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  1. Bump for a preview!!!!!!!!
  2. Sounds good! Yeah I usually play on TG's server as well, just seems like everyone knows what they're supposed to be doing most of the time lol. Your Tag on steam is "RaTzo"? I'll add you tonight when I get on. Yeah, there have been many times that I'm on the 4th or 5th floor of a building shooting down onto a side alley or street at an enemy and after firing a few rounds I back up and see bullet holes in the window frame while the enemy runs away lol.
  3. Yeah I agree, honestly lone-wolfing it really doesn't do much to aid in winning. Someone may rack up a few kills but it doesn't do much else *imo*. So much gets accomplished when staying together and fighting together. Whether it be defending or trying to capture an objective. Also, it saves your medic from having to run half way across the map to a weird location to pick you up in enemy territory (I'm guilty of this when trying to flank the enemy haha). There are just too many angles to clear by yourself before you can safely move around the map (streets, multi-level windows, alley-ways, objects, etc.). You're just bound to attract attention by an enemy group and get neutralized before you can do anything. On a side note..One thing I have to get used to is making sure my gun clears the window frame when peeking down onto a street. There were quite a few times I was trying to pick someone off and shot the wall lol. I definitely look forward to playing consistently with a group of guys and getting a groove going!
  4. RatZo, I played with you on the new map when you were a medic. Idk if you remember this but our squad was pushing up a street (towards refinery I believe?) and we were taking heavy fire from the insurgents. 2 of our men went down across the street and you went to pick them up when an insurgent popped up out of nowhere above and gunned you down. I apologize about that I was trying to cover you and that guy appeared literally out of nowhere lol. The new map is awesome though, such a rush of adrenaline. I had a ton of fun. I've learned to be thorough with clearing buildings now with the multi-level structures on this map. There are so many rooms that it's easy to think a floor is clear and then get shot in the back haha. *My personal opinion* I love the urban warfare more than anything else. Can't wait to see what other Urban maps they come out with. A suburbs area would be really cool or even a shopping district/ airport or something?