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  1. Я предпоследнем патче вроде фпс упал, в последнем вроде пофиксили обратно, стало как раньше
  2. Base spawn outside

  3. Just assume these are discarded, empty gas cylinders. Problem solved PS. IRL the only way to get these to explode reliably is to attach a large explosive charge to them ;). Otherwise they just vent a bit of mist, but nothing like a smoke nade.
  4. Не играть на карте Mestia Снизить View Distance
  5. With the addition of Commander role, one power-tripping idiot would be able to ruin the game for the whole team, as opposed to just screwing over one squad briefly (since everyone will leave his MOST GLORIOUS "MORTAR SUPERFOB OUTSIDE BASE" SQUAD). ATM, on most pub servers, I see that majority of SLs don't even know how to play the game optimally. Usually me and 1-2 other SLs are left trying to unscrew the situation. Addition of Commander role can both fix this (if one of the 2-3 competent officers on the team takes it), or completely ruin the match (if one of the idiots or "impolite" guys gets the role). If the Commander role was somehow limited or voted in, it might work.
  6. It would be a nice idea, and I like Kendo's proposed mechanic. However, as discussed above, it will make the game even harder and more frustrating for new players. Shooting in Squad is quite challenging as-is (Squad is hands down the hardest game to be an effective rifleman in IMO, and I've been playing semi-realistic FPS for ages). And no, I do not think that devs should make the game harder and harder to master so that only hardcore nolifers can play it. So I guess my 2c is that the proposed changes would be nice, but should be kept to a minimum (0.3s "sight sway" after each shot, etc), so as not to make shooting a complete... crapshoot for anyone new.
  7. Capzone height limit.

    That tactic used to be powerful back when deployables were indestructible by explosives and ammo didn't cost resupply, because it was possible to barricade the stairs with barbed wire/sandbags and just rain infinite grenades over them. And even then it required a competent team, otherwise the FOB building would just get farmed with HMG vehicles shooting through walls and AT/GL spam. With the new changes it's much less useful, and I rarely see it. Non-issue IMO.
  8. PKM with AP ammo can actually pen lighter vehicles. And that includes the side armor of BTRs at short-medium ranges. Just a thought...
  9. Blocking bridges...

    Theoretically, yeah, but how many vehicles would one need? Like 4, plus 4 more for bridges? That's a huge ticket loss and a lot of work. Back on the old Basrah, blocking was happening all the time, now it's quite rare in pub matches
  10. Blocking bridges...

    Cheap and gamey tactic IMO, but now that it's possible to get out of INS Mains on Basrah via shallow water, it no longer completely ruins the map.
  11. I think pistol recoil is good tbh. Recoil in this game is generally increased relatively to real life, and considering how much pistols jump around relative to a shouldered rifle, I'd say the pistols in game actually got LESS recoil increase than rifles did
  12. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    Logistics are already important. You literally can't do anything without em except drop one supply crate with enough supplies for one LAT via a concerted effort of three people for a period of time at least 400m from another FOB (a situation that's quite rare on pub servers, but I suppose does arise in more organized play). Removing that "exploit" will do very little because most people don't use it anyway, and those that do are generally wandering in the middle of nowhere (because most contested flags should already have a major FOB nearby, thereby preventing the FOB trick).
  13. See my response on previous page. INS/MIL don't need to be sneaky, they simply shouldn't rely on unscoped AKs, those are weapons for support classes that shouldn't be doing that much fighting. There is nothing "sneaky" about relying on explosives as your primary killers. Inside of 200 yards, I'll take an RPG over a scoped M4 every time - as long as you learn the correct adjustments for rocket drop, it's far more deadly. Also, INS HAB is already 350 points I believe whereas US HAB is 500. It's a noticeable advantage. Reducing the ticket cost of INS radios to say 10 would be interesting tho, because they can benefit from aggressive FOB building (360 degree HMG placements, SPGs, ammo crates for mines and RPGs, etc.).
  14. Do mortars suck?

    Well at least the mortar spam is dying down, I think people caught on to the fact that those things are largely useless unless you need to shell an enemy FOB/HAB in the open that you can't take down in another way and you have someone correcting your fire (in other words, a rare case). Mortars are fun but until the blast radius is improved they're very niche weapons.
  15. Meh. Optics and red dots are better than irons, yes. M4s are currently far better than AKMs, yes. So what? It affects the match relatively little. The main killing weapon for INS and MIL should be the RPG, they get two frag rounds for chrissakes. And Militia get an UBGL on top of it. Even Russians get a scoped MG, even though their irons are worse. The answer to enemy heavy vehicles as INS/MIL is to hide mines on every road. IEDs are an excellent tool to destroy FOBs, if a Scout gets 5 seconds at your FOB it's gone. Raider class gets 4 grenades (2 of them instant-action) and the excellent PPSH. Etc. Unscoped AKs are basically weapons for team leaders and medics, who shouldn't be doing the bulk of the fighting. US is indeed stronger on some maps, but this is more due to heavier vehicles than anything else, and the fact that INS teams tend to be less organized (jihad roleplay FTW).