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    no, i read that. What i was saying: Risk and reward. There isnt much on any level in this game in terms of player consequence, not enough to warrant being taken out of the game for minutes at a time. it would not work in the game, being able to capture people. They are going to leave, or they could leave and rejoin. And if you set up some system to help with that i dont really care the concept does not fit anyways. In mechanics and inside the world of squad. in the world of squad 1)death has little consequence 2) pain has very little consequence 3) you want capturing to have high consequences I personally would stop playing the game immediately. It wont work @Zylfrax791 @Gnarleus It does not fit within its own world. Tell me how it does. That concept only would work in a game with higher risks to players. (Suggestion) Being captured is worse in the game than dying.So keep throwing those bodies at objectives but when u are captured its all over. -(IF) When there is a one life only game mode officially this could work. With no ticket system. Other wise death is way preferable. (Common Sense) DEATH should always be greater than being captured in consequence. In this game it means very little. That is why it wont work. It would make it even less realistic and does not go with the game world. If u can explain how it would other than "it just would" i would be surprised. Death should always punish players more first than anything else on the individual level. Prove me wrong why death in a military shooter should be less of a consequence than being captured. (Torture?)And dont say torture because virtual pain means nothing in this game world. That does not deter anyone. You bandage yourself and take very little penalty it is not represented as something of consequence. No risk attached. No pain killers required. In mechanics and logically inside of this game world the idea of capturing or detaining people does not make sense. This concept will ruin the game. Why would u want more ppl lone wolfing from the fight. Hacking FOBs? Just kill them! Right now! Enemy vics are different but then everyone will just use discord or server team speaks if it got too annoying. Because that is all it would be just annoying. You are missing the genre of this game TACTICAL MILITARY SHOOTER. If it was one life only then people would have reason to be captured and detained or something. But if u were playing a 45min game of COD and suddenly ur screen went black and u were just sitting in a room the entire game how is that help u want to play the game? Everywhere else in the game of COD there is no risk to dying. Just keep dying and re-spawn and suddenly u just are stuck in a room? ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT FIT. Its an idea meant for another game. I would actually perfer it to be the kind of game that capturing people and hacking communications would be a good fit but right now squad is not. They need to nerf rallies first if anything.
  2. Gamemode - CAH

    IDk think it should be tested not sure if it would work out more than it would be a mess. However, for certain this gamemode will be more like tic tac toe than actually war. Time will be spent just sitting on cap points and driving to the next one, the enemy will roll in right after and take it. Nice visuals. But this would just be driving around and not kill enough people.
  3. it could work in the game. adding more ppl to the SL channel but, why do u even want that? do u not like joining a dedicated vehicle squad? Would u just perfer only command radios in vics and no locking of squads? No reason to lock them if that happened. This idea is perhaps only for people who absolutely do not like to SL and want to be a part of the command channel, which is not a good idea. Why would u be in the command channel if u werent in charge of something? Its like that squad of only himself trying to tell all the other SLs what to do. (Doesnt happen that often, sometimes the guy knows what hes talking about but when he has no clue its really annoying.) Keyword structure. I can understand you are annoyed that maybe alot of times your SL doesnt relay things to u if u are driving the stryker but If the tools are there and people choose not to organize themselves, the result is being unorganized. Making more people in charge and taking away tools that give further structure does not help organize anything. They dont do it they dont do it. On Yehorivika AASv1 there are 9 vehicles on the US team. Locked squads is a tool to better organize a team, if a vehicle isnt in a dedicated squad and an SL has to relay it to his SL then to him, that is the team's fault. In a perfect world, if everyone had good radio discipline there is still absolutely no need for 9 SLs and 9 Vehicle drivers to possess the ability to talk on the command channel of a single team. You could still do it but overall it would lead to even more disorganization. PS: With your second example locked squads already makes that possible completely. Right now IFVs are the tanks. Mech infantry is a squad with like humvees attached to it and IFVs should always be in a dedicated squad. When tanks are implemented IFVs can become apart of a mech inf squad not too much of a problem.
  4. dont need this. Locked squads solves the problem. IFV only squads. Dedicated logi squads. You dont need everyone in a vehicle talking on command channel. already too many SLs gets overwhelming. Locked dedicated squads. Thats the reason why they have been implemented.

