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  1. Supplemental Rules

    Did you ever take up Nordic's offer?
  2. Anti Tank

    Or HESH/HEP.
  3. Why are role selection made as it is?

    You seem to have trouble grasping the concept of a game and what is feasible within software development. Define 'fun'. 'Squad has evolved into a completely science fiction fantasyland " You mean like WoW or Narnia? The similarities are endless (sic). When did this evolution take place?
  4. Why are role selection made as it is?

    It is dictated by the general composition of infantry squads, i.e. modeled after the real world. In the other topic I pointed out why removing the rifle isn't the best of ideas, for multiple reasons.
  5. Extra Rpgs carried by squad mate

    So you want to duke it out at range with a Makarov against someone with an Acog, or at close range against an iron sight M4? If your team is somewhat organized, you're not the only LAT in your squad and/or team. So team up with a second LAT, or HAT, mines, ied's, vehicles, etc. Say you get 4 HEAT rounds, by the time you have reloaded the fourth round, the Stryker has either picked you off if the gunner is somewhat capable or has RTB'ed either still.
  6. Extra Rpgs carried by squad mate

    ~26kg for a complete insurgent AT load-out (that is on the generous side) is not unrealistic at all. Getting rid of the AKMS and the 6 mags only sheds about 8.4kg. At the (large) cost of less effectiveness against infantry, everyone is a riflemen first in this iteration of the game. Militia is about 23.6kg, AKS74U plus loaded mags is ~6kg.
  7. v10 Weapon Resting

    Supposed to be on the to-do list, a dev commented on it in one of the V10 play test topics. Arma 3 and RO do this. Just rest it on the front handguard, on a window frame, rock, log, pretty cool if they can implement that smoothly.
  8. Spotting enemies?

    You can also give Reshade a go with the Squad presets made by Ferrius.
  9. gunplay

    150 round RPK mags?
  10. Movement too slow ?

    What in-game FOV do you use?
  11. Movement too slow ?

    Why? Because you don't like it? I agree with the statement though, movement speed across the board, not just talking about walking/sprinting, has been slowed too much. Sprinting looks more like a casual jog now. I don't mind a bit lower pace and can see it leading to more deliberate movement. But you wouldn't be as slow as this, not like they're carrying 50-80kg full kit. Perhaps not the speed perse, more the cumbersome feel of it at times (play test, I know), which makes for sluggish and aggravating gameplay at times. Someone did mention that movement speed seemed to be related to server load, that a full server on high load slowed down all the movements. When I was playing around on the shooting range, movement felt okay.
  12. Squad Speed Run

    Take a look at supply lines: http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=234
  13. Christmas is dead at SQUAD ?

    https://playsquad.xyz/servers/ https://steamdb.info/app/393380/depots/
  14. November 2017 Recap