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  1. You might have to consult OWLS server administrators, I simply dont do recording myself, the current framerate is often below 40 on some maps with a full server, unless you know a way to do this without performance penalties. Here is a more ancient one though, posted it in another thread, just to prove that it is not an one-time event. Again, games with above 40 kills for me with optic machineguns are not as rare as you would think. https://ibb.co/hrdYfd
  2. Take a look at the update I just made, you are fortunate that only a handful of players actually know how to play it. Pls see the update I just made regarding a recent game. And as I mentioned, only a matter of time before more players start to learn the rope.
  3. Except that my team actually lost that game by almost 200 tickets, and both teams have veteran players including experienced squad leaders. They are certain maps that once enemy optic mahinegunners get to certain key positions, massive loss of ticket or area control would be inevitable to occur. Fortunately for the servers I regularly play on, my experience has often been that I was literally the only one who knows how to use those optic machineguns in my faction, that normally having optic machineguns on certain maps would allow me to account for at least 10% of the total kills achieved by my team(around a median of 25 kills, anything less I consider that round a failure for me), which means that once people start learning how to play the game correctly, we would see more games broken by machinegunners(again discounting RU ones cause they suck). FYI, that happened this week, hence not a free weekend, and I've already done something like that for like 5 times now.
  4. Well considering the ticket limit, if your team is winning, there's almost no chance for you to score like that. Normally you get around 30 kills in a winning game under similar circumstances.
  5. At present, most maps are dominately by optic machinegunner, that anything else such as sharpshooter or grenadier is useless in comparison when it comes to murdering enemy infantry. This is what you can already achieve with US/UK optic machineguns, adding suppression would only make things worse. https://ibb.co/gqpcLp Suggestions: Give everybody else more grenades, reduce accuracy for US/UK machineguns and disallow building hard cover in buildings(so that non-machinegunners attacking the zone can actually be more effective). Also, RU machinegunes are total craps, when will they get proper optics? Also an idea for suppression, why not make it that players getting suppressed would suffer debuffs to their stamina recovery and aimming focus, so that they can still fight back, but less effectively. UPDATE: https://ibb.co/gxVLCe This round just happened, me and another optic machinegunner on my squad did a total of 120 kills accounting for 1/4 of the total kills by our entire 39-men team, which earned us a close victory of 18 tickets despite the fact that enemy was able to hold 2 more zones almost the entire game. As I said, it is only A MATTER OF TIME before more start to become as good as we few, and completely break the game for everybody else. I don't know how much more examples you guys need to recognize that optic machinegunners are OP as FK(again excluding RU ones cause they suck!). (Before anyone start claiming that it happened only because the other team suck, I would like to mention that the other side was filled with members from the clan that hosted the OWLS server.)
  6. In another reply of mine, I mentioned that if rifleman simply spawns with ammo bags, than it defeats the whole purpose of the mechanism, and that forcing teamwork for the sake of encouraging teamwork makes no sense. But in general, ammo shortage for defenders would potentially make map control changes more dynamic.
  7. Here is an idea: If a player spawns within the area of effective capture zone(say they build the HAB inside the zone so the minute you spawn you start capping), then he will suffer the ammo penalty. This means that the defenders will likely face ammo shortage problem unless properly supplied by logis. It will probably contribute somewhat to solve the defender meatgrinder situation and make attack/defend more dynamic.
  8. July 2018 Recap

    Forcing people to do teamwork just for the sake of it makes no sense! Plus the fact that a newly spawned rifleman will have new ammo bags defeats the whole purpose entirely. Not to mention that this mechanism is extremely frustrating for the team that doesn't have enough experienced and team-oriented players! At present due to the lack of auto-balance mechanism we often see complete landsilde win/loss streak as veterans tend to aggregate, this ammo thing would only make things worse for the noob team.
  9. Post Scriptum maps and graphics

    The reason a lot of people tend to view PS as a better looking game is probably that PS's existing maps lack the extreme types as Squad's, say, heated desert, exterme dust or poor illumination.
  10. Removal of marksmen from the game

