone just wants to screw with me and the rest of the squad i want him gone as soon as i press kick.
  15. Warning before squad kick

    i agree most everyone else, verbally should just do the trick. Although i do see your side @SpecialAgentJohnson I think there should be another way to punish a squadmate other than a kick. That would help but i cant think of anything. Anyone else have any ideas for other options to punish disobident squad members? Either way a lesser punishment would be nice. But either way i think this should happen, they should make kicking even more severe to deter people who are going against the SL and a lesser removal for other reasons: PLEASE DEVS THIS WOULD HELP A TON: 1)Kicking also forces the offender to respawn. With a timer nearly or equal to if he committed suicide. Kit penalty on next spawn 2)click "kick" and then a dialog box opens asking for a typed reason, option to cancel is also present. The reason is then posted in team chat. If left blank it will say [playername] kicked from [squad number] "no reason given". This warns other SLs. Comms are busy as it is. 3)You can "honrably kick" or "remove" a squad member which does not appear in team chat and does not force the player to respawn. No kit penalty. Lets face it. U kick some guy for not grouping up and going off on his own. It leaves him with his gun and still able to do what ever he wants. Its not enough. Often times (when the offender is not lone wolfing) the guy is still just fighting with us even after hes been kicked and calling out targets and everything. Annoying. If he is kicked because he just keeps yelling at the SL for no real reason, he should be gone. I dont want him hanging around. In my experiance the guy still is yelling at people and threatening to TK people. Why does the SL have to deal with this if he has been kicked? "oh you kicked me, so what? What u gonna do SL, i ll block all the door ways. Whyd u kick me i was trying to help! All i was doing was telling u that u suck at driving!" "I did not hit one tree, and i let you drive and u still kept saying i sucked the whole way there. You ran into 5 trees. I told you multiple times to stop talking. Clear the comms." "no no u suck sl u suck, i hate u sl. Whyd u have to kick me sl. But i dont even care. I am going to go tell squad 3 next door how much of a dumb ass you are and then come back here just to piss u off." Ok sure he can get banned. But that could be a while, 3mins or more even if there is an admin. An SL should be able to solve the problem by doing the only thing he can do. Kicking people. It should just end it. No questions asked. He cant stand around and say f u SL a million times.