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  1. 1st SOB

    Hey guys, Crookedlungs here. Some of you may have seen Ben909090 or myself in matches before, as we typically run a "1st SOB Mic Only" squad on the servers we play. We are currently opening our Discord chat to anyone interested in being a part of the 1st SOB. As a group, we play games ranging from Squad and Arma III, to Company of Heroes and Civ 5, to more casual titles. Overall, we are encouraging new people to join, regardless of what they play and would love to continue to see our community grow. That being said, we are actively looking for new members for Squad. We currently have 4 members who play and would love to increase that number. If anyone is interested, PM me for a Discord invite or add me on Discord @CrookedLungs. Thanks guys and we look forward to hearing from you.
  2. Damaged Terrain, other questions/ideas

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I could have swore that I saw a dev post about foliage interaction. Such as, when you're running through a field of tall vegetation, it will lean over in the direction you are running as you pass over it.
  3. How do you play music in-game?

    The only time we've ever been okay with music coming through someone's local voip is when we are at the beginning of a match in a techie or humvee and someone is playing Convoy or something to be funny but it's a completely different situation mid-game or during firefights. Any server with good admins will kick you for mic spam pretty quickly.
  4. Technical Intervention

    Thanks mate. Shamelessly putting my band over clips. Just keep at it, man. While my accuracy in this clip is trash (shouldn't have been on full auto at all), it's all just practice. I came from PR so it's kind of beat into my head!
  5. Technical Intervention

    Thanks man, I appreciate it! My first instinct is to check the situation out before blindly firing and it pays off more often than not!
  6. Technical Intervention

    My squad was pinned down on mosque by a technical so my SL sent me on an interference run while he and a LAT sat on mosque and tried to score a good hit. This is how it went. *ignore my trash full-auto accuracy.
  7. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Just saw the email and added my backer tags, sucks I missed the in-game deadline though.
  8. Deployables

    They fixed the razor wire issue in the patch that came out today.
  9. That's fair, thank you.
  10. I understand that. Normally, I would agree but my rig is running an i7 4.0 GHz (can overclock to 4.4) and 64GB of DDR4 so I want to at least try it. Also, thanks for the reply. That's the guide I found earlier and if that' the only option, I'll give it a try! Thanks again!
  11. Hey guys, before I begin I just want to say that I did use the search function and didn't find anything that pertained to my question. Anyways, I was curious as to what the procedure (or possibility) is for hosting a dedicated server from my own IP, or even on the same system that I am playing the game from. I've seen the guide that uses SteamCMD, I just want to know how you connect that to your local IP/port and have it show up in the server browser. Thanks for any info.
  12. Add new factions and environments

    We will see the addition of new factions and environments as the game continues to grow. The British Forces' models have already been released on an update and I would expect them to be added in rather soon. As far as the artillery goes, I could see it being plausible when the map sizes increase but right now I don't think it's necessary.
  13. I just shot my first 3 bullets of Squad

    I almost teared up the first time I fired the LAT yesterday..
  14. Project Reality Tournament Campaign 11

    Fair enough. Sorry for my misunderstanding. I thought you had already been assigned to a team but were not going to be participating for a few weeks, my bad. Either way, I'm incredibly excited for C11!
  15. Project Reality Tournament Campaign 11

    Awesome! I'm on Team B. You?