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  1. Anti Tank

    Exception that proves the rule, eh? I've even been killed by mortars in this game - true story! EDIT: Also, at 600m the target has to be way below your screen. Were you just doing Hail Mary shots because of the infinite ammo in old versions?
  2. Subj, pretty much. Does anyone else think that the cure is worse than the disease? I suppose the lack of cheaters in Squad could be related to exceptional effectiveness of the anticheat service, but it simply seems to me that this game isn't appealing to the childish types that resort to cheating. Ergo, the anti-cheat is being overzealous. Or maybe I'm just part of an unlucky minority that has anti-cheat constantly acting up? I see a lot of bug reports on the subject, but I dunno what part of the community is affected by the problem. Do most players have this problem, or no?
  3. Good to hear. Hopefully this means the bugs will eventually go away for good. And thank you for the info!
  4. Anti Tank

    You still can't see the target when shooting at 200+ m. It's literally covered by your gunsight. And you will very much have weapon sway after running. And your chances of actually hitting even a static target are not great, unless you can zero in with ranging shots and/or perfectly estimate distance. In short, AT weapons in Squad are less effective than IRL because even RPG-7 is supposed to easily hit stationary vehicles out to 200m+ (and this reduced capability is OK, because vehicle crews in Squad tend to be much more reckless than IRL).
  5. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    A lot of these are not gameplay mechanics problems, but playerbase problems. Seems to me that the individual skill level has significantly decreased lately. People just don't know how to play. Today, in 2 matches on full 40v40 server, I was the only SL on the team who placed HABs. It's not that people are dickheads or anything - it's that they don't know what to do. Also, as I've said in this and other threads before, a lot of these problems stem from the fact players can't form stable in-game connections with other players and therefore the community ends up very fractured and the spirit of teamwork doesn't extend beyond a single match or at best a single session on a server. It is unforgivable that a game that primarily focuses on player interaction and coordination offers far less ingame tools for it than more "casual" games like World of Tanks or Wargame series.
  6. I'm starting thru steam. And usually just joining another server solves it, without restarting Steam or Squad. It's just weird and annoying that various bugs with anticheat keep popping up.
  7. Nope, never. It usually just shuts off with "unable to authenticate" or some such. Once or twice it went crazy because I had the wrong date set. Etc.
  8. Anti Tank

    Interestingly, AP SABOTs and the like aren't actually not that effective against APCs compared to tanks (assuming they can pen tank armor in the first place). A tank is very cramped inside and full of crew/flammable/explosive stuff, so a penetration is often a mission kill. OTOH, APCs are largely empty inside, so a pen doesn't guarantee a whole lot. HEAT weapons are better against APCs because the huge explosion tends to mess up the infantry inside. So yeah, a HEAT weapon to the fighting compartment of the APC is a big problem, it doesn't just mess up whatever thing it hits. MG/cannon hits should do localized damage.
  9. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    1. So, something like a separate "friends" voice channel?
  10. Anti Tank

    And much better players. Currently, what you're describing would result in most Squads YOLO'ing their vics and whining, while those that move on foot would get spread around half the map
  11. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    Yeah but it also has over 3 mil sales AND is a part of a very large and established franchise AND has a bunch of DLCs AND is not in Alpha. The ratio of sales-to-players is more than Squad, but not critically so.
  12. Ideas For New Roles

