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  1. Butt stroke.
  2. Check out the rest of the videos too, excellent channel.
  3. More skill, more reward. I like the ACE3 approach.
  4. Now this is mortar spam! Can we have that?
  5. Sometimes these defensive FOB's/bunkers work, if the enemy really wants it gone and keeps throwing resources at it. I've encountered this a few times, very annoying when it's the only spawn point in the area and you have to push out because sitting there is only getting you killed and those objectives don't cap them selves... And then players getting all worked because you dig up 1 sandbag partially... The one in the video looked better designed though.
  6. AdminAlwaysValidPlacement if you want.
  7. Agreed, bit slower pace wouldn't be bad. Although since the new update things seem to have slowed down a bit. I thought about that too last week, CB, or confined to base as pre-round in addition to or replacement of lobby would be an idea. But might lead to more impatient and tk'ing players... If weapons can't be used during that time, that be great. Someone made an extensive post on pre-round planning and more a while back.
  8. Type of operation is also something to take into account: (pseudo) direct gas impingement vs. long-stroke gas piston, more reciprocating mass in case of the latter. Your typical AR15/M16/M4 bolt is pretty light, now I don't have the exact numbers at the ready, but I'd guess the bolt of a M249 is a bit heavier, more reciprocating mass there too possibly.
  9. Project Eldest Son has been implemented?
  10. Right...
  11. Speaking of generalizations... How do movies relate to the development of this game? Something wrong with the weapons too? AK? Other stuff?
  12. mortar

    Was just about to ask the same, if someone had played around with elevation difference already. Lack of elevation data on the map is a bit of problem indeed. ACE3 does it like this: If I remember that rangetable correctly, 100m of elevation difference is just a few mills difference in elevation, assuming similar ballistics. Most maps don't have that much elevation difference in the terrain, Kohat the one with the most I think.
  13. mortar

    Your azimuth is a bit off, 0 or North is 180 degrees and >270 is >450, 180 too high.
  14. War/battle/firefights tends to be loud...