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  1. But constructively... Squads server browser needs some work: there is no search function (that i can see) you cannot favorite, there is no true filter, maps, game mode etc. Ability to Place multiple Friendly Markers and waypoints, if we have two fire teams and only one marker its tough. Left ear right ear option for radio - so for example platoon net in one ear and squad net in the other ( for easier listening) and More cowbell
  2. SImply - Teamkilling with no admins on.... I wish there was a way to code it so that when all the kiddies and A-Holes troll or teamkill they get moved to like a childs server where they just spend their time t-baggin and teamkilling, driving blu-for logis in to enemy bases just cos they couldnt be bothered to walk.
  3. rcon is broken in v9

    @BattleMetrics My apologies, I'll jump on discord Many thanks - AE-6507
  4. rcon is broken in v9

    We tried using "battlemetrics" and couldn't get it to ping just didn't work Also tried... Battlewarden and still no joy
  5. @Smee @eggman It's a tough one (in my opinion) i agree with both of you, they're great ideas. I think the "Ready room " is pretty awesome, could really lend it's self to the right type of players in , even like an red R on the server browser... then again a Ready up button means that you could effectively shorten briefing time depending on what type of players you have on. Last night i played 4 round 2 of those round planning and communication was amazing and we needed more briefing time, the other 2 nobody gave a fluff and a ready up system would have piled us in to the match to meet the cluster funk that was the next two rounds. I like the idea of breaks and the pre-game, i never want to leave my squad or let them down so not being there for briefing is a big deal, so i tend to sit there till i really can leave, (end of match) and then dash before restart. again though, i can see people might get a bit pee'd off with waiting. I think, increasing the time incrementally and letting the community decided might be the way forward, of have it set in the server.cfg so each community can set it, they want a run and gun no chat server, set it to 15 seconds or if they want a solid briefing then set it to 120 seconds etc. I also read you post you linked, i really like those ideas Penalty for shitty FOBs Logi Status Indication The ability for a Fireteam Leader to set a limited rally point:The ability for the SL to split a squad into 2 fireteams just to name a few..
  6. @Tartantyco I will respectfully try an address all of your statements; Firstly I have rarely come across Squad members "acting up" during briefing, i will usually say "break comms", "i'm speaking with the other SL's over Platoon Net" and that's it pretty much silence till I address them for their briefing. I will additionally Separate them in to two fire teams assign a TL and ATL and indicate what Vic they will be entering. I rely on brevity as my greatest tool in the SL comms toolkit I am surprised you consider the communication as ineffective, personally when good communication is in abundance, this is a) a game changer in that it makes the title worth every penny, time and effort and b) is the biggest buzz for new players and old alike. I have yet to join a game (with the exception of free weekend) where communication wasn't a massive turn on for my squad members and the other SL's. I took a look at your Kitless Loadout System Though i personally disagree with the effectiveness of this system at SL level i applaud the diligence. This system should not fall in at squad level, it should come down to a platoon level like a company commander, if you wanted to get into a "micro management - squad tycoon - squad simulator type game) but as a SL you're tasks are more front line and intense and should rely on communication and not be tired up with such logistical matters as points, i could go into further debate regarding the actual number of shots fired by an SL and how the points system would be relative but this is already a TL:DR post In relation to the vehicle and a point system this to me seems convoluted, what is in place seems actual perfect, i have had nothing but praise for this system its new and unique an to be honest a breath of fresh air. i think a spawning and points system would again turn into a logistical nightmare unless you are thinking of creating an RTO roll to relive some of the stress on an SL which is now being place in the roll of an logistics officer, in the field in combat. I personally spend 80% of the game in the map, receiving intel, relaying intel and directing my fireteams, personally i would welcome more management level applications however, this is because i have ran a community of 300+ for nearly eleven years, but some others who barely comment? i think this could essentially kill the excitement. I'd like to pause a moment and make it clear i am not disagreeing with you entirely i'm simply saying that communication is key, that SL's are not officers and either create a platoon level logistics role and don't put too much on the men on the ground. You seem to be approaching this as squads are from different factions or military organisations where they need to independently achieve points rather than looking at this from a platoon level. this is the biggest and tbh the only failure of this game is that yes the game is geared up to not rambo or solo within a squad but not geared up to avoid squads running off and doing their own thing. Whenever the squads have been unified in both movement and comms the match becomes simple and 99.9% of the time its a guaranteed win. within regards to light assets and heavy, you need heavy to support a sustainable frontline right of the back, Sun Tzu offers some great pointers about tactics and having a repeatable weak front line no matter how fast, become a war of attrition which is why the US lost Vietnam. Additionally each map has different vehicle requirements and should not be hindered by what you can and cannot use based on performance. I have actually tried to find fault with this game and every time i struggle, the only thing is time to organise and placing more on the SL seems anarchic. Please forgive me if i have misunderstood your point, and everything is said with the utmost respect.
  7. @Smee I apologise i do hope you didn't think i was insulting you, i just meant your comment made me see it from a different perspective
  8. @Smee sadly we've suffered the same fate but twined with possibly a "Ready Up" system those that don't wish to talk can simply just ready up and wait? Additionally, it's interesting to see it from the perspective of a Squad Member rather than an SL, i can image it would be frustrating waiting longer, it's a tough place to be in. Spawn Held is a perfect idea! having people line up by Vics would work and all the Squad members could feel like they were in game rather than a lobby and it wouldn't feel like wait times. Being from the Arma community most of our briefings were down in game rather than the lobby and that worked fine. I think as soon as people see themselves as members of a platoon/company then they may act as such, its easy to forget you are part of the bigger picture, same as most people tend not to split their squad in to fireteams as i do. Even if we never get this feature the community will adapt and overcome, it's just something i've noticed as being a pain when trying to coordinated with randoms.
  9. Server Licensing General Info

