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  1. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    Those new buildings really make a world of difference! Looking good!
  2. VERY Concernd about the TOW missle

    This is just hyperbolic nonsense. Yeah... because that's all that happened in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey and Syria.
  3. VERY Concernd about the TOW missle

    Please do not `fix` the TOW missile. It is a powerful, but static, weaponsystem. Fight it accordingly, ie: - drop mortars on it - attack it with infantry - attack it from outside it's FOV - attack it from multiple angels/with multiple vehicles (or both) - avoid the area Seriously, learn to deal with it. I have yet to play a game where the TOW was an insurmountable problem.
  4. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    This looks great man. I can recognize so much from some of the documentaries about Korengal out there. It's still WIP I can see, but it already looks very true to the actual area. Keep at it, can't wait to play this (especially on insurgency mode)!
  5. Concerned

    Yea for sure. I'm not gonna pretend like I know what it's like to develop a game and how much time it takes, especially for a small developer like OWI. Project Reality took years to get to the point where it was. I'm not suggesting it should take years, but we shouldn't expect all that content accumulated over all that time developing to just be cranked out within a short time-span. This isn't EA or some other big developer (thank god). They may bring out new games every year but they have 100 man teams and still their support and commitment never last past the next iteration. All they're about is franchises and hype-trains. I'm done with that.
  6. Concerned

    Yeah I have, and I am aware that it is being worked on. However, in the mean time the game still feels a bit too empty for me to enjoy daily.
  7. Concerned

    The only thing stopping me from playing right now, especially after the latest hotfix, is a lack of content and game modes. This game needs some serious hardware to make things more interesting and dynamic; that combined with a further fleshing out of the Insurgency mode (some true unconventional/unbalanced warfare - not like the lackluster way it is now) will get me hooked like I was on Project Reality. That's what I signed up for when I decided to become a backer of this game, and that's what I'm holding out for right now. I have confidence we'll get there, but I just can't keep myself satisfied with the game as it is other than the sporadic game now and then...
  8. Concerned

  9. I will admit that I have my assumptions ready when a "squeaky voice" joins my squad, but it really depends on your level of cooperation and teamwork. I guess this reaction comes from some of my experiences with younger players and their level of maturity. Often they have trouble following orders, fill comms with annoying or useless information, question decisions and lack experience generally in gaming. That being said, I've also had a couple of surprisingly good experiences. If Squad really floats your boat I wouldn't let any of the negative responses bother you too much and just join. Improve your chances and don't talk too much, relay necessary information, follow orders etc.
  10. Mogadishu, Somalia?

    I would be really interested in seeing a Ramiel remake. It had a proper Black hawk down vibe for sure.
  11. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    This looks amazing. Keep at it!
  12. I'm giving the "give love to insurgency" thread some love here... Are there any specific reasons why Insurgency isn't being played atm? Is it actually horribly broken or have people just forgotten about the gamemode? I'm wondering because I can't find a single insurgency server in the browser, even empty ones. I have played a handful of rounds on insurgency and couldn't find anything broken about it then... with the exception of some people not understanding the objectives/mechanics of it that is.
  13. Posting in forum

    @beginna It worked, thanks!
  14. Hej found a bug where you can fall through one of the concrete bunker's roofs near Fortress. Sometimes you get stuck in the wall, but others you can fall through and possibly exploit. Not sure if already reported. Screenshots will show exact information.