    I always laugh at players who choose marksman over scoped machinegunners, as it clearly displays that they are complete noobs who have no tactical understanding of the game.
  11. An analysis on what Squad should avoid getting from Post Scriptum. Post Scriptum's biggest difference from Squad----Decentralization: 1. SL no longer has any vital function for the operation of the squad, and squad itself has been reduced to a mean for players to get gears, as now you can spawn selectively spawn from a truck, which can easily move around avoiding detection. Back in Squad, often when a celebrated veteran SL creates a squad, it would be filled almost immediately due to everyone knowing the importance of SL. Not the case in PS at all, as whoever becomes the SL does not affect the other players. 2. You can be your one-man army. Because how accurate and deadly the basic rifle could be, and the general absence of optics across all but one roles, many special roles like machinegunner, sniper and grenadier are less critical for winning a fight. Also, the map design and weapon type dictate that you win by brute force of number, not by placing key soliders on key positions. Of course, one can still achieve great result if skillful, but unlike back in Squad when you can pin down an entire enemy squad with optic machineguns in a good overwatch position, and call up your team to finish them, here in PS it's all about having more people to attack/defend from more angles. Effects of decentralization: 1. Squad-level teamwork is basically gone, as now nothing requires the cooperation of squadmates. A sapper can just wonder around in the field alone, find an enemy spawn base or truck and just blow it up himself, which is almost impossible to be done alone back in Squad. This is dangerously making PS a direct competitor to Red Orc or Battlefield, which would make PS look bad considering that it is not a AAA title. Also, this game is unlikely to lead to any clan-heavy community like that in Squad, which is both a blessing and a curse, as unlike Squad this game would be much less likely to have games totally onesided due to veteran SLs going to the same faction. On the other hand, any idiot can drive around the truck and get wasted, and people may pick roles that only benefit them instead of ones that benefit his faction(like Squad SL can order his teammates to take up AT roles, I mean come on why would I even want to use the roles of Sapper or AT unless I'm a heavy teamplayer myself). 2. PS is strategically shallow due to the flat/free/open map design and spawn mechanism. No longer does it matter for veteran SLs to rush building HAB in critical spots for map control, or for the opposting team to prioritize countering such moves, cause you don't run out of tickets in this game. 3. PS is tactically shallow, because, as far as all the existing maps are considered, the types and patterns of terrain layouts are all the same, that it it basically the same experience fighting in different towns on different maps. 4. Vocal communication is useless. As players from the same squad no longer have to move together, which means that no one on the other team can assess enemy strength and plan strategically where he and his squad should be going. This means that team communication that provides intel is not as important now, that in PS you can have a great game without even talking or listening to chat. A funny bug: PS sometimes has difficulty registering hits, like there was a time when I got shot by a machinegunner and shot back, but both of us lived. He literally emptyed his entire drum on me that I can see bullets hitting all over me, but to no effect. It was only after both of us reloaded the guns that I was able to put him down due to faster reload.
  12. L85 is already the most controllable gun in game, the problem with the British faction is the lack of uniqueness, that they are basically a discounted US faction. My solution would be to give all L85 deployable bipods and reflex/holo sight, but nerf their machineguns and sharpshooter rifle. That being said, the current US faction setup is not healthy at all, that basically the firepower of the entire squad can heavily depend on the two optic machinegunners on some maps making US machinegunners too much of a game-changing factor.
  13. RU 1p78 scope is complelely inferior compared to those mounted on US/UK machineguns. For one thing, 1p78 only offers a 2.8 magnification and does not offer indication beyond 500ms, and the range indicators are so thick that they block your observation on where the shots are landing, which is extermely disruptive fo long-range shooting. For another, the 1p78 optic on PKM is not even corretly ranged, so hitting anything beyond 200ms completely relies on shots observation which is hindered by the terrible range indicator pattern. These, combined with the fact that RPK-74M has much lower RoF and magazine size, make RU machinegunners so underpowered compared to their US/UK counterparts.

    I guess you also want to be able to spawn anywhere without the need of a squad leader?
  15. I'm a kid, how will people react towards me and how should I behave?

    What the game needs for training young recruits is a WOT style recording system that can produce videos when someone made extrodinary play. Last night I got over 70 kills in a single game as an RU optic rifle man, cause I was the only one in the entire 40-men team who knew where to go to get good angles on enemies. It would be so much better if I can just upload a very small file, like what you do for WOT, to an official website that would make a weekly series out of it on Youtube. Currently the FPS optimization is far from satisfactory and I simply don't want to loss 5+ framerates to recording.