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  1. Required experience for being a SL

    IMO the biggest problem with mortars ATM is their pitiful kill radius. IRL a grenade or UBGL has maybe 20 ft incapacitation range, RPG has a bit more (warhead weight is like 5x-10x that of a nade), mortar has at least 100ft both because of a much larger projectile and because of the way it throws fragments (they are distributed parallel to the ground, not willy-nilly). Ingame all these weapons appear to have similarly tiny kill radii, which objectively makes the mortar the worst of them (lowest mobility, lowest accuracy, highest flight time, highest opportunity cost). It doesn't even inhibit movement all that much, at most you can briefly deny a single compound/road. The same can be accomplished far better by 1-2 fire support classes or a piece of armor.
  2. Required experience for being a SL

    Suppression works on noobs who still think mortars are dangerous. Any minimally competent player knows they present little danger due to small AoE and low accuracy. Might as well "suppress" with a couple SAWs dumping mags, spamming UBGL at random, or parking armor at render range and shooting at the objective. Yes, mortars have some value in destroying sandbags and razorwire out in the open (which themselves are a sign that the enemy team is clueless, since they have little tactical value and are trivially cleared with 1-2 explosives of any type), but generally, having another squad storm the objective with you from a different direction is FAR more useful. As I've said, yes there are some niche situations when mortars do come in handy - primarily when the enemy are all clustered in an open-topped fixed position (i.e. some sort of a compound, preferably with HAB in the open too). But that is no excuse for having a separate mortar squad that spends 100% of their time on a tactic that's only useful 5% of the time in some games. If you see that the enemy are all clustered inside the Police Station on Sumari or something - quickly drop a mortar on nearest FOB, dump a bunch of shells into compound to get defenders to clear rooftops and courtyard, move in. Do NOT tie up 4+ competent players and a logi for an entire game to provide "covering fire" (i.e. make a bunch of noise and a few accidental kills).
  3. Subj, pretty much. Does anyone else think that the cure is worse than the disease? I suppose the lack of cheaters in Squad could be related to exceptional effectiveness of the anticheat service, but it simply seems to me that this game isn't appealing to the childish types that resort to cheating. Ergo, the anti-cheat is being overzealous. Or maybe I'm just part of an unlucky minority that has anti-cheat constantly acting up? I see a lot of bug reports on the subject, but I dunno what part of the community is affected by the problem. Do most players have this problem, or no?
  4. What are your biggest pet peeves in squad?

    Oh, I forgot my biggest pet peeve: the fact that, in a game that is primarily about player-to-player interaction and teamwork, there are NO ingame tools for players to form lasting relationships. No friendlist, "invite friends to server" buttons, different color for friends in player listing, friends voicechat... nothing. It far worse than arcade titles like World of Tanks or RTS clickfests like Wargame series. It's just... so bizarre that this key aspect is ignored. (Before anyone says "add people to Steam friends / add them on Skypr" - yes, or I can also buy a plane ticket to their house and talk to them in person, but that doesn't change the fact that the game lacks a decent system to form lasting relationships with fellow players, which far less teamwork-oriented games very much do)
  5. Required experience for being a SL

    ^ Decent idea, but unfortunately it relies on players knowing what a "good SL" looks like, which sadly about half of the playerbase does not. For one, many pub players imagine that SL's job is to lead from the front, whereas in fact SL generally should be busy creating RPs / HABs / FOBs and communicating, not charging into the fray.
  6. Required experience for being a SL

    I'm not hating on mortars as a concept. I honestly think it's awesome that Squad has them and we need more&better ... squad-level weapons like that, ones that require multiple players cooperating to use effectively) I was simply pointing out that, for a variety of reasons (primarily low mortar AoE and respawn system), mortars are currently ineffective ingame, and the people who use them are contributing very little to victory. "How to improve mortars and not turn the game into sitzkrieg" is a separate subject, and I don't have a ready-made solution. I think the AoE should be at least doubled, for starters, and also they should de-spawn rallies within AoE (squad wouldn't rally where mortars are falling, right?).
  7. Required experience for being a SL

    Well, 20-40 kills for a squad of 4 is... not bad, I guess. What is that in an hour-long game, an average of 1 kill per squad member every 10 minutes or so? Now of course these are the best games, so I expect "average" mortar squad performance to be about 2-5 kills or less per member. In other words, far less effective than minimally competent foot soldiers, AND not participating in fighting for caps. Also note that in all but 1 of these screenshots, the team with mortars lost. Of course, one can make the argument that mortar squads don't take losses and therefore don't lose the team any tickets, and tip the game balance that way. But tbh one competent scout or LAT do far more damage than the results shown above, and also takes minimal losses. An ambush squad of 4 can practically shut down most maps, ditto. In other words, like marksmen, mortar squads can occasionally score some kills (in fact I've seen some good marksmen that consistently had 30-40 kills by themselves, and they didn't need a logi and 3 other squad members to do it). But overall mortars are still a detriment to the team and would be more useful either fighting for caps or FOB/vehicle hunting.
  8. Required experience for being a SL

