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  1. I'm new to this as well, just hit me up on discord or steam and we can jump into a match together. It's intimidating jumping into a match on your own wondering if anyone will actually help you along. I'm from the US but willing to hop into a match with anyone. I'm also 31, so fit your demographic lol. my steam and discord are both the same as my forum name
  2. Just purchased

    haha well, I realized my headset from my xbox didn't carry over to the PC so I went out today and grabbed a steelseries rival 100 mouse, which makes a TREMENDOUS difference from a small 5 year old logitec mouse. But because the headset wasn't working, I could barely hear my squad through the computer speakers when the "defecation hit the rotating oscillator". And I'm pretty sure I pissed some of them off. And came into contact with an enemy about 25m away who didn't see me, but since it was the first time encountering one, I held off the trigger, he turned, and smoked me lol. BUT, the good news is, is that I still had fun, so I'm sure it will be a blast when I know what I'm doing. DUDE, just found you on Steam, and believe it or not, I used to work at the Ft. Worth Police Dept and am originally from Grand Prairie.
  3. Just purchased

    I was thinking about doing this. I know once I become experienced I'm going to love helping new people and teach them up, its practically my job in real life. I'm sure situational awareness will be terrible at first but, I'm about to hop into my first match here in a minute and give it whirl. I'll report back with how badly I did
  4. Just purchased

    Hey everyone, just started playing this game today. Been spending a bit of my time in the firing range, no real matches yet. Don't want to ruin everyone elses experience just randomly joining and not knowing what I'm doing. I would love to join up with some of you that don't mind training me up. I'm a US Air Force Special Operations weapons instructor and the real life skills def do not translate into PC gaming. I'm also rocking a basic/crappy setup for PC gaming, as far as mouse goes, which I will be upgrading soon, but I just recently started up on PC gaming, other than just modding GTA and things like that. Like I said, I would love to get spun up by anyone willing to take a new guy out and show him the ropes.