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  1. Так точно, добавлюсь. Правда обычно около 22:00
  2. Sig226 if you have the cash. Look for old police guns. CZ75 is cheaper and still great. CZ82 is even cheaper. Main cost of gun isn't the weapon but the ammo, so definitely don't get anything thats not a 9mm, especially if you plan to shoot a lot. If you just want to join a shooting club and have fun, classic guns are also an option. Lahti pistols are great if you can get one, although Danish ones are prone to metal fatigue. Old revolvers are really cheap here in the US (200-300), not sure about EU.
  3. PS. Wait until Chinese army is included in Squad
  4. Fighting with short e-tools was common in Soviet army during WWII. I'm guessing because the Germans had bayonets shaped like a knife, so they could use those in close quarters, whereas the Mosin bayo is kinda hard to use without the rifle (and with the rifle, it ends up looking like pole vaulting aid). OTOH, Soviet E-tools (which I think is what we have in game for everyone but Americans) were just the right length and balance to chop someone's head off. Cold Steel even made a copy of the famous shovel to celebrate this practice. Note how their shovel is essentially the same thing we see in game, only sharpened.
  5. In addition to higher damage and suppression, GPMGs have higher penetration. As in, punch-through-two-feet-of-brick, higher. IIRC 7.62x54R with modern AP bullets can also penetrate a BTR in the side, and probably everything else except the Stryker.
  6. Wait what? I was under the impression that 82mm mortars fired frag ammo like 98% of the time. Why would anyone use HE ammo with em in the first place? Are we sure that "HE" in game isn't supposed to be HE-Frag? Russian pediwikia says 82mm mortars only have frag and he-frag ammo (plus smoke). I don't think there is such a thing as "pure HE" for 82mm mortars, because I can't fathom what it would be used for. American "HE" mortar rounds are also apparently best described as HE-Frag, since they throw something like 1400+ fragments. In terms of effective range, US FM says that anyone within ~100 feet of 81mm impact should die or shit their pants at the very least. http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/army/fm/7-90/Appb.htm
  7. Okay, "least worst aspects of COD plus best aspects of RO" It's too hectic and small for me, but non-stop action is fun. I think I haven't had more than a 60 seconds while playing RS2 withoutI either shooting at someone, or getting shot at.
  8. I think fall damage is largely okay, but currently it starts too early tbh. One shouldn't lose health from jumping down 5 feet, even with gear. I would increase jump-down range by a foot or two.
  9. Yep, guilty. A few houses can give more tactical variety than a few hills, and you don't have to play Walking Simulator 2000 for 5 minutes just to get Strykered from a click away. There should be a server that runs Sumari Bala 24/7, though, and a few versions of that map with different flags. Not saying that large maps are bad or should be excluded. Not everyone enjoys them, that is all. Also they generally require a higher amount of teamwork that is oftentimes lacking in pubs.
  10. Tried it. It's what they wanted RO2 to be. The best aspects of COD and RO, combined. I don't like it as much as Squad, but I'm sure some people will prefer RS2.
  11. Mortars don't stay zeroed tho. When you hop off, they go to the orientation they were built in. Meaning that you would have to re-aim after each shot. And in general, mindless repetitive tasks don't sound fun, although of course they're a large part of military experience everywhere.
  12. This is kinda obvious, but I notice a most players don't realize these capabilities are present ingame, so I'm writing about it. Fun with Ammo Crates: 1. As SL, schedule something to be built, then once you're tired of yelling at people to build it, run to ammo crate, switch class to Rifleman, then build it yourself. 2. Alternatively, if something REALLY needs to be built, and no SL is available, quit your current squad (you will lose kit), make new squad, use ammo crate to switch to SL kit, then act as in #1. 3. If there is an empty medic slot, use ammo crate to switch to medic to heal yourself and others, then switch back. If there is no slot, and medic is REALLY needed, join a different squad with empty medic slot, use ammo crate as in #2. Same trick can also be used to get other classes (i.e. if one really needs to blow up enemy vehicle, but no LATs are in vicinity). 4. Build impassable barricades over all entrances, use ammo crates to spam grenades over them if someone tries to undig. 5. Spamming mines as scout, rockets as LAT, etc. is self-explanatory. Fun with other buildable stuff: 1. Have someone crouch next to window to build sandbad on their head. Uses one sandbag to block window instead of two (this can also be done with FOBs, but I'd consider that one a meaningless bug). 2. Build shielded DSHK covering stairs/entrance of a building. Cover legs with sandbag. Hilarity ensues (as long as the guy manning it doesn't get grenaded, or gets bored and wanders off - that is, rarely). 3. Build stairs on balconies to get on otherwise inaccessible roofs. Also, little "stairs shacks" on roofs of Al Basrah are good spotting locations, as long as you build ladder + sandbags with openings. You can ever get a mortar on top, and I think a .50 cal (not a DSHK or SPG, though).