    Meh. In a clan game, where you actually have the other 37 players on objective, it might be justified. Although I remember during an early mortar debate, someone showed a video of clan match where one team used mortars extensively... it was still ineffective and they still lost. But anyways, I'm talking about pub play - obvs in clan games mortars can be used against vehicles etc. In pub match, as I said, you will have maybe 15 competent people on a team, and the manpower loss from mortar squads is far too much. Yeah for a select few objectives (like the Crucibles), mortars might be briefly useful, but that's no excuse to make a mortar squad and a mortar FOB. Play as a normal squad => IF a stalemate develops, THEN quickly hop to nearest FOB, drop mortar and shell enemy => come back to playing as normal squad. Mortar squads are honestly far worse than marksmen in how over-used they are, and how their adherents defend their usefulness. In fact, if you think about it, dedicated mortar user basically has all the negative features of a marksman noob: - Does not fight for flags - Hangs back and plinks ineffectually in rough direction of enemy - Ties up valuable slots - Constantly brags about accomplishments, spams comms - Would be more useful doing literally anything else - In the end of game, has a pitiful score, but claims victory is due to his efforts
  9. Required experience for being a SL

    Elaborate on "wonders". Make a lot of noise and maybe 10 kills between their entire squad by the endgame? Remember that on pub servers really we're talking 1-3 halfway competent SLs per team, and maybe 10-15 competent squad members. Now a THIRD of that number are out of the competition for zones, enthusiastically shelling some area that some enemies were spotted in some time ago and claiming they are "denying it to the enemy". News flash: mortars have maybe a 9ft kill range AND they don't go through cover AND they have a very long flight time. Meaning that on an open map, a mortar squad won't do any meaningful damage because of low enemy density and high speed, while on an urban map, mortar squad won't do any meaningful damage because of omnipresent cover and poor info on enemy locations. I see maybe one game a week where mortars impact the gameplay significantly, and it's always by despawning the enemy HAB, and generally the mortar squad would still be more useful attacking the objectives on foot and taking down the HAB manually. Don't get me wrong - mortars have a niche. When I see a heavily defended enemy HAB in the open, I go build a mortar at a back FOB and have one squad member shell it into oblivion, while the rest of the squad attacks. THAT is how mortars should be used, not constant shelling with near-zero results.
  10. What are your biggest pet peeves in squad?

    Mortar squads (mortars should be built when enemy HAB is spotted in the open, otherwise they hurt the team far more than they help) People trying to play milsim in the middle of glorified CS match that most Squad servers are People who don't understand the meta and FOB placement Shitty shooting mechanics and ridiculous superiority of M4s to every other rifle Marksmen, and Riflemen who don't take Medic
  11. Required experience for being a SL

    I SL a lot but lately it's been quite frustrating. It's rare to find SLs and squad members who know the meta. Some of the more common problems: - Squad members constantly asking for rallies despite the fact that one is either impossible or unnecessary, throwing temper tantrums when that's pointed out - SLs creating mortar FOBs (I think I'm killed by mortars... maybe once every 2-3 weeks. They're worse than useless, except for shelling HABs) - SLs not securing the relevant points - Dumb FOB placement by SLs - Marksman/AR/Rifleman kits, no Medics or LATs For example, I think I can recall maybe two games on Sumari in the past 2 months where other SLs knew the proper way to place FOBs there (in a triangle formation, not one in the center that is easy to take down and blocks all other possible FOBs!). Thankfully, most times they know enough to let me place the bases. The above frustrations also prevent me from properly enjoying play as a regular squad member, because every time I want to just enjoy the game I instead end up cringing at command failures
  12. Anti Tank

    Exception that proves the rule, eh? I've even been killed by mortars in this game - true story! EDIT: Also, at 600m the target has to be way below your screen. Were you just doing Hail Mary shots because of the infinite ammo in old versions?
  13. Good to hear. Hopefully this means the bugs will eventually go away for good. And thank you for the info!
  14. Anti Tank

