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  1. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    ^ Then need Gary so the Insurgents would have some ability to punish US for FOB digging. IIRC insurgents in Syria used thousands of VBIEDs over the past few years, usually car/truck sized. I think the combined total weight of explosives used in VBIEDs in Syria is at this point several times more than the power of Hiroshima bomb. I get that the devs don't wanna make the game into ISIS simulator, but... well.. I think that bridge was kinda crossed when Insurgents faction was added. Minor gameplay mechanics won't change things one way or another.
  2. M110 - Awfully weak

    Heavier round doesn't necessarily do much more damage, because it's not designed to tumble when hitting tissue like 5.56 or 5.45 are. So the OP is incorrect from real-life perspective (as well as from game balance one). PS. However, 7.62 penetrates cover a lot better, because the lighter tumbling rounds obviously tumble when hitting a twig. That's not fully represented ingame I don't think, you can still spray through undergrowth and hit someone.
  3. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    When ppl ask for Jets in a squad-level game, I can only think of this... PS. Ask for nuclear aircraft carriers while you're at it. PPS. SLs calling in airstrikes would be OK tho. But then we will have to have counter-abilities, and it will all become a game of "bullshit SL ability #1 vs bullshit SL ability #2".
  4. Optics for M249 and M240B

    Yeah the 240 and PKM still need buffs because they are still inferior to the LAT, Marksman, Grenadier, or scoped LMG. Which probably means optics, and/or increased vehicle damage. I'd guess the problem is that PKM doesn't normally come with an optic, so the insurgents and militia would be shafted yet again (the Russians can have the scoped PKP tho).
  5. Make 7.62 Great Again!

    M-series rifles are already roughly twice as good as the AKM point-blank (a third more ROF and a third less recoil), with advantage increasing dramatically over longer ranges due to better sights and lower damage falloff (AKM two-chest-shot-kills out to 200m or so, M4 does this well past 300m). Plus the optics on US Marksman and optics rifleman kits is noticeably better. Americans don't need anymore fire superiority. I agree that GPMGs in general still need buffs tho, right now they are inferior to other FS roles and aren't any better than LMGs.
  6. The focus makes you a superhuman

    It represents the fact that human eye is capable of far more than 1600*1200 resolution, and thus when focusing on a certain area, one can see things more clearly
  7. V10 M68 Red Dot Placement

    I find it hard to believe that US soldiers would prefer to close to spitting distance with the enemy and therefore lose their advantages in long-range marksmanship. Heck, the entire premise of the 5.56 round is that it doesn't drop at ranges over 300m like the 7.62x39 does.
  8. I don't think it's unrealistic for riflemen to put accurate fire to 200-300m. To qualify for Marine weapons qualification for example, one has to fire at targets 200, 300, and 500 meters away, and hit something like 75% of them. The idea that it takes some sort of superhuman skill to put out accurate fire at typical Squad ranges (i.e. under 300 meters 90-95% of the time) is just... not true. If anything, I think shooting in Squad is already harder than IRL. The "long range sniping" meta mentioned in OP just has to do with the openness of some maps, and TBH it's completely realistic. The reason it doesn't happen quite as much IRL is that most soldiers are not brave/dumb enough to run into enemy line of fire, and mostly shoot in rough direction of the enemy from behind cover.
  9. The focus makes you a superhuman

    So anything that makes things easier for the player is "handholding"? What about switching gears on vehicles? Taking off caps on RPG rockets? Spend 95% of game time pulling guard duty at main base because "realism"? Having no interactive map and constant comm problems? All of these things are much more "unrealistic" than focusing on target making it easier to shoot. Good game design is GETTING RID of micro while still maintaining a good degree of realism and fun. That's what Squad should (and mostly does) strive towards. Not making it artificially hard to shoot by introducing real-life handicaps without any of the benefits real shooters enjoy (like, you know, human eye having more than 1600*1200 resolution?).
  10. v10 Weapons Handling and Control

    Yeah, most players seem to like it. I think the new system makes more sense... intuitively. Yeah recoil is exaggerated but it's always been like that.
  11. The focus makes you a superhuman

    Devs have to work with display resolution being limited. IRL it's easier to aim because you can see the target better, and control the weapon sway much better. Yes you won't necessarily be rock steady as the game shows, but you'll be able to get rounds on target just the same. It's not a "handholding mechanic", it's abstracting away needless micro to achieve similar results as IRL. And Squad is not alone - pretty much every FPS abstracts the shooting to some degree. It's not "realism" to add force the players to do more micro (in your case - time the weapons sway). That's no better than forcing players to constantly flip safety switches, smoothly press mouse button, tap W for every step, left-click shovel for every dig, etc. Shooting in Squad involves enough micro as is.
  12. This is about "Seperate sensitivity for aiming". Did you read your own OP? ;D If you want to change mouse sensitivity in general, use dpi buttons or Windows options. There is no reason to keep changing that.
  13. 4th option from the top, it's actually called "aim sensitivity"
  14. M4 burst mode

    You can fire one round of burst IRL. That's the justification for doing it that way in Squad. The problem that IRL it's way easier to figure out bursts because you "feel" the weapon, and also because you spend months/years practicing with it. In Squad, it just ends up making burst mode erratic and unworkable. The devs should just leave the work of controlling burst lengths to the avatar, not the player. It's needless micro and a mistake in game design - like making the player manually switch off the safety when drawing a new weapon, remove safety cap from each RPG rocket before loading, "warm up" vehicle engines in the winter, etc. Even America's Army, the US Army training game, doesn't make the player manually control bursts. PS. That said, properly implemented burst mode will make US rifles even more OP, so... I'm okay with burst mode being erratic from overall meta standpoint. But I'd prefer to see a more a elegant solution.
  15. There is an option in settings. I think it's called ADS sensitivity or some such. You're welcome )) I set it to like 0.05
  16. FOB = my love

