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  1. (Single) Human Wave Attack in Squad

    Its already implemented via respawn timer. There is no difference between giving up and waiting to spawn, or lying bleeding for a minute and then spawning. Also, no, increasing wait times is a horrible idea. If I wanted to play waiting simulator, I'd just play ARMA.
  2. Share of magazines and reload system

    I like the idea because it promotes teamplay, which is what Squad focuses on. The easiest way to do this is simply RO-style, where each rifleman carries 1 extra MG belt and 1 extra rocket (since these are needed far, far more often than MG belts). Another option is to phase out "Non-Scoped Rifleman" role completely (since non-scoped rifleman is the most boring kit) and replace it with "Ammo Bearer", with one MG ammo bearer and one AT ammo bearer per squad, each with two belts/rockets.
  3. Limb Damage mechanic - In Depth

    Came here to make the same suggestion, bringing this to the top again. In Red Orchestra, hits to the legs would slow down players severely. I think this would be a nice feature - aim for enemy legs to stop them, then finish them off. Arm damage affecting aim would be nice as well. Both conditions should be fixed by bandaging (I think turning Squad into "cripple simulator" is a bad idea).
  4. Any specific small arms you'd love to see?

    The point is, you can't have AM rifles be more powerful than an RPG. So unless we have realistic damage (OHK of Humvees by RPGs, for instance), AM rifles would likely need 5+ hits to kill even a Humvee, and 10+ for APC. Under current model, they'd need 10-40 hits for vehicles. Also, since AM rifles have much longer range and higher velocity than RPGs, IF they are effective, they would simply shut down transport vehicle movement and make large maps unplayable. Again, I like the idea AM rifles and I'd love to use them on in Squad, but I think they would be a bad thing for overall gameplay.
  5. Head popping up when bandaging

    Can you imagine bandaging and resuscitating someone while laying face down in the dirt next to them? I can't. The head pop while bandaging is annoying but realistic.
  6. Any specific small arms you'd love to see?

    You can't instantly kill a humvee with an RPG in Squad. It takes like 2-3 hits. Currently, 14.5 mm guns take 26 hits to kill a Humvee, and 40 for an APC, if the table on Reddit is correct. Let's say the damage on AM rifle is hugely increased compared to MG and it would only take 10 hits to kill Humvees and 20 for APC. Do you really think any driver would be stupid enough to stick around for 20 hits with an AM rifle? As I said, annoying to use, annoying to have used against you, ultimately ineffective.
  7. Unbalanced Al Basrah

    If you wanna talk IRL, assault on Mosul has dragged on for half a year, with 10:1 advantage in men for the attackers, and I'd guess 200:1 in firepower. They're still not done, and official casualties are roughly even. Unofficially, ISIS is probably leading by K:D. Questions? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Mosul_(2016–17)
  8. Unbalanced Al Basrah

    Yeah, I see maybe 75% winrate for insurgents. Vehicles just aren't much of an advantage in a city, and good FOB placement (atop highrises) completely decimates the US because there's no way to advance up a blocked stairs with ammo crate up top. If insurgents hear digging, they just spam grenades over the barricade. I love this map, and I think it's fine as is, but I wouldn't use it for competitions since it favors insurgents (in most of its iterations). The versions where US can cap 2 objectives at a time are more balanced.
  9. Unbalanced Al Basrah

    IRL APCs/tanks are probably in greater danger than in Squad. There's ATGMs, IEDs/mines, enemy traveling through hidden tunnels, 120mm mortars, etc. If you watch videos from Syria, you will note that tanks operate by driving forward a bit to shell a designated objective (usually protected on both sides by friendly infantry), and then immediately retreat.
  10. Insurgency and Squad don't have much in common TBH, although I suppose they ARE competing for players. Insurgency feels more like CS with more interesting mechanics.
  11. Unbalanced Al Basrah

    Yeah I don't think vehicles are a big advantage for US there, because the map is so urban. If anything, it feels more balanced in favor of insurgents, as long as they know what they're doing.
  12. Any specific small arms you'd love to see?

    RO2 and similar games have anti-tank rifles. They are: - annoying to use against infantry (single-shot, no optic) - annoying to use against vehicles (require multiple solid hits to kill, vehicle usually kills you or gets out) - annoying to have them used against you (since they usually resort to bothering shots from extreme long range, and penetrate all cover) So I think anti-material rifles without optics would be cool in theory (and I'd love to see Militia with 14.5mm WWII-era ATRs - they used a lot of those in Ukraine), but ultimately just not a very good fit from a gameplay perspective
  13. Seems like a decent idea, but this would generate weird dynamics with vehicles (i.e. some of the squad would have to spawn main, grab armor, bring it, etc.)
  14. G3, why is it so hard to use? Any tips?

    That there is the reason intermediate cartridges were invented. G3 cartridge is far too powerful to hit anything specific with fullauto fire. 10/10 for realism, working as intended.
  15. Any specific small arms you'd love to see?

    Probably the #1 thing we need are 30mm and 40mm automatic grenade lauchers tbh, it's the kind of weapon that really needs a spotter to be effective, which promotes teamplay. Preferably with an implementation of "ammo bearer" roles (i.e. an infantryman can carry extra LAT rockets, or extra AGL ammo boxes), and dedicated spotter-to-arty comms (i.e. being able to talk to specific member of squad by pressing numpad, kinda how SLs talk). The only danger is that well-used AGLs might prevent movement on the map, it already kinda happens with well-defended objectives. Shotguns and bolt-action rifles have already been mentioned. Molotovs would be kinda cool and appropriate, the problem is that they're an ineffective weapon generally. They would just make a bunch of smoke and destroy light vehicles, but a normal grenade is way better against infantry and 1-2 molotovs won't do much to real armor beyond obscuring the crew's view. Donbass militia used a lot of 14.5mm heavy anti-tank rifles, it would be a cool weapon in theory, but annoying both to use and to have it used against you, plus it doesn't promote team play and would trigger tons of whining about needing 50 cal snipers.