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  1. PKM with AP ammo can actually pen lighter vehicles. And that includes the side armor of BTRs at short-medium ranges. Just a thought...
  2. Blocking bridges...

    Theoretically, yeah, but how many vehicles would one need? Like 4, plus 4 more for bridges? That's a huge ticket loss and a lot of work. Back on the old Basrah, blocking was happening all the time, now it's quite rare in pub matches
  3. Blocking bridges...

    Cheap and gamey tactic IMO, but now that it's possible to get out of INS Mains on Basrah via shallow water, it no longer completely ruins the map.
  4. I think pistol recoil is good tbh. Recoil in this game is generally increased relatively to real life, and considering how much pistols jump around relative to a shouldered rifle, I'd say the pistols in game actually got LESS recoil increase than rifles did
  5. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    Logistics are already important. You literally can't do anything without em except drop one supply crate with enough supplies for one LAT via a concerted effort of three people for a period of time at least 400m from another FOB (a situation that's quite rare on pub servers, but I suppose does arise in more organized play). Removing that "exploit" will do very little because most people don't use it anyway, and those that do are generally wandering in the middle of nowhere (because most contested flags should already have a major FOB nearby, thereby preventing the FOB trick).
  6. See my response on previous page. INS/MIL don't need to be sneaky, they simply shouldn't rely on unscoped AKs, those are weapons for support classes that shouldn't be doing that much fighting. There is nothing "sneaky" about relying on explosives as your primary killers. Inside of 200 yards, I'll take an RPG over a scoped M4 every time - as long as you learn the correct adjustments for rocket drop, it's far more deadly. Also, INS HAB is already 350 points I believe whereas US HAB is 500. It's a noticeable advantage. Reducing the ticket cost of INS radios to say 10 would be interesting tho, because they can benefit from aggressive FOB building (360 degree HMG placements, SPGs, ammo crates for mines and RPGs, etc.).
  7. Do mortars suck?

    Well at least the mortar spam is dying down, I think people caught on to the fact that those things are largely useless unless you need to shell an enemy FOB/HAB in the open that you can't take down in another way and you have someone correcting your fire (in other words, a rare case). Mortars are fun but until the blast radius is improved they're very niche weapons.
  8. Meh. Optics and red dots are better than irons, yes. M4s are currently far better than AKMs, yes. So what? It affects the match relatively little. The main killing weapon for INS and MIL should be the RPG, they get two frag rounds for chrissakes. And Militia get an UBGL on top of it. Even Russians get a scoped MG, even though their irons are worse. The answer to enemy heavy vehicles as INS/MIL is to hide mines on every road. IEDs are an excellent tool to destroy FOBs, if a Scout gets 5 seconds at your FOB it's gone. Raider class gets 4 grenades (2 of them instant-action) and the excellent PPSH. Etc. Unscoped AKs are basically weapons for team leaders and medics, who shouldn't be doing the bulk of the fighting. US is indeed stronger on some maps, but this is more due to heavier vehicles than anything else, and the fact that INS teams tend to be less organized (jihad roleplay FTW).
  9. INS vs Militia would be less interesting than other matchups since both factions are mostly mirrored, but would indeed be kinda-realistic and add welcome variety to gameplay.
  10. Are you a good shot?

    THANK YOU! This should be included in all the manuals. Changing these settings worked miracles for my shooting ability. The second part of it was changing tactics to being a lot smarter and sneakier. Overall, I went from 3-4 kills a game to 5-10.

    Shhh... we don't want the Minecraft crowd to catch on to this and start wasting even MORE points on Oil Barrels and Mortar Shelters, now do we?

    Yes, that would be nice, and encourage teamplay.

    Oh, I can't wait to have 80 pub players building giant useless FOBs and misplacing assets! [/sacrasm] Half the time, FOB building is a problem even now, with SL wasting tons of points and time on useless fortifications that fail to hinder the attackers substantially (especially now that they're destructible), building up FOBs away from contested objectives, or sitting at first flag enthusiastically mortaring some random area half a click away from nearest enemy. Yesterday, after looking at some FOBs, I seriously started to contemplate if there is some overlap between Squad community and Minecraft/city builder simulator fanbase. I can't even imagine how cancerous it would become if regular players were allowed to play with assets. EDIT: I see Zylfax beat me to it EDIT2: "Rifleman should be able to create their own sandbags and drag them around. They should have several sandbags in their equipment. " ^This would lead to every bridge/chokepoint on every map being barricaded in short order, to stop enemy vehicles. Can't wait to be barricaded at Main by two bored riflemen.
  14. Make some changes to Invasion?

    Yeah that re-cappable thing is also true on Chora Invasion. That's the map I was talking about earlier. Against a semi-competent INS team, US is totally screwed there. Not only do they lose due to mercy bleed if they fail to rush Mosque (which the insurgents can get to slightly faster than US), US also has to hold Mosque while attacking the next flag. Flags should be un-recappable there. I think the longest I've seen the US team hold out was maybe 10 minutes.
  15. Well, let me put it this way. Squad is a game primarily about in-squad cooperation and teamwork, right? Working in close connection with other people? Then why the heck is forming long-term connections nearly impossible for pub players? You form bonds with 1-2 players for the duration of match, maybe a few matches on the same server, and then they're gone more or less forever. IRL, cooperation in military units is achieved through long-term training and experience, not by throwing random people together every half an hour and expecting them to act as a team. For example, in WoT you entered company matches as a "squad" of 10 people. SL would start the squad and send invites to people he knows (he could see if they're online). Many of them would be playing together for months or even years. Squad could also be unlocked so pub players could enter and talk, proving they're competent. You could even check people's stats ingame and see if they are good. Heck, I briefly logged into WoT two years after leaving it, and immediately a players asked me if I want to restart the old team. And, once again, this isn't clan matches. This is teams formed from pub players using in-game tools. This is what Squad should strive for. Now, obviously, Squad operates under different server rules than WoT, but there are still numerous improvements that can be done: 1. Invite friends who are in-game onto your server/team 2. In addition to locked and unlocked Squads, make a setting for "friends only", and/or "friends preferred" (similar to how claimed vehicles work) 3. Possibly have a system where squads can be assembled in the "lobby", then enter the servers as a full squad. Maybe have servers that can only host 60 players and then have 20 slots reserved for full squads entering, or something to that effect 4. Create a separate ingame chat for your friends ingame (yes this can be done on Steam or Skype or something, I'm talking something intuitive that will operate ingame) 5. Keep Squads permanent between matches on the same server, i.e. as long as people didn't leave the server, they would start the next game in the same Squad as last match I'm sure there are dozens of ways to do this, some probably a lot better than I could come up with. The point is, Squad could be so much more if you knew the people you were playing with - it's a game about teamwork, after all. Other games do it in a variety of ways, why not Squad?