    Mine clearing kit. As for thermobaric HE launcher, it's very much in use by RU army and presumably MIL forces
  13. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    I think Squad is kind of hard for an average CoD kid to get into, which probably explains why few people play it. I'd guess numbers for ARMA games are similar. As for things that make me think about taking a break from Squad: 1. Lack of an intuitive, easy in-game way of building lasting relationships with people beyond a single match. A "friendlist" system, being able to see which of my friends are on which server, a separate "friends" chat, way to invite friends to your server... there are many ways to form connections with players which are used in other games, all of these are missing in Squad, and this is an unforgivable oversight in a game which is primarily about player interaction. And yeah, I can connect with ppl on Steam or Skype or whatever. Or I can cyberstalk them and buy a plane ticket to their house. A game shouldn't be forcing me to use external systems in order to partially compensate for glaring design flaws. 2. Recent influx of new and clueless players and SLs. I suppose it's good that they're keeping the game alive, but... Let's just say that I'm naturally a very calm and easygoing person, but yesterday we had 3 matches in which a full 9-person squad proceeded to sit on first flag and mortar nothing, while the rest of the team kind of ineffectually flailed about the map... so I quit. It's not that people were unresponsive either - they simply didn't know how to play effectively. 3. Repetitive gameplay. I suppose this just comes down to me playing the game too much. That, combined with #1 and #2, which means I can never depend on my team... in a game that's primarily about teamwork.
  14. I've seen mortars used effectively (and used them myself) to destroy HABs/radios in the open. Like... maybe a dozen times since their introduction. They're definitely useful, but more of a highly situational tool than a constant necessity some SLs think them to be. I get WHY people think the team needs mortars (because IRL mortars are highly useful and constantly necessary), but ingame they just don't work like that. It's as dumb as pulling guard duty at main would be, "because real military does it".
  15. If I understand the OP correctly, he NOT upset about the rush meta, quite the opposite. He is upset about this: "many times, in game, some squads are created whose only purpose is building a super FOB and using mortars which decreases the fighting capabilities of a team and gives the enemy a huge advantage to capturing points", which is still a common problem. I don't understand how players haven't learned yet that mortars are useless with their tiny AoE (outside of a very narrow set of circumstances, pretty much only shelling HABs in the open), but I often see a team lose 30% of its fighting power to some "genius" mortar SL sitting next to main and nonstop shelling random grid squares. The OPs solution to this problem is to park artillery at main, which would give those "special" artillery lovers something to use without hogging a logi and dedicating a whole squad to building a superfob. It's not perfect, but I see where he's coming from. Personally, I'd rather see an increase in mortar AoE, so mortar squads stop being such an obvious waste of time.
  16. Deployable Change

    That would also be a cool addition
  17. Deployable Change

    Bomb disposal role may be a good addition to squad tbh. Something like RS2 bomb disposal guy, where he can see enemy traps/mines much better than other classes. Give him a shotgun and breaching charge, and the class would be quite popular
  18. Anti Tank

    Yep, mortars need buff. Obviously that would result in even more idiots parking a 9-member squad at first flag and enthusiastically shelling some empty area, but at least with higher AoE they'd occasionally score a kill
  19. Deployable Change

    Yeah buildable bombs should be a thing IIRC after battle of Aleppo for example, Russian/Syrian EOD had to deal with some ridiculously huge amount of explosives left behind, like 20,000 tons or something. They may have messed up the numbers in that news report but the bottomline is that IRL modern insurgents use explosives A LOT.
  20. Anti Tank

    Yep, I honestly think rockets are a but UP right now. It's kinda silly that a 1.8 kg HE/FRAG round has roughly the same killing power as 0.3 kg handheld nade. But the main victim of ingame scaling are without doubt the mortars, their AoE is ridiculously small compared to real life.
  21. What do you Usually Name Your Squad?

    GOAT RESCUE FORCE is one of the better ones I've seen. Also references to Gopniks and Jihad for Militia and Insurgents respectively.
  22. Soo... the solution to idiots misusing mortars instead of doing something useful... would be to give them arty at main? Meh. I see your reasoning, and it might mitigate the problem somewhat (like it used to be back before mortars, when 1-2 insurgents would simply sit and spam rocket truck from main), but really it's only a half-measure to give arty-lovers something to entertain themselves while hurting the team less. I'd say an overhaul of mechanics is in order, to make mortars more effective. Perhaps a far greater AoE with greater ammo cost for the mortars, so they would be actually useful for something other than shelling enemy HABs.
  23. Anti Tank

    Wait, who the heck does AT hits at 400m? I've been playing for a long time and I don't think I've EVER seen anyone hit at that range. Heck, on many maps, that's beyond render distance. Can you even aim that high? The vehicle would probably be below your view at that point. I'm thinking you're vastly exaggerating. Realistically, shooting beyond 100m with AT is very hit and miss in Squad, even for competent users
  24. Anti Tank

    The AT weapons are unrealistically underpowered right now. IRL even older RPG HEAT warheads have penetration of ~400mm RHA, and BTR80 armor is 10mm RHA. And they are quite accurate IRL, RPG is considered virtually foolproof against a static vehicle out to 200m or more, which is far better than most AT users can shoot ingame. But that's OK, because game balance. The vehicle crews in Squad tend to be unrealistically incompetent too. When used properly (sniping from 200m out in a hull-down position, with friendlies providing overwatch), a vehicle in virtually invincible. Unfortunately, most vehicle crews simply YOLO them into the midst of enemy lines, then cry about AT being overpowered.