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  1. They've already promised helos and fixed wing aircraft so those are definitely coming. We'll also be getting freelook and the new animation system soon. I would say the animation system, cover wrapping, freelook, helos, fixed wing aircraft, and probably some map overhauls will be coming before we get to beta. That's just my thoughts though.
  2. Agree with invisible on this one. Part of what keeps people running dedicated servers is their ability to make them what they want. I would imagine once we get modding, you'll see a lot of vast and varied servers and I'll look forward to it.
  3. Yep...server admins can run their servers as they please.
  4. I mean...considering the amount of silent SLs I've encountered already, it would seem that anyone who is willing to communicate would be better than that lol.
  5. This would actually be really nice. Maybe everything could have this feature like the machine gun bunkers, so on so forth.
  6. Yeah I remember the progressive lean from Arma fondly. I did a lot of Arma 2 back in the day. Thanks a ton for the reply. I'll look into those!
  7. Can I ask what footpedals you use? I've been looking for a set to use with some flight sims, but I could see the lean being a great alternate use case.
  8. This was actually the first server that I got into when I hopped in on the free weekend before purchasing the game. This crew is part of what sold me on the game. My SL was really friendly and helped me get my feet wet on learning the medic class. It's awesome that the veterans present here were so helpful. Thanks for getting me started =)
  9. I'll admit that I just started this game over the weekend, but my favorite role thus far has been medic. I would imagine the reasoning for me is similar to why I usually play healers in MMOs. I just like being the support role. I like when people rely on me and I enjoy feeling like I'm a key to victory in games. That being said, I derive a lot of enjoyment simply from helping others. Not everyone gets that same feeling though so I would imagine that for some it would be beneficial to have something special to the medic class besides reviving. It seems to me that the medic feels like the weakest of the classes simply for the lack of red dot, binocs, grenades, or really anything besides my medkit. I understand that the idea is that if you can revive, you're already powerful. It just lacks the feeling of power for some folks as you're tasked with a support role. I know medics used to have binocs. I feel like this is maybe something that should be returned. I like the idea of a medic being a secondary scout from the backline. Maybe this was removed for some grander purpose, but it is a little saddening. As far as the players who constantly call for medics after they go down, I would say that you shouldn't be afraid to assert yourself when you go medic. Tell them that you know they're down, you can see on your map, and you'll get to them if it's realistic. I'm not going to hustle myself into the line of fire to revive you. I'm a bit more valuable than that. If we clear the hostiles, then I'll revive you. Otherwise, lay there and wait. We'll get you when we can or the SL will have you give up if we can't.
  10. Hey everyone! I just joined up over the free weekend. This game has been on my wishlist for quite awhile so that I could keep an eye on it. When the free weekend came around, it was just so damn good that I had to do the right thing and actually buy it. I've only played a few games, but got to have my first SL experience last night. It was stressful, but really enjoyable at the same time. I still feel really noobish and in general I don't have a great strategic vision on what to do, where to go, and so on but I do have a willingness to learn. I have to say medic and SL have been my favorite roles thus far. A huge thanks to the people that have taken the time to teach me some of the nuances and show me the general way to handle things. It'll take a bit to get completely up to speed, but I'm going to do my best. Excited to play with and against you all =)