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  1. Honestly that's not too effective, you have to fly back to reload the drone after each grenade. A much better use of drones is using them to correct mortar fire and monitor enemy movement. All sides should get that, maybe the "regular armies" get 2 drone operators per team and INS/militia get one.
  2. Do mortars suck?

    Watched that. Mortars were being expertly employed and the map was ideal for them (entirely within mortar range, limited avenues of approach, small objective zones, easy to funnel enemies). Still failed to do very much. Killed a few people and slowed down some pushes, but three extra fighters in objective zone would have probably been more effective. Mumblerines lost both rounds. Just goes to show that even under the most ideal conditions with the most experienced users, mortars are marginally useful at best.
  3. AK74 vs M4/16 Recoil

    That's theory. In practice, AK74s less powerful round means less recoil overall, and I find it to be more controllable personally. As I said above, YMMV.
  4. FOB Mechanics Too Harsh

    I just made a topic in the Suggestions section arguing that 1,000 ammo cap is too low for full servers, because it gets rapidly depleted on heavily populated FOBs even if the FOB is being supplied. 2,000 is more like it. Otherwise, I like the new system. It's not perfect, but it's better than the old one, more realistic. Although the old cooker FOBs and infinite ammo crates were definitely loads of fun sometimes.
  5. Basically, subj. Now that resupplying at ammo crates takes a lot of ammo, and ammo is no longer passively generated, ammo cap is quite small for a full server. For example, let's say when playing Invasion, a FOB will be defended by 20-40 people. It has an ammo cap of 1,000 points, which isn't even enough to resupply everyone once. And if there are emplacements being used at the same time, forget it. Yes, I understand the idea that a surrounded FOB should run out of ammo and become mostly useless, and I actually support that approach. However, currently a heavily populated FOB will run out of ammo even if it is being supplied, simply because of the hugely increased ammo expenditure and lack of regen, and that happens literally in a few minutes. I'd suggest increasing the ammo cap to 2,000 points, so that well-supplied FOBs could last a bit longer before becoming mostly useless.
  6. Alpha 9.7 Hotfix

    Good one!
  7. Dedicated Squads

    I don't really encounter the locked squad problem, but that may be because I play SL 90% of the time, so if there are no slots available, I just make a new squad. Also, playing as a lone SL is not bad.
  8. Squad.exe - No Disk

    I have the same error BTW. I just ignore it and it doesn't seem to interfere with anything.
  9. Gunner, spotter, logi driver - 3 people with 19 kills between them on a good day, who are also not fighting for flags, is quite a low result actually. I'd say even a greater buff would be optimal, as long as measures are taken to reduce the number of mortar tubes on map.
  10. ^This. I mean, even an 82mm should penetrate one layer of shingles or something, but any sort of solid building - forget it. It's designed to detonate on impact and throw tons of fragments to the sides, not penetrate roofs. That said, I'll reiterate that IRL a mortar round is supposed to shred anyone standing within ~100 ft of impact. Right now, mortars seem weaker than hand grenades and 40mm, which IRL have less than a tenth of the killing power.
  11. Simple suggestion. Assymetrical warfare as we know it in Middle East and Afghanistan is very heavily focused on IEDs, mines, ambushes, and so forth. At the same time, insurgents are not exactly known for their stellar battlefield medicine, certainly not to the same level as regular US Army units. Why not replace one Medic on INS Squad with a Scout then? It would create a more authentic and entertaining (and paranoid) experience methinks. Alternatively, if SLs would be able to choose Squad “types” in the future, maybe a Scout-heavy squad could be one of the types. PS. In the future, it would be nice to also see more mines and bigger IEDs. Perhaps a “heavy” scout role with a bigger IED / EFP, or a “light” scout with AP mines / tripwires. Perhaps make the Heavy Scout a team-wide role, similar to HATs and Marksmen.
  12. I'll agree that AKs (and especially 7,62 AK variants) are noticeably weaker than M4 ingame, chiefly due to higher recoil and worse sights. Higher damage doesn't matter if you can't hit the target reliably. My interpretation always has been that the INS team has to rely on RPGs, mines, ambushes and so on.
  13. Do mortars suck?

    Not really. Mortars come in at a steep angle and are designed to explode "to the sides", throwing fragments parallel to the ground and shredding infantry in a wide area around them. By comparison, hand grenades (in addition to being 10x smaller) don't fall in any specific way, so they're forced to throw fragments in all planes, rather than just one plane. Therefore, the lethality of mortar rounds is actually much over 10x compared to grenades. https://qph.ec.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-b74518bb5161ffe3771f4912e72e3afe
  14. Do mortars suck?

    Hmm... well I don't play clan matches, but I somehow doubt this. You can't deny an area with mortars, because they don't actually kill. Especially to experienced players who know you can just run through the barrages and most likely not even take damage. The same goes for outdoor radios and HABs - on most maps, that's a rarity even in pub matches. It's not hard to fit a HAB indoors / in cover, as long as there's anything available.
  15. Do mortars suck?

    I'm with @Skul actually. Mortars damaging assets is a welcome addition, but they need to be a lot stronger. Like, A LOT. A mortar round has 10x the mass of a hand grenade (and a better frag profile, so actually more than 10x killing area). ATM, they seem weaker than grenades. There is very little reason to use them, beyond taking out a HAB that somebody mistakenly deployed without a roof. Mortars are a very "Squad" thing in theory, requiring a lot of cooperation to use effectively, which is why so many people so desperately try to make them work. Unfortunately, the reward for such cooperation is severely lacking ATM. PS. Also, artillery being the main killer on a battlefield is actually quite realistic. Not very fun perhaps, but realistic. PPS. Also, spotter drones...