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  1. OP you might want to check what the game looks like online. Jensen's range is full of semi-transparent textures and text layers that tend to be aliased at a distance, contrary to most textures on regular maps. Also this^ I've actually been working on a SweetFX+Reshade preset built around TXAA, pre-upgrade. A sort of quick-fix while we wait for GPU-hungry MSAA solutions and the likes. (https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/7137/) Recommended settings: x1.25 supersampling, 0,00-0,50 sharpening, visibility on epic, etc. I haven't played 9.4 a lot yet but it seems that the differences if there are any are but minor.
  2. Replace LAW with AT4

    No love for this? Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon It'd be awesome if it came with HEAA/HEDP and thermobaric warheads (but that would imply the implementation of a certain level of destruction) and it would fill in the gap between AT4s (one shot, single use, no optics, lightweight) and Javelins (guidance system, larger rocket, heavyweight). Heck, it even has a spotting rifle that's currently being phased out in favor of IR lasers!
  3. Awesome Squad pictures

    CYKA BLYAT: The Squad.