  13. Some good ones in there. That's probably more BTRs than I exploded in all my time playign Squad. Which isn't very much tbh
  14. As I have stated on page 2 here, I think mortars are unrealistically underpowered ATM, and people are mostly using them because of novelty value. Also, mortars are already by far the most "multi-crewed" aspect of the game (need 3 people in long-term cooperation - spotter, gunner, logi runner, whereas everything else can be done solo with exception of building stuff and dropping rallies - which requires 2 people cooperating for a few seconds). And requiring, say, a "loader" running back and forth to ammo crate dropping rounds for the "gunner" would just be an exercise in frustration for pub matches, where you frequently can't get anyone from the squad to even construct a damn HAB. I'm not opposed to reducing spam by making mortars harder to use effectively, but they do need to be more powerful or else people will stop bothering with them. At the same time, mortars shouldn't be so powerful as to shut down infantry movement on map and turn the game into sitzkrieg (although that's precisely what happens IRL when infantry tries to advance without suppressing enemy arty first). I don't have specific suggestions on how to achieve this balance, except say doubling damage radius (not necessarily kill, but "bleed" radius), while also doubling the cost of each tube and cost of ammo. Oh, and vehicle damage shouldn't change, hurting vehicles is one aspect of mortars that works pretty realistically now.
  15. 1. For peeking/climbing over walls, indirect fire shelters aren't bad either. They have kinda two "steps", so they're easy to get on top of. And ladders are great, or course. 2. Great point on rearming, forgot that one 3. Didn't know that trick lol, that is eevil :D. Thank you!
  16. Well, his numbers do sound wildly inflated, but the main point is accurate: mortars are supposed to be one of the main killers on the battlefield. Currently, they seem to account for about 1% of casualties. Mainly because they have about the effectiveness of hand grenades, whereas IRL mortars are at least 10 times more lethal (about 10x the explosive load + about 10x more fragment number/mass + better orientation to spread fragments parallel to ground). Pediwikia says 81mm mortar should have a frag radius of 60m! Obviously there are considerations of game balance, but I would be happy if mortars were more scarce and harder to use (say, 600 build points + double the current ammo costs + more spread between rounds) but had 3-4 times more kill radius.
  17. This is my main tactic as insurgent SL at Al Basrah. It's extremely effective if done properly. Sure, you still CAN get overrun, but only if the enemy team is much, much better than yours. This can be done with high-rises in Courtyard and Apartments flags (the one pictured in video, plus buildings at SW and SE corners of Apartments block). The basics of success are simple: 1. Your men are spawning in capzone, whereas the enemies have to run 2-400m under fire, losing cohesion 2. You hold the high ground (by holding the tallest building in the block) 3. You have the firepower advantage (ammo crates and HMGs galore) 4. It is extremely hard for the enemy to inhibit your FOB (more on that later) 5. It is extremely hard for the enemy to destroy your HAB or storm the building in general (barbed wire on entrances+ double sandbags on stairs) 6. As insurgents, your supply run to Courtyard is ridiculously short, allowing to build of a lot of defenses in a very short time. The only downside is that the enemy quickly find out where your force is and start sniping at the building with HMG vehicles. But, since holding either Apartments or Courtyard means ticket bleed for US, the losses from vehicle fire are not a big deal, especially if medics do their job. Usual counter-arguments: 1. "You are locked in the building" - that is precisely the point. Otherwise, most of the team will wander outside the capzone, and eventually will get stealth flanked and lose the flag. This way, you're pretty much guaranteed numbers advantage where it matters. Also, since the enemy will always stay busy peppering the base from long range, the COD crowd is kept entertained. IMO best placement for the HAB is on the 3rd-4th floor, high enough to where the storming enemies have to do some fighting to get to it, low enough to where it's out of view of long-range vehicles and people can still get downstairs relatively quickly. HAB on the roof as pictured in video is pretty bad IMO because it's easy to shoot HMGs/PRGs/mortars at it, and also it takes forever for anyone to get downstairs. Higher HABs are probably better for Americans since they have the long-range advantage, insurgents benefit more from handing out on middle floors. 2. "You lose the ability to maneuver" - see #1. Sitting in a near-impregnable fortress with infinite ammo that dominates the flag is far superior to running out on the street getting machinegunned. 