    @Odin We made an application and we were denied, we're a bit saddened by this as we assumed we did everything correctly. We played such a huge role in the ARMA 3 community and we well connected with both the developers of ACE3 and the Owners of ViLayer that we wanted to extend our community to Squad. As partnered Youtubers we wanted to steam and capture our server and promote fun and solid teamwork. Please advise as we really don't know where we went wrong?
  10. Any specific small arms you'd love to see?

    Nothing Crazy; SIG - P226 and HK-416 HK-417
  11. One of the first things you'll notice playing Squad is that regardless of hours played you will experience either one of several things at the few seconds before spawning in; No Mic: Sound of crickets New players: Tend to still be finding their SL (Squad Leader) Voice and maybe reluctant to speak up in the briefing, resulting in a deadly silence. Nobody is planning or talking. Slightly more experienced players: Have their SL voice but sometimes may speak rather than listen and if you have a few of these types on Platoon Net (Inter-Squad Comms) it can become hugely cluttered and nothing gets organised. One person or many people shout "I'm grabbing a logi and building a fob here" Experienced players, serious gamers and born naturals: This is when "it just works". You don't have to be a veteran at Squad but if you have mutual respect and convey your intentions and ideas right then it becomes a greater gaming experience. When you hear this, this is when you hear "This is why i bought this game" Players (SL's) working together and laying out tasks and objectives. Everyone takes their turn, puts their point across and comes together to form a perfect game plan that results in either a win or just fantastic gameplay. (Sadly this either has to happen in such a short space of time that it rarely happens or when it does its cut short by only a matter of 15 - 20 seconds) Now while all of these are fine, different people are what make communities and understanding that well organised clans, groups or communities may simple dominate the briefing, this post is more about everyone else, the new guys and the people just here to enjoy squad, the pick up and play guys or the people that bought squad to be immersed in its structure Squad leadership and tactics and found themselves disappointed by lack of communication or teamwork through bad planning. So I propose either extend the briefing time by 20 seconds to allow Squad leads who have not played together before, enough time to coordinate. or A ready up system where Squad Leads ready up (not their squad members). Example; Once the squad leads are finished briefing they themselves ready up forcing the match to start, giving them the right amount of time to plan and strategize. You could parallel the ready up system with a timer just to force the match to start in those situations where either an SL is AFK or the opposing team are taking too long.
  12. List of active clans and communities

    Name: Absconditus Eminus Ltd Est: 2006 Tag: AE or [AE] Site: Web Site Lang: Eng Bio: CLASSIFIED Min Age:18+ Online Members: 301+ Offline Members: Estimated 25,000 +