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  1. Squad Philippines [PH] - Active Community! [ENG/FIL] Hello, and Mabuhay everyone! Are you a Filipino gamer based somewhere around the world, or someone who is based in the Philippines, and is looking for an active Philippine community that plays Squad? Tara, sumali na kayo dito sa "Squad PH"! Squad PH/Philippines was started by a member of the ArmA Philippines Community (ArmA PH) as a sidegroup of that community around 3 years ago. Initially, most of the players in Squad PH were ArmA PH players. However though, our players now also include people who have come from playing Squad initially, or from other games. Since then, the numbers have been growing, to the point where we have enough players every night to field a squad or two, possibly even three pinoy squads! We are a Community Clan/Group, therefore we play casually (most of our players always look to blow off some Steam /:) ) and maintain a casual and easygoing environment, but from time to time we have friendly competitive matches with other Asian-based clans. Sometimes we even have training sessions (on our own [PH] Training Server] to further help new (or even not new) players learn the mechanics of Squad in a relaxed environment and culture. While we do not have our own server for public play, we instead band together in other public servers (usually in SG, AUS, or Western US servers) every night. Requirements: 1) Be a mature, culturally sensitive person (Remember that we play with other Asian clans/players. Be nice as well to the PH community!) 2) Join our Discord, the "Squad PH Community" Discord (PM me for the link, don't be shy! Sige na pleeease? ) -Having a mic is not required, but it is highly encouraged ingame! Once you do, we will give you links to the following: -Facebook Group / FB Messenger Groupchat -Steam Groupchat That's all. Tara na, sali na kayo! Laban na! ~[PH] DrooBloo Member of Squad PH