3. "They'll just swarm the flag and increase spawn timer / take out your FOB" - there are two approaches to prevent this. Approach #1 is to simply put the FOB on the top of the building. I think (never really tested but seems to be that way) that the "inhibition distance" for spawn timer is vertical as well as horizontal. Meaning that the enemy will have to actually breach your "fortress" in order to increase spawn timer. There are two downsides to this: - Getting to the top of the building takes some time, and if the squad is really disorganized, people might be slow to follow you there (put rally on roof to get people to spawn). In that time, another SL might make a useless mortar FOB at Suburbs or something, and block yours. - If enemy manage to come into the building, your spawn timer increases. Approach #2 is to drop the FOB in the open street behind the objective. For Courtyard, I generally use the open street intersection SE of the building in video above. The downside is that the enemy can theoretically undig it, the upsides are that it's extremely hard for them to do so under fire, this FOB placement doesn't block Refinery FOBs, and the spawn timer doesn't normally get inhibited because enemies don't usually hang out behind the objective. In my experience, approach #2 works better, but maybe because FOBs-in-street are a new thing and attackers don't know to throw smoke and dig, and in general to hang out close to them to inhibit. 4. "They'll storm the building and undig your HAB" - double sandbags on 1st floor on stairs(no hole, no way to get over them) with ammo crate close by. Hear digging - underhand grenades over barricade - get more grenades from ammo crate - repeat. Very hard to do much about that. And now, there are IEDs... There are more tips and tricks, such as ladder to the top of small "shack" on the roof(+sandbags+mortar on top), or putting HMGs in windows, but I'm kinda short on time, I think the outlines of this tactic are obvious.
  18. Personally, I play as FOB building SL most times, which means I'm too busy trying to place/fortify/organize supply for FOBs to actively "lead my men on the battlefield", acting more like a support element than anything. That is the reality of Squad gameplay and battlefield command in general - one can't be everywhere at once. Even "battlefield commanding" SLs will only tell you "Rush B" or "Suka blyat someone solo the BTR, rest of you follow me". Honestly, in many situations there isn't much to say except tactical info like "they're in building west of [current_objective], I placed marker", or "get in capzone, we're losing the objective". The only things you need to do as a squad member are: 1. Get close to SL when he needs to place a rally 2. Don't use last spawn on the rally if SL can't place another one yet 3. Get close to SL if he needs to place a FOB, build stuff/run logi if asked 4. Play your role 5. Stay reasonably close to squad(if needed) Also, yes, squad leading is actually pretty easy, not sure why so few people do it. If you're unhappy with SLs on server, just make a squad of your own. Make a squad last if you're unsure, so you get few members. You can even name it something like "DO NOT JOIN", that way you'll get some experience with SL comms and whatnot (last time I named a squad like that cause I was mortar spotting, I still had 5 members by midgame tho ).
  19. To be fair, a full squad of people can flip a techie easily. Maybe even a Humvee. Not a BTR or striker, tho.
  20. Yeah, those things are completely useless. Too small to conceal anything, or even to be noticed. Maybe if they were red and kind of cap-shaped
  21. All of this would be valid if "pummeling a spot" with mortars had any effect. Currently, it's only effective if you can zero in on enemy HAB in an open-topped compound, which is a rather narrow set of circumstances. Otherwise, yeah the mortar user will get a few kills, but he would be way more useful to the team actually fighting for capzones. Also, if people apply the same amount of logi runs and coordination to, I dunno, actually building FOBs to attack capzones and covering approaches with HMGs, it's also much more effective.
  22. Для пабликов работать не будет. Потому что частенько адекватов в отряде не хватает. Так-то командир хотя бы может лично что-то сделать если край как надо. Для организованных кланов и т.п. это вариант, но там это и не надо т.к. вменяемый командир и не будет торчать за баранкой если есть кому это поручить. Для совсем трешовых случаев, когда командиры невменяемы и сидят на миномете, а командовать больше некому, это тоже не поможет, т.к. если им запретить сидеть на миномете, норм командиры от этого не появятся. Более того, роль командира станет еще менее привлекательной для игроков и командиров станет еще меньше.
  23. Хорошая идея, поддерживаю. И по радио должны говорить: Я Бэ-Пятый, враг на моем трупе.