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  1. Hey @Rainmaker, some remarks to clear things up: 1. The Admin was me and i was on your site! 2. I had an eye on a few players on your site who have received complaints. 3. i joined a bit later so i saw your squad close to the village. 4. Our Server Rules say -> First flag rush is not allowed! The craziest thing is, all i said to you and your squad was on the Main-Broadcast, so all people on the Map could read this! Because, first flag rush is not allowed. After they captured the first flag, you asked me if you can rush now and i said yes... BECAUSE the flag was already captured and for me it was ok if you wanted to spend your time on a captured flag^^ Next time if you read something with BROADCAST in front of the text, keep in mind that all of the beautifull guys on our server (your team and the other one) have read this. Best regards, tArO