    well thought out but this does not fit with game at all. The class is unrealistic. So is the game right now as i am annoyed how u can just kill an enemy squad inside a house across a field over and over and over again. No reward and no risk for the people in the house they could stay there the entire game. rallies need nerfing. But i doubt they would take it this far they arent promoting real strategy and no one cares about dying but i dont think they would go for this level of action movie. Make a class with a pistol in maps with an open field? Its a war zone. I just learned the army doesnt even use SMGs. I dont see how gathering intel will help thattttt much. In AAS its going to be 2 objs most of the team is on. Where their FOBs are, are probably somewhere around there. The class would be just one more body not pushing an objective. Except to piss off the enemy SLs and nothing else. In this game it would mean nothing. You cant get rid of anyone unless u kill their infinite spawn point.
  6. Why? Press enter, right click on map and place enemy machine gun marker. Quicker than throwing smoke, everyone on the team can see it and you can delete and move the marker anytime you want. It also appears in the game sometimes even when not looking at the map. Or use the observe marker even faster. Maybe somewhat helpful as grenadier since he can shoot it further out and he doesn't have the ability to mark the map. I am glad i just have more smoke to assault a building, thats all its good for in this game right now. If the game were slower paced, rallies were nerfed, FOB timers were increased, people cared about dying more, compass bearings on HUD removed, not able to see friendly units moving in real time on the map, not being able to mark the map, then colored smoke for SLs would be useful for marking targets. right now if a marksman kills a single enemy squad over and over and over again in the same building across a field. That enemy squad could literally just sit there the entire game. No reward for the marksman no risk for the enemy squad. ie: shooting at people, in this game doesnt matter that much. ie suppression doesnt do that much to deter defenders as it should. Unless its to help move your squad to their position. Makes for a more dull game. A game world which is effected more by player action is a game world more worthwhile playing inside of. You need risk and you need reward. AAS within the first 5-10mins of the game, with barely any shots being fired. Its a tactical shooter which is not about killing people. Make the rallies back to what they were in PR.
  7. Free resupply for Medic

    What are u saying? This does not make sense MEDIC and/or people around medics will most likely always have a bandage. Everyone knows that. Your suggestion will not help people decide to give up less in general. Nerf rallies, increase spawn timers on HAB and you will have more people not giving up. right now player death has very little consequence. extra bandages wont do anything. Long ranged engagements dont do that much either. Right now u can be a marksman and kill a single whole squad in a house across a field over and over and over again for the entire game. That squad will be able to stay in that postion til the end of the game. Why shoot at them if you can not eliminate the enemy threat unless u actually move right next to the house. A GAME WORLD WHERE PLAYER ACTION EFFECTS THE WORLD MORE IS A GAME WORLD MORE WORTH WHILE PLAYING INSIDE OF. There is no reason for why rallies should not be nerfed. No risk for the squad in the house and no reward for the marksman. The game is more dull. I wish they would just nerf them already and bring it back to what it was in PR.
  8. "Rank" For Squad Lead

    PROBLEM: NO way. This has been brought up before. Free weekend happens or on the off chance that there is in fact a game with mostly new players, no one will be able to do anything. This is not a viable option. SOLUTION: The SL is able to lock and unlock any and all kits inside of the squad, people ask him at the match start for certain kit and he says ok in some way or drags them over on it. Same thing with approving a stryker. YOU ASK FIRST ITS THAT SIMPLE. "are u good at driving a stryker." Done. Having a record for game time spent as a certain kit would help too though. Nerf rallies, they are the problem. You do that and the game will be much better and longer ranged engagements will be an option. I have been saying it alot. Player death having consequence adds more worth to everything in the game. A game which player action effects the game world more is a game world more worthwhile playing inside of. Risk vs reward. Instead a marksman shoots a whole squad in a building off in a field and that squad spawns right in the house again, and again, and again because rallies never let up. No risk for the team in the house and no reward for the marksman killing them. Might as well stop shooting. Strategy has a large grey area where in real life it is black and white. The only grey area is when not everyone lives. Strategy should either work or not work instead we just throw bodies at an objective all game until we are sick of it ourselves. Bring the rallies back to what they were in PR. It will increase the need for team work and coordination. TO ADD: TIME PLAYED AS SL (might)= GOOD SL. i dont think it should be attributed a tonnnnn of worth though
  9. Free resupply for Medic

    why should medics get a free pass? What is even the reason? How would that make anyone want to play medic more? Unless ammo points turn into an actual inventory number of stocked grenades, bullets and bandages this should never change
  10. AK Issues

