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  1. The Fate of Fallujah?

    Tallil has been prioritised to coincide with the release of tanks. Fallujah is still in the making.
  2. What is really going on with Squad?

    I don’t see a problem with the current status of the game. The player base seems to be stable if not growing, and certainly isn’t in decline. To be honest, I’m quite satisfied with the current large updates that come out every several months. At the very least it would be better than having more but smaller updates on a weekly basis. The former is better as it gives players time to adapt to the new features and changes.
  3. Personally, for the next faction I don’t want another European army. Instead, I’d like a “Baathist” faction, essentially a conventional middle eastern faction based around the former Iraqi Army and today’s Syrian Arab Army. With Basrah already in-game, plus Fallujah and Tallil in development, there will be a sufficient amount of Desert themed maps that would fit such a faction. Small Arms: Handguns: Makarov PM, CZ-75 Tank Crew Weapons: Skorpion vz. 61, AKS-74U Assault Rifles: AKM, AKMS, Type 56, vz.58, PM md. 63/65, Zastava M70 LMG: RPK GPMG: Zastava M84, PKM Sniper Rifle: Tabuk, SVDS Rocket Launchers: RPG-7, RPG-29 Grenade Launcher: GP-25 Grenades: F-1 AP Grenade Heavy Weapons: Mortar: 60mm M70 “Al-Jaleel” HMG: DShK Recoilless Rifle: SPG-9 Anti-Tank Missile: MILAN Vehicles: Armoured Vehicles would be important because several would be Chinese exports, meaning less work once the PLA faction is developed. I believe the Baathist Army should have: Trucks: ZiL-131 MBTs: Type 69, T-72A, Lion of Babylon AFV/IFVs: BMP-1, BMP-2, MT-LB with ZU-23 gun APCs: BTR-60, MT-LB and Chinese Type 63 MLRS: GAZ-66 truck with 81mm rocket launcher
  4. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    I think there should be three distinct “types” of factions: conventional Armies, Militias, and Insurgents. Army Factions: Bluefor -United States -Canadian Forces -United Kingdom -France -Bundeswehr (Germany) -Poland -Ukraine -Turkey -Israeli Defence Forces -South Korea -Japan -Pakistan -Australia Opfor -Russia -Baathist Army (Modelled off both current Syrian army and former Iraqi Army -Iran -People’s Liberation Army (China) -North Korea -India Militia Factions: American Militia (with AR-15s, pickup trucks, etc) Balkan Milita (Modelled off various Yugoslav War militants) Eastern Militia (Donbass Rebels basically) Caucasian Militia (Chechens, Abkhazians, Ossetians, etc) Middle Eastern Militia (Something like the Hezbollah and YPG) Insurgents: Islamist Insurgents (Middle Eastern) Islamist Insurgents (Afghan) African Insurgents (with lots of RPD and SKS)
  5. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Canadian Forces Mexican Factions (Fighting Cartel) British Army Armée Français Belgian Land Components Bundeswehr Bundesheer Polish Ground Forces Ukrainian Ground Forces Australian Army Israeli Defence Forces Philippine Army (Fighting Abu Sayyaf) Turkish Land Forces People's Liberation Army (China) Iranian Armed Forces Ba'ath Army (Iraq, Syria, Libya) Kurdish Insurgents (PKK, YPG, SDF) Narco Cartels (Fighting Mexican Army) African Insurgents
  6. DISCLAIMER: Yes, I used the search button, but I'd like to show my view on how this could work. With the appearance of shotguns in development, it seems likely that the US/Russian Ground Forces will get a counterpart to the Insurgent Raider kit. As we know, the Raider is best suited to close-quarters, preferably urban combat. We will replicate this with the Breacher, who's main purpose will be clearing indoor areas and corners, as well as destroying obstacles. It's a class that will be invaluable in maps like Al-Basra and Sumari Bala, and useful for clearing points in other maps. This will be one of the specialised classes, like the GPMG kit which I suspect will arrive soon enough. The Breacher would be, like the HAT kit, limited to a certain amount of players per game. I believe 2-4 per team would be a balanced amount. It will be restricted to the US and Russian factions. It would be best if they were unlocked once a team has 15 or more players. Let's go through what a breacher would have.... Primary Weapon (Slot 1): The obvious decision would be shotguns, already shown to us by the development team. However, they are not the only choice we have. What if they also had Sub-Machine Guns? From a developing perspective, having SMGs in an assault class (Raider/Breacher) would be the only way to implement SMGs (apart from special forces). So, just like you can choose from a number of weapons for the rifleman kit, you could choose between a shotgun and SMG for the breacher kit? So what are these weapons? Shotguns: M1014 (USA), KS-23 (Russia) SMGs: MP5 (USA), Vityaz-SN (Russia) Note, for those who desire a seperate USMC faction, the MP-5 could be replaced by the Colt SMG, for variety. Secondary Weapon (Slot 2): Probably same as other classes, no need for a change. Grenades (Slot 3): I'm a bit unsure on this. I think that this kit should lack smoke grenades, as there is little use for it in the indoors. As for fragmentation grenades, 1-2 would be fine. I don't want the class to have too many, because that could make it overpowered, as well as too similar to the Raider Class. Explosives (Slot 4) These will serve as similar purpose as the IED. Their blast radius could allow rooms to be cleared rapidly. It can be used also to destroy player-built fortifications like Hesco walls, roadblocks, bunkers or other emplacements. However, I believe they will become more useful when there are dynamic map elements in the game, such as destructible walls. This would allow a squad to easily create a new avenue of attack into a well defended position. The Breacher should get 1 or 2 of these in their kit. The US would obviously get the C4, while the Russians would probably get the PVV-5A or Semtex. Field Dressing (Slot 5) 2 bandages as with most classes, no need to change it. Wire Cutter (Slot 6) This would replace the shovel. To not waste explosives on razor wire, use this to remove it. Optional: Body Armour This might be something included, although I doubt it. Maybe it would give the user a chance for a bullet to be ignored, and for the damage caused by explosions to be lessened. I'm only including this because It seems interesting, but not necessarily balanced. I thank you for reading this. Please give critical feedback and constructive criticism.
  7. When they putting in aircraft

    As long as there's some sort of static Anti-Aircraft weapon at the base.