    I like building defense FOBs. I don't like pillow forts that many SLs build (basically 100500 sandbags, one ammo box, and nothing else). This ain't Middle Ages, guys! Castles don't work anymore. Instead, spend the same points to sprinkle ammo boxes all around the fighting area (LATs... constant LATs), set up emplacements in good keyhole locations, and sparingly use fortifications for cover in key points (walls are only good for a bit of cover from HE - especially now that they can be vaulted over). And for the love of G-d put the radio as far from the hotzone as you can - while not blocking other possible radios.
  17. Before and after V10

    The guy in the first video is in a braced position firing at a non-moving target, and his muzzle still jumps +/- several degrees, which means "broad side of a barn" accuracy. I shoot a few thousand rounds a year and to me V10 accuracy seems BETTER than I'd expect an average grunt to perform in combat. Alternative method: Check the ratio of rounds fired vs enemies killed in any real-life engagement that involved regular troops, then compare it to Squad.
  18. As an SL, I hate the new radial menu

    ^This. Menu may look better, but it's way harder to use without cursor. Let's hope Squad UI doesn't fall down the "style over function" rabbit hole.
  19. Before and after V10

    Well, I'm not sure how to quantify "shooting realism", but the gunplay makes more sense to me in V10
  20. Before and after V10

    Meh. I actually like the V10 shooting mechanics more
  21. Is The 30 Mil BTR Overpowered Now?

    Is it just a bug, or does the BTR82A cannon now fire in 3-round bursts only? I used the BTR yesterday and had that happen
  22. Nah, the V10 optics are even better at short-range. In V9, M4 red dot was about equal to AK sights at under 10m. Now, US red dot is far better. Plus, don't forget that M4 has 33% more ROF and 33% less recoil than AKM (while still taking 2 shots to kill), so it essentially has double the firepower of an AKM at short range. And that advantage increases at longer distances due to lower recoil, better sights, better ballistics, and damage dropoff (AKM 2-shots people out to 207m, M4 2-shots out to 367m!). I personally view this weapon superiority as a stand-in for US force advantages in training and body armor, and I guess the way Insurgents are supposed to counter it is mining all the roads
  23. 82A's main cannon only fires in 3 round bursts now for some reason. I'm not sure if that's a bug or intended
  24. The AKMs are terribad on every level (much higher recoil, still 3 hits to kill, low ROF, crap sights). The 74s are okay, slightly worse than unscoped M4 (slightly less ROF and dmg, small sights). Red dot M4s are king. With slower movement of V10, it's noticeable that Americans dominate every firefight, especially vs irregular factions
  25. How'm Does one set up Effective FOB Fortifications?

    Sandbags are the bane of my existence tbh. They waste 50 build points and are only marginally useful (often, as mentioned here, they hurt more than they help). 90% of the time it's better to put up more ammo crates and MGs, rather than playing Minecraft. I'd say the following are good tips: - IF at all possible, place a radio max range away from the HAB and from the flag, in the direction where the enemy is least likely to be. Simplest example - placing insurgent radio on School in Sumari, then placing the HAB on Palace. That way, enemy won't increase your spawn time when fighting for flag, and losing the flag doesn't mean losing the radio. Similarly, other radios on Sumari should be placed along edges of the map, then HABs placed 150m closer to objectives. Similar logic applies to any tight cap on Middle East map, i.e. it's often beneficial to hide your radio in tall wheat field 150m closer to your Main, then place HAB inside whatever compound you're contesting. On Mestia when fighting for objectives, hide radios in bushes under the hill 150m from objective, etc. Of course, there are cases where there's simply nowhere to hide, or no time to drop a separate radio and HAB - then they can be both put on objective. In general, I avoid placing HABs away from objectives because it's easy for enemy to cut your men down, or they will simply wander away from the point, but it depends on map and faction. - Ammo boxes and emplacements are underused. Fortifications are overused. Keep this in mind. In general, when defending a point on Basrah for example, it's better to spend 2000 supply by putting 6x ammo box in every building around it (letting your rockets and grenades decimate the enemy) and 4x MG (for those who don't have an RPG), than 40x Sandbag for a pillow fort that does nothing except inhibit your maneuver and reveal your position to the enemy. Pillow forts are especially stupid in V9 due to lack of weapon resting, meaning that crouching behind a sandbag actually decreases your accuracy compared to shooting prone - FOBs are 20 tickets which is a lot but not crippling by any means. If you lose a FOB but take a flag it's a huge win. Heck, if you lose a FOB but take out 1 powerful piece of armor, it's a win. This is why making hidden ammo FOBs for Scouts to mine roads is very good - Most cases, superfobs are unnecessary. It's better to use a logi run on creating a new attack or defend FOB, than on placing some more boxes on new one - Mortars are ineffective and waste huge amounts of ammo. Avoid placing them UNLESS the enemy superfobed some compound and needs to be taught the error of their ways. Then quickly use one and possibly dig it down afterwards (incase some tactical genius decides to "help" by "suppressing" some sand two clicks away and wastes all your ammo)