    1 hit kill? I shouldnt have to say that is wayyyy too powerful makes me think u may be trolling. Americans and russians have body armor too. So if anyone dies in one hit center mass it should be insurgents and militia anyways. Alot of people say that the ak is not as good. I think its just fine. And its incredibly underpowered,. How so? 1)I am pretty sure it takes more to kill with an m4? Which is odd considering that the other faction sometimes doesnt have body armor? 2)The ak handles better on full auto (currently). BTW the m4 has terrible recoil and i have heard it is unrealistic. Its like an uzi or something without the firerate. Personally i can tell the ak on auto is easier to control but i really cant tell beyond that how much better or worse the ak is. There is not a very big gap there warranting the phrase "grossly under powered..". If there was a gun on US which had iron sights but had less recoil on auto than the m4, id choose that one every time. The M203 launcher is much better than the ak grenade launcher attachment i will give u that, no indicators at all. ironsights = reddots in everything but seeing bullet drop more clearly. That is not alottttt of superiority in distance shooting. And in close quarters ironsights is better. Takes up less of the screen. Why does everyone think the ak is so terrible? I think the keyword is feels more terrible. Yeah i think the ak looks much worse than any m4 and m16 but that is a complaint to whoever designed the thing. Welcome to the forums!
  11. What are your guys' best Logi Runs? Here is mine: My Best Logi Experience I wish so much I recorded it. It was on Fools Road while on millitia a few months ago. My squad and I were on the hill 123, we were holding it with nearly the rest of our team, doing really well, until we got suddenly wiped on it out of nowhere. With the exception of myself and one of my squad members (we just spawned at main) the only other people on our team alive at that time was a single squad just taking up positions in popanav and a friendly mortar crew on ammo. Myself and my other squad member were trying to run supplies to set up a HAB in Popanav, everyone else in our squad held their spawns. The enemy had finally literally just neutralized hill 123 and capped the point a few seconds after we pulled the logi out of main. Shortly down the road we started getting engaged by infantry before we came direct north of hilltop. Which was surprising. (Later our team realized that the enemy had just set up an FOB there, on hilltop). We didnt know where the fire was coming from so we cut south off the main road at the break in the guard rails and continued to parallel the road , eventually hoping to cut back on and drive north to popanov. Exactly at the time our small journey had begun from main the entire enemy team coordinated a huge push to popaonav and north village. Coming from Hill 123, Hilltop and the surrounding area. We had no idea that the enemy was ready to move in that quickly so we ended up driving through the middle and wake of the frontline. We were constantly getting peppered by infantry, shot at by vehicles, missed by over 5 rpgs and almost killed by friendly mortars. We drove parallel from north west of hilltop all the way into north village, and missed our turn (I wasnt paying attention as we were being shot at from everywhere even north, on the other side of the road and was worried we would get killed if we didnt keep going east as the dips and trees were the only thing keeping us alive). We didnt realize we were driving through the frontlines til that dip between hilltop and hill 123.Where we had a short break from the contact. We stopped and debated what to do. I decided to try and to continue driving to popanav, if the enemy team had already missed us that much and we had already made it that far I thought we could beat them to popanav by driving through north village, hoping to use the buildings as cover from infantry on the road road to the west. And we knew there was potentially enemy vehicles to the east of hill 123 (i think i remember we heard an mg in that direction, thats why), so we concluded going through the center of north village was the best route. Not knowing if the enemy was currently occupying it, since we took very very heavy contact already from the area north of hilltop we decided to throw the dice. We decided my compatriot should jump out, no sense in losing both of us if the enemy was on north village and that he would be in a powerful position being behind the frontline. So I kept driving.Coming through the trees to village i saw that it was literally crawling with 2 whole enemy squads walking around outside of the buildings. Fortunately most of them were facing other directions. So i was able to drive right through the middle of them. One enemy started shooting at me, I ran him over on the way up the island to popanav when multiple rpgs hit me at once and finally blew up the logi. We made it 500-600m without taking a scratch, being targeted by the entire enemy team. And were under fire for probably a whole minute + in total, died exactly 100m from the enterance of poponav. My squad mate who was dropped off also died a few minutes later but, after relaying how many enemies were on north village he took up position on the hill south and was able to rack up around 11 downs before a gl killed him. Awesome Game.
  12. Logi quality of life quick change

    @CptDirty You are right. Some other things would have to change in the game for the logi system in the game to become that realistic. The way it is now, with the way rally points work currently, it is probably best. I do agree logi runs can sometimes be really fun but most of the time u either get blown up right away or u have no contact the whole way and back, possibly even for nearly the entire game. This probably isnt the best place to post this so i will put it in general. What were ur guys' best logi runs?
  13. Logi quality of life quick change

    @CptDirty I see your point but what i am thinking is that if it is more interesting people would want to do it more. Simple is boring. Nothing to think about or coordinate.
  14. my mistake, didnt catch that but that is not that bad.