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  1. You act like every shot fired at you is from a 'sniper' or everyone playing it is a 'sniper'. Suppression looks shit and the effect of it ridiculous, 'aimpunch' or flinch even more so.
  2. "Believability" of maps, realism

    Haha that's quite recognizable indeed. Makes you want the breacher kit, blow the lock/hinges out with the M1014/KS-23.
  3. Militia vs Insurgency

    On which map and layer?
  4. G3 Damage

    To add: Ammo intended specifically for machine gun use tends to be loaded a little hotter than standard. And roller delayed blowback systems like on the H&K G3 can be a bit more sensitive to the type of ammo (a somewhat lighter load could actually be better and thus used as standard).
  5. M249 bullet drop

  6. What are you going to plan without a squad?
  7. The subject matter is not that complicated. There are some good, i.e. reliable, sources with practical experience across the internet.
  8. Just noticed last few days that the US M249 with the red dot hits very low, makes it hard to hit in the heat of the moment and you forget to hold over. This was at relatively close ranges, 50m and in, thought it might have been due to the changes to the M4's red dot which has it's POI raised above the front sight post (if they are the same red dot and tied together in some settings that is). Or perhaps because it's zeroed at 100m (although you would usually expect it to hit higher when closer in), but just checked and at 100m it impacts a good meter low as wel.
  9. Ah... they're not supposed to make sharp turns though, only small corrections to keep on target. They use control surfaces, fins, or some kind of thrust system, which only allows for small movements. And from what I gather a just as important part is that abrupt inputs can cause the fire control system to loose track and crash the missile.
  10. could not place rally as SL crewman

    Couldn't find in the release notes either, was looking it up while I typed that. But I seem to remember it was something like that, but can't say for sure where I read/heard it.
  11. could not place rally as SL crewman

    Crewman leader needs 3-4 instead of 1 other squad member if I remember correctly.
  12. LSW is a marksman?!

    They did before, the RPD, but they replaced it with the RPK for a couple of reasons. And the RP46 technically, Forgotten Weapons and InrangeTV both just released a video on it.
  13. The 1P78 on the PKP does this too (on the AK's possibly too but haven't used them recently), on Gorodok, with the pixelated environment for me and the particular lighting it was pretty atrocious. Combined with the screen jar from the recoil even when deployed (exaggerated if you ask me) made it less than ideal for it's intended purpose.
  14. A TOW has to be actively guided to the target, as opposed to fire-and-forgot or ones where you mark the target (laser/radar), but the missile does the rest. There is a strobe at the back of the missile which is picked up by the fire control system, depending on the point of aim and the missiles position, correction is sent over the fiber optic cable.