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  1. Disable balance

    How come when I press I want to join X, I'm in fact being put in Y, who the **** though that's fun? Seriously. I'm tired of joining a server, just to disconnect seconds later, because "game" decides for me where to put me. It's that simple. X = X, Y= Y. No shoving players like some sort of shit, or other garbage bag.
  2. It should be completely removed, as it takes x/x seconds for it to circle the map, and it's back.
  3. My last visit to the forum is from 02.02.2018, I downloaded the game yesterday, just to see nothing changed when it comes to SL. Noone wants to be one, and if they are, they either leave the team, or the server. I wonder if this issue will ever be addressed somehow? Everyone knows that being SL is nothing else but a punishment, and who would want to be punished for doing nothing wrong? The biggest issue [IMO] with SQUAD, is SL position.
  4. Changed the topic name, and updated the latest post, with evidence and description.
  5. I am not asking if the full auto is coming, but when? The main advantage of M4 was the auto, in fact it is of all weapons that have it. Burst? What is that for? Neither good on the range, nor in the close quarters. There is not a single reason, to introduce inferior M4 to the game. Rifleman + Squad Leader, they have the M4A1, it would be better to let everyone choose, weather they want the single/burst, or burst/auto body.
  6. It would be better to go back, to the most recent version, and release 10, once it is ready to be released, because at the moment, it seems to be a downgrade of the most important aspects, which are... guns. M4s are messed up, and so are the scopes, they were not perfect, but if I had a choice, I would gladly switch back, to something that is useful. Not to mention TXAA makes the scopec unusable, because they get affected by it, and partially disappear, not to mention they get thicker, and thinner with the weapon sway. SWD with no AA, default look through. [Pink, and too small in general, no other issues.] SWD with no AA + looking around using it. [Regardless of the speed, and movement, reticle does not get affected by anything, and remains in the same exact position, with the same exact thickness, and everything else.] SWD + TXAA, default look through. [Reticle gets thicker, and thinner, according to the weapon sway, it looks like an IR strobe, or some kind of emergency light.] SWD + TXAA + looking around using it. [Same as the above + the reticle in this case gets affected by the speed, and movement, which make it nearly disappear if you do it too quickly.] The worst thing is, it affects ALL sights with zoom, time to test the rest. Bugged. 1P78 [not a pink one, but green] - exactly the same issues. M110 SASS [pink, and too small in general] - exactly the same issues. M145 [black] - exactly the same issues. 150 [pink] - chevron itsels is not affected by anything, but the rest is. Okay. M68 [pink] - not affected
  7. I have been experiencing all of the above, started to test in game settings to find a solution. I think it is worth posting it. I can now play with no issues at all. My PC is as follows: Intel Core i7-4790K MSI Z97 MPOWER MAX AC G.Skill TridentX DDR3 2x8GB 2666MHz CL11 EIZO FORIS FG2421 Asus GeForce GTX 980 DC2 OC Strix 4GB Asus Xonar DX/XD + unofficial UNi Xonar drivers Windows 10 Squad is one of these games, where I feel that lowering the graphics does the oppostie to expectations. I get that kind of feeling, where lower quality = lower performance, while higher = high, it feels weird in general. It took me quite a bit of testing, trying many possibilities, but as I wrote in the very first line, SQUAD is finally playable to me. How that was achieved? Regardless of the graphics settings I had +/- 60 FPS, with VSync On. FPS drop, freeze, and lag, all of these appeared more or less one after another, or all at once, and I could not figure what the issue is. Whenever I heard a loud explosion and echo, I knew that I will be out for couple seconds, because that is when it happened. Vsync Off, gave me +40 FPS, now I have +/- 60-100. Full texture loading changed from On to Off, that fixed everything, but I still wonder why this option caused FPS drop, freeze, and lag? Why it always occured when I heard an explosion, and its echo? It was not a hand grenade, or a grenade launcher explosion, I would assume it was an RPG/LAW impact. https://image.ibb.co/bAb8jG/settings.jpg
  8. Required experience for being a SL

    58 hours in the game, and yesterday was the first time while I have been a Squad Leader. Why? Because pretty much every game at the beginning, have no squads to join. Hardly anyone wants to be a SL, and also because if someone does make a squad, then instantly leaves and rejoins, and that can go on for about 5 players, or even 9... if it does not stop, then they leave for good, and join another squad, etc. This time I decided to do it. No targets eliminated, or incapacitated. I focused on being SL all the way, and on the map. In the end we did win, but there is nothing to be proud of. I just happen to have good players in my team, and simple map. I am not sure if I did enjoy it. No communication with other SL's from my side, no FOB being built, no Logistic runs, just the basic means of warfare. Being SL means responsibility, but it also affects the other 8 players and weather they enjoy the game, or not.
  9. Just now, I managed to travel across more than half of some desert map alone, as AT, destroyed 1 enemy fob, I got to see BTR, bang, bang, 2 LAWs hit it, but since it was camping next to the repair station, in a manner of seconds it was fully repaired... WHAT THE ... IS THIS ... !? I hope that this thing will be fixed, and I mean, it should be a priority. Some random bastard camping in a vehicle next to repair container is literally invincible. If I wanted to play some fantasy, sience fiction game with magic containers I would not be buying SQUAD. A huge dissapointed, as that is a game breaking bug for me, or just increase the LAW, RPG dmg, so even when camping next to a magic container, it will not help the vehicle.
  10. Why the medic aversion?

    Why would you want to take a medic role, while it has an M4 with an Aimpoint sight? There are better roles to take, which in the end make you enjoy the game way more. On top of that, you might even get a 1000000 points per round, and that would not mean anything at all, since there are no ranks/rewards/progression system, or anything like that, which would in the slightest make you want to do anything in regards to the team work. My first couple games in SQUAD were okay, but having barely 31 hours, I already feel like having a "deja vu" every single time I join a server. It is just to repetitive, and lacks in content at the moment, but since it is an Alpha version, that can be understood. I would not mind though, having a rank/reward/progress system, even the simpliest one. Americas Army, a game I had hundreds hours in introduced an honor system in one of the later versions. After reaching a certaing value, while selecting a C [special forces] slot, you got exactly that. Everyone else, who did not had required honor value, while selecting a C slot, was instead playing with AKSU. You also had a profile on the website, where you could check your army uniform, with service patches, and appropriate rank. Red Orchestra 2, has also introduced somehow similar system. You get to earn the class ranks, but you also get to level your account in general, what that means is change the skin of a soldier you are currently playing. As you can see, both Honor in Americas Army, and the account level of Red Orchestra 2, have hardly any affect on the game itself, beside the C slot, they give completely no advantage, or disadvantage, while players might feel that they are rewarded by gaining points.