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  1. Survival Gaming EU was setup in late 2016, with the idea of setting up a few game server's for survival feeling game play, we recently setup a Squad Server for people that want to play seriously, we have picked the desert maps for 'real life' combat feeling, we are a small group at the moment, we are looking to grow into a bigger player base we currently have. Most of us are from the UK or in the EU. We have a number of admin's that are friendly if you need any help. Game Server: [EU/UK] Survival Gaming EU - Squad Server - Desert Maps Slots: 60 Reserved: 3 (admins) Website: https://www.survival-gaming.eu (Work in progress) TeamSpeak: ts.survival-gaming.eu SteamGroup: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Survival-GamingEU/ Any feedback about our server is welcome. Edit: More will be added soon.
  2. Can't create thread in modding forum - Error 500

    I am getting this error too, while trying to post in clans/teams topic i''ve tried different web browser etc and still no good i get a blank page saying http error 500, i know IP.Board posted an update about this the other day so wondering if the site forum hasn't been updated to that?