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  1. Holosight for British Forces

    The problem with ironsight in Squad is that, due to the varying engagement ranges, the front sight could either be too big for accurate long-range aimming like the one on SA80, or too tiny for quick target acquisition like the one on AK. Either way, at present UK faction suffers from its inferior optics, so overall its infantry strength is weaker than US faction's. I would say that in addition to adding reflex/holo sight options(so that ironsight advocates can stop spamming the forum), they should also be given foregrip which only reduce aimming sway on every rifle.
  2. 3000hrs+ suggestions

    The RU already has ironsight rifleman, grenadier, AT, so what are you even complaining about.
  3. As far as the current map design is considered, if a building has a hole large enough to drive the truck in, then it can not be properly defended.
  4. Spawn truck is in essence a mobile HAB anyway, the only difference is that you can no longer put it inside a building and build super FOB around it like what you do in Squad that is really annoying. Not that there is any mansion in PS right now. IMO, Squad distinguishes itself from BF4, COD and even ARMAs in that it focuses on squad-level cooperation led by SLs. By contrast, in BF4, the best cooperation you can get is by playing with a few friends on the same server, and you can simply play solo and still have a blast due to the way BF4 spawning, objectives and map design work. But in Squad you can often have actual teamwork even in a squad full of strangers, and it actually requires soliders of different roles to perform their function properly. Furthermore, I should point out that infantry engagement distance and firearm effectiveness also play a signficant role in making Squad and BF4 completely different. For example, in BF4 you can absolutely go run&gun style as long as you are a human aimbot, and anyone attempting to hold a chockpoint would be taken out easily due to all the grenade/RPG/C4 spams, the long time-to-kill and the unrealistic performance of guns. In Squad, doing so would get you killed without knowing how, and concealment, fire support and flanking are far more important. However, in PS, due to the lack of optics and automatic rifles, engagement is less effective over long range, so individual aimbot capability is a more decisive factor.
  5. How to Not Suck at Squad [Guide] [Basics]

    No need to thank me, just promise me that if you happen to be the scoped machinegunner, be one that sets up overwatch position on a high ground over the engagement zone.
  6. How to Not Suck at Squad [Guide] [Basics]

    Thank you for including the idea of active defense. It always triggers me when a whole team just camps inside a tiny compound, or even a small house, and be eradicated with one single push by the enemy. You can yell at them "move your lazy ass out and occupy the chock point and the high ground" all day but no one's gonna listen. It is quite obvious that most players, on their own, will never improve their skills no matter how long they've played the game. I bet 95% of the time the ones snatching scoped machinegunner roles have obsolutely no idea how to play it. It's even more annoying that often multiple players would just stay closely together in one place, like the three idoits on the roof of one single truck from Battle: Los Angeles, so that they could be taken out with one grenade. Speaking of which, do you think you could incorporate the above issues into your manual in the future? As I said, most of them just don't have the capacity to learn it themselves.
  7. Fix Bullet Physics

    Aside from the obvious server lag issue and tickrate issue, I would like to suggest that there's a modeling issue here. Many times I've seen someone whose head and gun were behind solid obstacles, yet he would be able to hit me anyway. This was probably due to the desync between actual (enemy) player model and (enemy) player 1st person view, I roughly recall that the dev once mentioned that your line of sight actually does not match your actual head position. This is fairly annoying, as the game is misleading me into believing that the enemy does not have line of sight on me.
  8. Nope it was "from FOB Connelly". Anyway, FOB Connelly is a compound, if you can't see it ingame, than it's something with your installation or hardware.
  9. He was talking about the backpack-size FOB, not the house-size HAB.
  10. The idea that you should be able to clearly identify a fob 1000ms away with a bino is ludicrous. For one thing, IRL there would often be visual distortions on distant objects due to heat, dust, illumination and bino quality constraint, especially on desert style terrain. For gameplay experience, you are not supposed to spot hidden objects or people too easily anyway, the game specifically discourages infantry engagement beyond some 400ms so that ranged weaponry would not be OP and flanking can be more feasible. BTW, a lot of players are using underpowered machines, and they are the majority player group the devs are trying to acquire, so your little complain is hardly something worth noting by the devs. As a matter of fact, distant shadow is also disabled by default to enhance performance.
  11. I would say that after the official release of V11 US is now much stronger than UK in regards to infantry weapons, that the UK infantry simply losses to US counterparts in regards to sights and recoil. The foregrip rifle role is completely pointless, as deploying the foregrip bipod only eliminates the aimming sway rather than the recoil, but the absence of magnified optic makes this function pointless. Why not just give deployable foregrip to all L85 rifles and make them harder to control than M4 when not deployed. This would make it more unique and interesting to play UK faction.
  12. I understand that Squad developers are probably doing their best to balance between gameplay experience and military realism, and it is hard to please fans from both sides. But it seems that they have ommited certain experience differences brought by virtual environment, and there could be ways to satisfy both sides. 1. IRL optic VS IRL ironsight/reflexsight Squad had over exaggerated the benefit of equipping a magnified scope. IRL regardless of the magnification, you are still holding the rifle with your own muscle, so within say 100ms your accuracy and time-to-aim would be roughly the same using non-magnified sight. However, ingame magnification means that you get to micro-adjust your aim a lot more easier due to bigger on-screen target, while using non-magnified sight means that the same mouse movement would result in drastically larger aimming deviation. Solution: Maybe give rifles using non-magnified sights a reduction in aimming sway. 2. IRL eyesight VS ingame screen size I've recently seen someone complaining about G3 ironsight completely unusable beyond 100ms due to the range-adjusted rare sight blocking everything leaving only a tiny hole for target acquisition. While I never used G3 IRL, I had experience playing MP5, and it didn't cause me any trouble to adjust for range. Afterall, on a 27inch(or less) screen everything looks smaller than IRL. Solution: Allow players to adjust rear sight transparancy and blurring.
  13. Improving RU optics.

    If this is not enough evidence of ironsight advocates spamming the forum, my original thread had absolutely nothing to do with ironsight. But of course they will just keep whining like a 3-year-old not getting his candy, even though currently you always get to play ironsigh AKs in INS and MIL, and as 3*AT, 1*grenadier and 1*regular machinegunner from RU.
  14. Improving RU optics.

    You ironsight advocates were the ones who came to other people's post to push your own agenda by talking about unrelated subjects and called other people noobs and snowflake, but of course I'm the one being rude without insulting anyone somehow, cause logic or the lack thereof. And nope objectively speaking reflex sight always gives you better target acquisition especially against moving target, that is by nature of its display pattern. I never expressed any wish to abolish your enjoyment of ironsight and my thread was about RU optic inferiority to its counterparts. You WERE THE ONE who came to my post saying ironsight is better and should be reintroduced, even though it was never really taken away.
  15. G3 Damage

    Here's an idea: Why not make G3 the scoped rifle option for INS? It would no doubt make the INS faction more varied compared to RU and MI. Otherwise the G3 role is simply not worth taking compared to medic and scoped AK74.