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  1. Squad is dead or not ?

    As a hardcore Squad player, I've stopped playing the game for over a month now, because V12 is simply not exciting for me anymore. 1. RU faction is entirely unplayable due to inferior optics and vehicles. 2. Optic machineguns are basically hacks. 3. US/RU sharpshooters and grenadiers are simply not competitive compared to the optic machinegunners. 4. AK variants everywhere! In short, V13 will help to solve most of the first 3 issues, but instead of "3 weeks later" it's increasingly like "3 months maybe" due to the over-ambitious V13 content and the unfinished state of the new vehicles and mechanism. Therefore, I would recommend bringing a partial release of V13 testing, mostly the changes to infantry weapons/roles and the new engine.
  2. Bad hitreg and camera placement

    It seems that there's a brief moment in the transition of animation, say, climbing a wall, when players would be immune to damage.
  3. I found the absence of V13 after our 7-day Chinese spring break very offensive, and that's a legit complaint!
  4. Again this is why Squad should avoid including China as a faction. Last I heard, a Squad gameplay video was denied upload by BILIBILI due to the word “Taliban”(塔利班) in its title(guess BILIBILI thought it was a propaganda video for radical Islam). Squad really dodged the bullet by naming them Insurgency and Militia. PS: MoH controversy anyone? You never know who you will piss off.
  5. The ability to bind keys to change FOV instantly would be ns for people using optic rifles. For instance, 100 FOV for engagement within 200m, and 90 beyond, so that you can get adequate situational awareness while taking advantage of enhanced zoom(90 FOV is painful for indoor fighting using optic rifles). If for some reason this mechanic is difficult to implement, then at least allow different FOV settings for ADS stance.
  6. Squad is dead or not ?

    I had the chance to try out RU and US faction in the leaked build before the "Hello World" happened. I would say giving medic and grenadier optic rifle would surely enhence the gameplay experience for a lot of people(Let's be real here, in V12 US/RU medic is sort of the leftover kit, and most of the time only noobs would pick granedier over AT and optic AR). I also appreciate the fact that the AT ability of US/RU/UK HAT are getting buffed substantially. However, personally I felt that the commonly available LATs should be the ones to receive additional AT munitions first. Also, basically the ordinary optic riflemen are becoming the new leftover kit, and I would recommend increasing their grenade capacity to 4 so that they can spam it in CQB.
  7. Squad is dead or not ?

    I'm counting on the leak right now, but sadly nobody remembered to check if RU gets a new optic pattern. Thought the dev seemed to be listening to the community after all, as the grenadiers (and everybody else) are finally getting optics. Sick TOW-mounting BRDM BTW.
  8. Squad is dead or not ?

    Major problems of this game still not fixed: 1. Horrible netcoding: Dying behind cover is even worse than what BF3 used to be. 2. Non-existing faction balance: Seriously is the guy managing faction balance even getting paid? How come RU got the worst of everything out of the club of conventional army? And why is it taking so damn long to change the utterly unusable RU scope pattern? Right now playing RU faction is nothing but painful for me. 3. Undestructable UK/US APCs relative to the pathetic anti-tank capacity of the infantry: The point is, if any APC driver is stupid enough to allow the side/rear get hit, the vehicle should at least be disabled right there, and nope the crew shall not have the magical ability to repair the engine. No more "Warrior driver playing like a donkey but kept alive by repairing" BS.
  9. I am strongly against the ideas of decreasing squad size and adding new rally point. The first would force incompetent/unwilling players taking up the vital role of SL, which would only disrupt the gameplay experience of those in their squads; the latter would see squad members scattering across the battlefield and introducing the annoying phenomenon of enemies magically appearing from your flank/rear. As for improving the experience of unconventional factions, the problem with them is the oversaturation of AK variants(they all have the same type of iron sight, so it really gets boring fast). Personally, I would introduce FAL/G3 with (better) scope mounted as the first 7.62 ACOG rifle in the game.
  10. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    "overestimated 30MM's performance": So you admited that Warrior is better. "with however damage the RU vic could have done for next 10 min": And with better armor and stronger firepower, the Warrior, if left alive, would only bleed more tickets from the RU. What the video displayed was that clearly Warrior outclassed BTRs by a large margin: 1. On maps which are open and flat, it is basically impossible for BTRs to outgun Warrior, and on maps which are mountainous or small, BTRs can not run away from Warrior while being useful. 2. The superior mobility of the BTRs is completely pointless, as they are also weaker against AT infantry, so the only thing they are better at doing is hunting logis. 3. It would only get worse if it was RU vs US, as Striker and Hunter would completely negate any mobility advantage the RU might have.
  11. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    And I guess we should just let go of the fact that the Warrior also did "everything wrong" by allowing itself to be surrendered by the entirety of enemy APCs yet killing each and everyone of them.
  12. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    I always wondered, did OW let their HR staff do the balance treaking.
  13. Last I heard, Xianyu was the one organizing all those matches for SAGA.
  14. Remove K/D statistics

    For those claiming that K/D count does not matter, try talking the enemies out of the cap zone next time. K/D ratio is actually a vary reliable tool for measuring one's actual contribution to the team's success. A team with 100 kills most likely contributed far more than one with 50 kills(unless they were logi or mortar squads), and it not only proves the skillness of individual team member, but also that of the SL who managed to get his squad into action effectively. I would even argue that the current point system is completely broken, as a squad spending the entire game building useless super fobs yet getting overrun in minutes can score higher than one assulting enemies positions eliminating FOBs, infantry and vehicles to bleed enemy tickets. In fact, what we need are seperate kill count systems for vehicle hits and FOB eliminations.
  15. The uploader of those videos is a clan manager of the SAGA clan's Squad division, which hosted the servers for those matches, so you would have to contact one of them. This is their page on the forum: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/28641-cn-saga-1-~-5/ PS: KSK won by about 10 tickets. Overall, SAGA had the stronger faction and displayed better team coordination, but KSK had a substantial numerical advantage in top-tier players.