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  1. I'm not going to play word games or semantics with you. I'm not talking about a vehicle stuck in a ditch, nor was the original post about this. It is about a tank driving over a treestump, flying into the air as if it has no weight, and ending on it's back. As for some of the other posters: I agree; there are plenty of bad drivers and I myself have flipped cars and trucks on their sides because I didn't take enough care and I have hit myself over the head because of it. At the same time I have had an equal amount of times where I did not drive carelessly and my vehicle flips over because the physics in this game mess up and launch a vehicle into the air completely outside of my control.
  2. You're telling me that I should logically conclude that a tank bouncing off a treestump and flipping on its back is intentional? Now if the tracks broke and I was able to fix it like I would a broken track from a mine or something then I would follow your reasoning, but what you're proposing is nothing short of absolute nonsense.
  3. An option in the vehicle interaction menu would suffice. Vehicles flip for all kinds of nonsensical reasons atm so approaching it like a feature instead of a bug by adding some kind of digging mechanic misses the mark imho.

    The amount of nonsense and hyperbole I see being spread around this forum is alarming. Covering fire works, but like Pluto stated above people don't employ it or understand it. I've had moments where I ask someone close to me to put fire down range while I move up and get a simple "Yeah" and instead they just keep their rifle trained on the last corner they saw the enemy. Heck, I've even told my whole squad to start opening op on some target another close-by squad is assaulting without anyone responding. Sometimes I have to literally order them to start shooting in that general direction. It works for several reasons if not for the reason that people are scared to get hit: 1. Noise. It makes alot of noise so if you're attacking the defender does not hear you coming (ie closeby footsteps/running/crouching, grenades/smokes being employed). 2. Distraction. The audio from that rifle triggers people into tunnel vision and they don't check their flanks or backs anymore. 3. Vision. The suppression screen effects help constrict the player's view.
  5. I think generally speaking more players are good. We want the playerbase to grow. I think the experienced players need to step up and take up squadlead positions to focus the game effort. Over the last weeks I have had numerous people joining my squad stating they are new to the game and they generally perform adequatly as long as there is a competent squadlead with some experienced squadmates to focus new players attention.
  6. Firing effects

    I would not be opposed to this
  7. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

  8. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    Have to agree. Obviously I find myself using it in the game, but it's a far too easy solution. I think it speeds up games as well which you can take as a positive or negative based on personal preference, but I would personally prefer slower gameplay. Looking at statements from the devs earlier in the development process it sounded like they wanted more drawn out firefights. I think it was a statement regarding adding the suppression system at the time but imho the current rally system goes against that goal if it is still one of the objectives since it enables squads to quickly jump in to help another squad out in a firefight and overwhelm the opposition.
  9. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    Tbh I don't even know if I agree with the whole idea of having the ability to replace abandoned vehicles during the match at all. It sounds to me that in such a case too many risks were taken and the opposite team deserves to win. Learn from it and next game don't take so many risks. But IF such a mechanic were implemented I would only see it being fairly implemented if the Commander gets the ability to replace 1 SUPPLY vehicle (so no MBT's, no IFV's, no MRAPS, literally nothing but 1 Supply truck) for X amount of tickets every 30 minutes. If you manage to waste that vehicle as well you're really just a team of idiots that deserves what's coming to you and you'll be ****ed for at least another 30 minutes or until the game ends.
  10. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    How about have the Commander add another vehicle to the main base spawn for X amount of tickets from the team's total ticket pool? No magically dissappearing vehicles, and a cost for careless behaviour in tickets.
  11. Server browser issues

    Me and a bunch of friends had the same issues tonight and have had odd server browser behaviour the past weekend. All servers having very high ping, the browser only loading a small amount of servers and slowly.
  12. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    Those new buildings really make a world of difference! Looking good!
  13. VERY Concernd about the TOW missle

    This is just hyperbolic nonsense. Yeah... because that's all that happened in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey and Syria.
  14. VERY Concernd about the TOW missle

    Please do not `fix` the TOW missile. It is a powerful, but static, weaponsystem. Fight it accordingly, ie: - drop mortars on it - attack it with infantry - attack it from outside it's FOV - attack it from multiple angels/with multiple vehicles (or both) - avoid the area Seriously, learn to deal with it. I have yet to play a game where the TOW was an insurmountable problem.