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  1. [Solved] Unplayable Resolution Bug

    To get to game to function I deleted the squad folder in local app data and then cleared cached user data in squad, I am not sure if one of these would have worked by themselves, but doing both certainly worked for me.
  2. [Solved] Unplayable Resolution Bug

    Thanks for the fix guys! The game works like a charm, and I'll be sure to embed images properly next time!
  3. [Solved] Unplayable Resolution Bug

    file:///C:/Users/Chaluke/Pictures/20170409193810_1.jpg If I click anywhere below where my cursor is the game will minimize and turn into this: file:///C:/Users/Chaluke/Pictures/20170409193643_1.jpg Note I cannot move my mouse any further down or right at this point
  4. I could play the first 4 hours of this game fine as I just had to change the resolution and let the game crash a few times, I have been able to play games with worse problems. However after I left earlier today to grab a bite to eat the game began to act up and become unplayable. Upon launching the game all the menus are twice their normal size, however instead of going off screen they just stick on the screen where they are supposed to be but larger. The mouse was off set far to the right and down, and it was quite difficult to get to the settings, graphics, and then resolution with an invisible cursor. I could change the resolution however I can't click on around the bottom 1/3 of the screen to apply changes in full-screen, so I pressed f11 which locked my mouse in the top left 1/6 of the screen, however I could still apply changes with the off set mouse. After, "fixing," the problem I could not manage to reach the exit game button, so I alt tabbed out and restarted the game, only to find the settings had changed and I had to do it all over again, except I thought I could just join a game and at least do something, however I could not see past the map that took up half the screen and the 2 full squads taking up the other half. I could not scroll down or do almost anything so I alt tabbed out again and tried to fix the resolution yet again to no avail. I restarted my computer as sometimes games get a bit wonky if I have kept the computer on for more than about a week, which seems to keep things the way I want them for about 5 minutes, until I click something and the game minimizes and either can't be pulled up again forcing me to use task manager, or is pulled up in a higher resolution with the offset mouse problem. I am also stuck in varying stages of the process occasionally when opening the game (ie: stuck in the top left corner on launch). Note that I can only play on 2048x1552 resolution, as anything higher has a jacked hud and menu, and anything lower puts a massive black border around the game. My system is as follows: Windows 10 i7 Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M note I have nearly 400 GB of free space left, and also I only made a forums account to post this problem tha tI have been trying to resolve for over an hour now.