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  1. I am suggesting a way to move the radio. There are many reasons for this. Perhaps you place a radio as an assault radio and then after the assault want to move it inside. Whatever the reason it would be nice feature. Or someone puts a radio in a bad spot for defending a position. I think it is realistic in real warfare to move the location of a command center. Again for multiple reasons. Now the issue becomes this could be really overpowered in Squad server maps and battlegrounds. So how do you make it fair. I think you should be able to move a radio with a contingent of no less than 5 squad members and a squad lead, so 6 altogether. Like the squad lead pressing F to remove a radio, everyone could have a button to help lift the radio. Movement direction would be dictated by squad lead but anyone could release the lift during the move and thus be free but the radio would drop again during the move. Movement should be slow, maybe half normal walk speed, and the HAB, ammo crate, and emplacements should be offline during move for a move to be fair. I think this could be a balanced way to move the radio short distances. I think of course too if the radio is moved out of natural range of a HAB or emplacements those radio tied items should be lost. Any ideas from community or feedback? -C-merf
  2. aR | Armed and Ready - Recruiting Mature/Tactical Players

    Sat Morning a guy named temski was destroying vehicles at ins main 448 pacific time ruined an entire match