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  1. Low FPS on Al Basrah

    New Specs: CPU: I7 7600k GPU: GTX 1070 (8 GB version) RAM: 16 GB I think my CPU was a bottleneck. Runs much smoother now but thank you for your help.
  2. Low FPS on Al Basrah

    I have decided to go with a totally new build. Should run games much better now.
  3. Low FPS on Al Basrah

    10-20 FPS. I have also started noticing it happening on all other maps as well now. I have a feeling that it is my CPU. If i were to upgrade it to an Intel i5-7600K would i need to buy a new motherboard? And therefore a new OS?
  4. Low FPS on Al Basrah

    All maps run smoothly. Apart form Al Basrah - Sorry if that is not spelt correctly. Well anyway this map runs like a slide show at the best of times. PC specs: CPU-AMD Phenom x4 964 GPU-Gtx 750Ti (4GB version) RAM-8GB Please tell me if you need more specs. Thank you.