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  1. Sim o jogo já está sendo traduzido, é provável que seja lançado junto com a v10 ou logo em seguida.
  2. [BRASIL] Comunidade Gamer

    All inquiries related to any issue, be it ban appeals, suggestions, or general feedback should be directed to www.comunidadegamer.com.br Server name: [BRASIL] Comunidade Gamer Rules: Click here to access rules updated. Admin contact: Admins listing Website: Comunidade Gamer Discord: https://discord.gg/0hujlPTHcYn3UGfD
  3. The Wrench - June Edition

    You are allowed. Players there talk in Brazilian Portuguese mostly, but there is always english speakers playing with us.
  4. Server Feature Requests

    For Alpha 4. Remote url update timer in config so we can tell the server how often to read remote admins and remote bans again. Also please when remote bans are updated, check if player is already playing in the server and kick him to enforce the ban. Some people when banned just join another of our servers and start annoying again, doing whatever they got banned for. Put in chat text (like suicide chats) when someone is kicked/banned. Ban be like AdminChat for example, only for admins. This one is repeated as i asked it before, but it is very important, a log file for admin console commands in server. We really need to monitor what admins are doing. How about chat log file too?
  5. Server company complaining

    I have seen companies saying they have DDoS protection, but they only blackhole the IP block to protect their network. Do not trust just 'DDoS protection' in their website. Read the terms, ask support about it. Also ask how much bandwidth they can take before you notice the attack. Also ask if you can have a 10gig port, sometimes it help.
  6. Team Balance is f@@ked

    It also seems to happen when people disconnect (because of base rape for example) one side stays with more people and server do not move players to balance teams.
  7. It is because server crash show a popup message and it wait there until you click OK button. Disabling windows error messages does not help.
  8. Global Ban List Spreadsheet *WIP*

    LOL i think he means give you permissions to the banned list document.
  9. Server company complaining

    http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/10096-setup-server-alternative-method/?p=153508 It's here.
  10. Same problem here, if steam client is running, error popup.
  11. Hacks You Have Encountered Thus Far

    This is another big problem, when they just want to crash the server stead of cheating. It is harder to get who is doing it. Until we get the new anti-cheat. Also something as ratelimiting/threshold would flag who is responsible.
  12. Global Ban List Spreadsheet *WIP*

    What we really need is all the help we can get against cheaters. We as a admin community can help each other sharing information about cheating issues and proof collected from our servers. ONLY until the devs give us something else to work with, like a tool or anything that replaces it. I know they are already on it, but it would be nice if we can know how is it going and possible ETA. Until then, sharing cheater history is welcome, if with proof. If you are using for this purpose, please add Comunidade Gamer to the list.
  13. Hack question

    Hacker steamid: 76561198022100357 I reported him to devs using the form. With video and screenshot. At Comunidade Gamer server he is banned.
  14. I had this issue before the last patch. Since last update i don't have it anymore.
  15. i have set MaxInternetClientRate=80000 and tick rate = 10 on both servers and it didn't crash since yesterday.