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  1. Another optimization topic

    Thank you for the unspeculative answer. I can also be more clear: Is squad going to be a game similar to arma 3 (as in impossible to run at 60fps in multiplayer no matter what you run it on)?
  2. Another optimization topic

    1. Ok, first of all i understand what an alpha is and the fact that everything is subject to change, but my question is: 2. I am a PR player, and checked out squad during the free weekend, loved the game except one major part of it: the performance. I understand that optimization is not a priority now, and i agree with that fact that devs should focus on features first and lastly on optimization, because that's the natural way game development should work. 3. So my question is: after optimization will finally be done, could i expect a stable 60 fps? That is the only question keeping me from making the purchase, i have no problem waiting for that optimization and supporting the devs with purchasing the game as of its current state. I just want to know if optimization will improve the performance to that extent. And i also know the fact that this is a very hard question to answer without being speculative, but an educated guess could help me a lot with making that decision. Specs: i5 4690 gtx 1060 8gb ram