    You still can't see the target when shooting at 200+ m. It's literally covered by your gunsight. And you will very much have weapon sway after running. And your chances of actually hitting even a static target are not great, unless you can zero in with ranging shots and/or perfectly estimate distance. In short, AT weapons in Squad are less effective than IRL because even RPG-7 is supposed to easily hit stationary vehicles out to 200m+ (and this reduced capability is OK, because vehicle crews in Squad tend to be much more reckless than IRL).
  15. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    A lot of these are not gameplay mechanics problems, but playerbase problems. Seems to me that the individual skill level has significantly decreased lately. People just don't know how to play. Today, in 2 matches on full 40v40 server, I was the only SL on the team who placed HABs. It's not that people are dickheads or anything - it's that they don't know what to do. Also, as I've said in this and other threads before, a lot of these problems stem from the fact players can't form stable in-game connections with other players and therefore the community ends up very fractured and the spirit of teamwork doesn't extend beyond a single match or at best a single session on a server. It is unforgivable that a game that primarily focuses on player interaction and coordination offers far less ingame tools for it than more "casual" games like World of Tanks or Wargame series.
  16. I'm starting thru steam. And usually just joining another server solves it, without restarting Steam or Squad. It's just weird and annoying that various bugs with anticheat keep popping up.
  17. Nope, never. It usually just shuts off with "unable to authenticate" or some such. Once or twice it went crazy because I had the wrong date set. Etc.
  18. Anti Tank

    Interestingly, AP SABOTs and the like aren't actually not that effective against APCs compared to tanks (assuming they can pen tank armor in the first place). A tank is very cramped inside and full of crew/flammable/explosive stuff, so a penetration is often a mission kill. OTOH, APCs are largely empty inside, so a pen doesn't guarantee a whole lot. HEAT weapons are better against APCs because the huge explosion tends to mess up the infantry inside. So yeah, a HEAT weapon to the fighting compartment of the APC is a big problem, it doesn't just mess up whatever thing it hits. MG/cannon hits should do localized damage.
  19. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    1. So, something like a separate "friends" voice channel?
  20. Anti Tank

    And much better players. Currently, what you're describing would result in most Squads YOLO'ing their vics and whining, while those that move on foot would get spread around half the map
  21. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    Yeah but it also has over 3 mil sales AND is a part of a very large and established franchise AND has a bunch of DLCs AND is not in Alpha. The ratio of sales-to-players is more than Squad, but not critically so.
  22. Ideas For New Roles

    Mine clearing kit. As for thermobaric HE launcher, it's very much in use by RU army and presumably MIL forces
  23. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    I think Squad is kind of hard for an average CoD kid to get into, which probably explains why few people play it. I'd guess numbers for ARMA games are similar. As for things that make me think about taking a break from Squad: 1. Lack of an intuitive, easy in-game way of building lasting relationships with people beyond a single match. A "friendlist" system, being able to see which of my friends are on which server, a separate "friends" chat, way to invite friends to your server... there are many ways to form connections with players which are used in other games, all of these are missing in Squad, and this is an unforgivable oversight in a game which is primarily about player interaction. And yeah, I can connect with ppl on Steam or Skype or whatever. Or I can cyberstalk them and buy a plane ticket to their house. A game shouldn't be forcing me to use external systems in order to partially compensate for glaring design flaws. 2. Recent influx of new and clueless players and SLs. I suppose it's good that they're keeping the game alive, but... Let's just say that I'm naturally a very calm and easygoing person, but yesterday we had 3 matches in which a full 9-person squad proceeded to sit on first flag and mortar nothing, while the rest of the team kind of ineffectually flailed about the map... so I quit. It's not that people were unresponsive either - they simply didn't know how to play effectively. 3. Repetitive gameplay. I suppose this just comes down to me playing the game too much. That, combined with #1 and #2, which means I can never depend on my team... in a game that's primarily about teamwork.
  24. I've seen mortars used effectively (and used them myself) to destroy HABs/radios in the open. Like... maybe a dozen times since their introduction. They're definitely useful, but more of a highly situational tool than a constant necessity some SLs think them to be. I get WHY people think the team needs mortars (because IRL mortars are highly useful and constantly necessary), but ingame they just don't work like that. It's as dumb as pulling guard duty at main would be, "because real military does it".
  25. If I understand the OP correctly, he NOT upset about the rush meta, quite the opposite. He is upset about this: "many times, in game, some squads are created whose only purpose is building a super FOB and using mortars which decreases the fighting capabilities of a team and gives the enemy a huge advantage to capturing points", which is still a common problem. I don't understand how players haven't learned yet that mortars are useless with their tiny AoE (outside of a very narrow set of circumstances, pretty much only shelling HABs in the open), but I often see a team lose 30% of its fighting power to some "genius" mortar SL sitting next to main and nonstop shelling random grid squares. The OPs solution to this problem is to park artillery at main, which would give those "special" artillery lovers something to use without hogging a logi and dedicating a whole squad to building a superfob. It's not perfect, but I see where he's coming from. Personally, I'd rather see an increase in mortar AoE, so mortar squads stop being such an obvious waste of time.