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  1. Community Feedback Roundtable

    I would like to add that there are more factors influencing player base than just gunplay, like the terrible optimization also complained by many. It would be unreasonable to blame gunplay when the gunplay experience itself is heavily impacted by frame rate and server lag.
  2. M4 Red Dot Sight is terrible since v10

    There is barely anyone mentioning it, so I would like to add that the V10 M4 has a wired ADS sway pattern that is uncorrelated with stamina. Normally after your every spawn, you use some of you stamina by sprinting and then stop and aim, there would be a 5s-long heavy sway. However if you do the same procedure right afterwards and the sway would be much much slighter, even if the stamina was the same. As such, it is always better for me to do the sprint-aim after every spawn so that my aim would be much stable when encountering enemeis.
  3. Community Feedback Roundtable

    Actually, Chinese servers make up quite an impressive piece of the total server count, having on average 3~4 full dedicated regular servers daily and reciving players from outside China as well. Yes I do have IRL shooting experiene, but of course far from being an expert shooter. Anyway, you claims on (only) V9 gunplay requiring patience and skill and (only) V10 gunplay impossible to control are self-conflicting. The V10 debuffed semi-mode but buffed full-auto-mode, so I would suggest that your poor experience with V10 M4 has something to do with the random sway bug I mentioned above. Otherwise an educated guess would be that you used to fire shots semiautomatically using full-auto mode in V9 when there was another 'bug' giving different recoil and recovery feedbacks for semi-firing shots using different modes. The 'bug' is gone in V10, hence your claim that V9 recovery wasn't instant.
  4. Community Feedback Roundtable

    Excuse me, but how would the V9 M4 recoil ever be 'realistic'? You could fire as fast as you can tap your mouse and still consistantly hit a 200m+ target using the M4-M203 cause the recoil recovery was instant and there was barely any sway. Doing that IRL you would be lucky to have a 10% hit ratio, hell IRL with that kind of RoF the red dot can barely stay clear. Of course I'm in no way suggesting that the V10 gunplay is all sunshine, but it is a vast improvement from V9 now that it takes skills and patience to aim and control the recoil. Though I would make the complain that the current M4 is super underwhelming, being bugged with a random aimming sway pattern which does not correlate with your stamina and not having the ability to fire full-auto or to adjust range. As for my own observation on the player base, for Chinese servers the average player base stays stable, with a lot of recognizable faces and newbies everyday, and it is noticable for me that a healthy percentage of newbies are here to stay.
  5. Community Feedback Roundtable

    I doubt if most people were happy about how V9 gunplay worked, in fact the V9 M4 was so OP that I used to see experienced players rushing to the US faction whenever they could, cause reddot M4 completely outmatched ironsight AK in V9.
  6. Community Feedback Roundtable

    The balance in V9 was completely broken, as M4 single fire was as deadly as a V10 GPMG set up with instant recoil recovery and little sway. Other factions were completely outclassed if not for vehicle or ticket advantages.
  7. Community Feedback Roundtable

    Here is an advice: For simplicity sake, let's assume killing does not bleed enemy tickets, and all points are on one straight line. If team A has more tickets and defends a point, than team B would be able to cause A to bleed faster than they do if they could get people into the capture area alive and stay alive. This reverse bleeding would only take place if the defender has more tickets already, and would therefore stop once the attacker has more remaining tickets. In this way, capturing more points does not secure one's victory, but only gives you a ticket edge which could be partially countered by the enemy. As a result, the defenders can no longer just build super FOB within buildings and just go passive, they would have to constantly move out and stop enemies from entering the capture zone, meanwhile trying to take even more points so as to counter reverse bleeding. And the team with less capture points is always incentivized to go on the offense, instead of give up and go AFK, to try and even out the score. Overall, there would be more close games as long as both sides play actively. In fact, we could just remove the gradual and regular bleeding introduced by having more capture points, so that the team attack the next point just to reduce a fixed amount of tickets instantly from the enemy, and both sides would have to go on active defense and offense in the same time.
  8. Fix for certain headsets not working

    Hem, had always thought it was something wrong with my headset, but it would happen playing Squad.
  9. OMG super solider cheat!!!

    https://pasteboard.co/HaA1UIw.jpg https://ibb.co/gmxYYS
  10. Alpha 10.1

    You've got to hate teammates with long-ass names now, like actually blaming them for your death.
  11. Issues of only one rally point: In an offensive opeartion, having only one rally point means that it is extremely difficult to create a second flank that could either provide fire support for the other flank or explore the hole in the line of defense. Say, you respawn and try to move 200ms to create another attack route which you know is key to breaching the defense. Then you get killed by some campers and have to start the whole process all over again, which is really fun killing. So often it would end up that the whole squad is just no brain rushing from one direction, and would accomplish nothing. Suggested changes: Allow squad leader to put up a secondary rally point that would co-exist with the default one. As such, experienced SL could plan to have machine gunners and sharpshooters suppressing enemy fortification from a high ground, while letting the other teammates sneaking up from behind the enemy line, hence more progessive, tactical and flexible gameplay. Also, it allows the SL to put down one rally point when entering unknown area and another when sufficient information on enemy placement is gathered, thus avoiding the circumstance in which you either have a rally point too far or no rally point at all. Suggested limitations: Both rally points would share the same respawn point pool, and must not violate the minimum and maximum distances between them. The elimination of one rally point would also mean the elimination of the other, so SL would have to choose between safety and convinence.
  12. Reshade

    I dont see the difference between using this Reshade to enlarge image and buying a bigger 4K monitor. If anything, this Reshade would to some degree leveling the playing field for low-end PC owners.
  13. V10 and...??

    I want my drug NOW!
  14. Even assuming the regular active player base of Squad can grow 300% to reach a minimal base for MM to work, the idea of MM in Squad will simply not work. For any other games like BF4, COD and CSGO, having a few high K/D ratio players in one team will tip the balance considerably, but in Squad what really determines the flow of combat is, first and foremost, which side has enough capable squad leaders. You can 360 no scope headshot all you want, but that will do you or the team no good if you cant have an convinently placed rally point available, with the SL actually getting others to move their lazy asses to capture the objective. This is something MM system can hardly recognize.
  15. Seperate aiming sensitivity

    Would definately love this in place, it would be crucial for taming the auto recoil. In fact, would be better if there are seperate horizontal and vertical sensitivity settings.