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  1. Good points, spot on. In particular: Not saying the whole game is broken at this point in time, but the argument is correct. Combined with performance and netcode (might be different causes but for the sake of brevity I'll group them under this term) issues, it makes for a less than pleasant gaming experience lately.
  2. Medic progression in Squad

    Diazepam Metal Gear Solid stylo. Or beta blockers, one of the few substances that could improve shooting skills.
  3. Front Line Game Mode

    If some zones generate tickets (manpower), others could generate build points or ammo, collected at main. Just an idea.
  4. I'd rather see a gas block without sights too for the red dot equipped M4's, just some picatinny rail on it, folded BUIS maybe.
  5. If my memory serves me correct, in that Mythbusters episode you could see the rocket completely enter the caravan, the cutout by the tail fins visible, it then exploded. The explosive power of a HEAT round isn't it's main attribute, but caravans aren't renowned for their structural integrity either.
  6. The little broken things

    No repair stations at FOB's? That's a throwback. But if such a situation should occur, use mortars, they're very well suited for that purpose and I've seen it pulled of successfully a few times.
  7. Please Fix the visibility.

    Concerning sight pictures:
  8. This game kind of rises and falls with the people you play with. Best advice is to find people who suit your play-style and play together, be it a clan, team, or just some players you met. Look around for organized groups or events, matches, tournaments. I found it hard to enjoy too when I first started and your game-play experience is highly dependent on who is playing on that server at that particular time. EU servers aren't bad perse, there certainly are a few good ones, but there seems to be a bit of a difference in play-style with some NA servers. Although that might be just the difference between those servers. You could check out Total War sometime, they tend to play competitively there, so plenty of action and some bold moves from time to time. Ping isn't bad either from the EU. Or just hop in some other server you haven't been, it's a bit of a lottery.
  9. Molotov cocktails

    If well thought out and implemented accordingly, these would make a good addition for the irregular forces I reckon. Mainly as an anti-vehicle weapon, but a few other uses besides. A nice replacement for the RKG-3 AT grenades of the raider that have been gone for a while now. You could think of a similar role on the militia side. If some articles about this are correct, you should drive off if hit by one of these apparently, they only burn for a short period. This could be used as a tactic, you might not take out the vehicle there, but you can scare it off, obscuring vision with the fire and smoke. On the other hand, if the vehicle stays put (tries to stay in the fight, or left by crew in a hurry) it might burn out. When localized damage gets added this would be particularly neat because a well placed bottle could take out an engine and render the vehicle stationary. Depending on the specific model it may or may not be susceptible to such an attack. As an anti-personnel weapon, how it was done in Insurgency seemed to work well, 'x' amount of damage per second for a maximum burn duration in the affected area (gives you some parameters to tweak with). So just damage over time, doesn't have to be anything too gruesome. Insurgency also added some explosive damage at impact near the point of impact. This way you can use it as area denial too, block off alleys or entrances, funnel enemies, etc. or they would have to sustain damage if they decide to walk through. Obscuring vision through flames/smoke is another possible use. Thoughts? Ideas?
  10. Please Fix the visibility.

    Mestia. Then you should have seen it at release, there was something wrong with the lighting and the US camo was glow in the dark...
  11. un**** the fob mechanics plz

    It's a known bug. Should be fixed in a new update...
  12. Is minecrafting ever effective?

    Train Tunnel on Belaya invasion. One of the very few occasions it can be effective. Otherwise super fobs are more trouble than they're worth, if not actually hindering the team.
  13. The future of the LAT kit.

    Picking off a turned out commander or driver.
  14. Quid of Squad AIM Speed

    Not perse, don't want that SWAT 4 shuffle.