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  1. At present, Squad is 50% like a run & gun game, the players are not much affected by the intense firefight happenning around him as long as he is not personally getting shot at. You dash from point A to point B, regen stamina, move around the corner and carefully aim at an exposed target before shooting. The video of a Swedish army wargame with live rounds against wooden targets showed a different reality: The solider was easily fatigued after crossing a short distance breathing heavily all the time. You can feel how nervous he was all the time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=356&v=TdhBU_L2rj0 Solutions: 1. Shots landing near or flying past you will half your stamina cap, meaning that both your movement and aim will be negatively affected. The effect would persist for a while before restoring the stamina cap to full to allow full regeneration. To increase immersion, as long as this effect is on, you will keep breathing heavily. In exchange, you get to aim much more quickly due to being alerted of enemies nearby. 2. Crossing ertain terrain like tall grass, dense forest or river would be more stamina-consuming, so in return for better concealment you sacrifice mobility.
  2. The current recoil pattern works like this: the gun keeps jumping straight up completely negating the following factors: I know this game is not Portal but there's gravity! Guns like certain varients of M4 are designed in such a way that the recoil goes straight into the shooter's shoulder horizontally. Recoil-negating compensator. While I understand that this is a design choice by the devs to encourage the use of semi-automatic shots and controlled bursts, it led to the following degredation of gameplay experience. Instead of offering different shooting experience, the rifles now are all about having less recoil, higher RoF and better scopes. So you don't really learn how to use a rifle, but only how to better pull your mouse down. For automatic and rapid semi-automatic firing: IRL after the first few rounds a shooter would regain control over the rifle as his muscle tensed up properly, by contrast in the game the more you pull your mouse away from you comfort zone the more mistakes of microadjustment you would make. Solutions: After climbing up for the first few shots the vertical jump would decrease dramatically while the horizontal sway would increase moderately. In this way, the spread would be more reasonable. Furthermore, it would also allow different rifles to perform similarly to their IRL counterparts. For instance, while FNL would be harder to control due to its larger caliber, its recoil pattern should be more horizontal than vertical thanks to its slower RoF and much higher weight.

    Covering firing does not work in this game because: Firstly, no player actually cares about getting shot as long as he can get a positive KD ratio. Secondly, you know you can tank a few shots, and if not you get revived anyway. Thirdly, the leading cause of death in the game is not knowing where the enemies are, and firing without hitting anything would only give your position away effectively wasting your biggest asset,
  4. Canadian C79 Optic Problem / Quick Fix

    Same with the SUSAT and the 1P29 optics! An optic that cannot adjust for range beyond 200m would be useless----even less applicable than ironsights on many maps. At present, Canadian faction is just pathetic on Nanisvik(which is a terrible map for infantry BTW). From my personal experience, as a PKP gunner I can just camp on top of a hill shooting downward an entire squad of Canadian infantries 400m away without getting hit even once after spending all my 500 rounds ammo.
  5. Servers Unavailable (Aug 6)

    It seemed that by checking on/off the first option, i,e, something about displaying full servers, in the Filter setting could partially solve this issue. For the moment that function does not work properly.
  6. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Speaking from personal experience, what mattered was not how long the revive window was, but rather the willingness of your nearby teammates to move their asses 30 meters and do the revive.
  7. Hardly, if anything the rally point is the one thing that has been keeping the game alive. Back in PR, most players were more or less dedicated players and therefore had at least a basic understanding of how the game works(considering all the additional steps to download the mod and find the servers). Therefore most SLs would be able to put down FOBs and keep the game going. On the other hand, since Squad was released on Steam, its player base would be more casual and therefore many new SLs would find it difficult at first to learn to adequately place a FOB and build a HAB, thus risking losing interest in the process. As such, having rally point as the basic mechanic for spawning flattens the learning curve to allow a better retention ratio of players.
  8. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    If that's how you perceive the game, than perhaps you are not truly understanding the overall gameplay. Sure for cramped maps like Sumari, quick reflex is cruical. But for most maps, it's all about getting intel on enemy movement. An optic machinegunner in a right spot can decimate an entire team all by himself, or even determine the outcome of an entire capture zone. That being said, I felt that 99% of the players, including the majority of clan members, don't really understand how best to exploit terrain. For instance, most of the time you would see optic machinegunners side-by-side to other rifle-using players, in which case either of them was doing it wrong(when you were on an open terrain map and out-killed all the optic-machinegunners while using iron-sight guns, you know they screwed up).
  9. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    1) You've just proven my point, that people don't really want an actual hardcore mode(cause it would not be fun and they might as well enlist), but something that they are comfortable with calling "hardcore". 2) FYI, I don't "feel more special" playing Squad than those playing COD/BF. Squad is a better choice for me because it emphasizes less on twitch reflex and more on positioning and teamwork(on a clan server maybe), thus being more challenging. 3) You need to distinguish between playing a "hardcore" game and advocating for a "hardcore" mode. To be specific, the only function of the vaguely defined term "hardcore" is there to make people feel good. Like how you lable some food as "green" or "natural".
  10. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    In the end of the day, no one really wanted any actual "hardcore" mode, they just want something that sounds more "hardcore" than the rest of the player base so that they can feel special. A real hardcore mode means that you will be unable to access constantly updating GPS, unable to radio your team if out of range or due to terrain and everytime you respawn you forget about how you died so that you can't take advantage of your previous knowledge regarding enemy position to avoid getting shot again.
  11. They are certain constructs on various maps that are difficult to use as cover under current posture system. For instance, on the map Sumari, many holes on the walls are both too low for standing and too high for crouching for the player to shoot through.
  12. Alpha 13 Survey Review

    I just wanna know why the RU faction seems to get screwed every patch? Their optic pattern is stil awful and in V14 their sharpshooter would be so further outclassed, not to mention the fact that the US infantry would have vastly superior anti-tank capacity. The only comfort they got from V13 was that at least now the UK optic machinegunners were even worse.
  13. Squad is dead or not ?

    As a hardcore Squad player, I've stopped playing the game for over a month now, because V12 is simply not exciting for me anymore. 1. RU faction is entirely unplayable due to inferior optics and vehicles. 2. Optic machineguns are basically hacks. 3. US/RU sharpshooters and grenadiers are simply not competitive compared to the optic machinegunners. 4. AK variants everywhere! In short, V13 will help to solve most of the first 3 issues, but instead of "3 weeks later" it's increasingly like "3 months maybe" due to the over-ambitious V13 content and the unfinished state of the new vehicles and mechanism. Therefore, I would recommend bringing a partial release of V13 testing, mostly the changes to infantry weapons/roles and the new engine.
  14. Bad hitreg and camera placement

    It seems that there's a brief moment in the transition of animation, say, climbing a wall, when players would be immune to damage.
  15. I found the absence of V13 after our 7-day Chinese spring break very offensive, and that's a legit complaint!