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  1. To naysayers or what have you. My experience with Thunderdome. I Team Killed 3-5 players in short time, due to being a noob and not seeing names when on a mounted Humvee. Went thru their un-ban process on discord. Ban was lifted within an hour max. Re-joined then an Admin I suspect followed me a bit, then on local chat asked me "no more team killing?", I replied "no" and haven't had an issue since. Stand up practice in my book. I'd had done the same. Vast majority of my game time on this very server. I enjoy that they force SL's to have voice chat and be active.
  2. I have similar hardware. 4670k at 4.5ghz, gtx 970, 8gigs of ram. I run 85% the time over 60fps if not 80+. I find that servers with high ping, force my fps to be lower? Not entirely sure. I just stick to under 80ping. Try FXAA instead of TXAA or turn it off. For whatever reason the game defaulted me to TXAA which is a performance hog for little eye candy compared to FXAA(my opinion) I netted 60+ fps by doing so. I also turn off shadows and lowest foliage setting. But that didnt effect performance, as much as it does my vision to see. If it looked blurry and craptastic to you. Then TXAA is to blame due to the blur effect it does. People praise blur being off by default, but it is actually on by default due to TXAA being on by default. Least for my rig it did.
  3. I must say it is damn nice to see a community offer insight, instead of toxic behavior on the forums. Especially since this thread is quasi negative as is. Since that one issue I had with a SL, I haven't had that issue again. Which started this thread. Truly was due to a irate SL. I felt at first more would feel as I do, but after the responses I see that you guys really love the game. I dig that feeling. I also really like this game. Then look forward to better methods in the future.
  4. Now that does make a lot of sense. I myself hate diving games, makes even more sense lol. If it were a 1 run and done thing, I'd be more adept to do it when asked(instead of entire match). If Squad leader were to split the duties some. Far as the points go, they're meaningless to me. Since is no rank up/xp system that I see. I don't even see a "player stat" system to encourage point gathering. Which I assume will come in time, the stats at least. I'd hope so at least.
  5. Yes I agree it helps the game a lot. I just do not see the enjoyment of doing it for a Public game. Feel you're rare type, since rarely if ever do I hear someone volunteer for it. But like I said. If it were a clan match, I'd be all for it. Just not for public matches. (off subject) If you assign dual move forward to your mouse and W key(mine has 11buttons). You can 1-hand play, drink and smoke majority of time, if you wish easier. Then far as having no "auto-run" feature, it is a lot easier over-time to hold down a thumb button than "W".
  6. First off I love this game. Now... For "Pub" type games, how do you feel about being asked to do logistic runs? I for one hate it.... rather quit and do something else... Wish it had more meat to it and/or reward. For it sucks so bad to me as is. I rather watch a horizon of a hope of an enemy while capturing location, than drive a truck for 45mins - 1hour in game... Like seriously... How is that fun at all? can't even apply tactics to it, beyond straight or scenic route. I find it so boring and I am a very very patient type man. Worst part is most people view you as the "sucker" for even agreeing to it, talk you down behind your back for being the "sucker". I can fully see the point of doing it if it was not a "Pub" match. Like a clan match(I would do it no question), but I can never see myself doing it in a "Pub" match as it is now. You can kiss my rear and kick me for all I care. Better that, than having me purposely wreck the vehicle. To each their own. But the game itself... I love it. I just utterly hate this part of it in Public games. Your opinion?