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  1. Friendly shilouettes

    This is why I love Squad so much. In real life, IFF is only visible if you're using a BFT (i.e. the map Squad has). They already have names over players (which I hope, at some point, will be a server side option to further immersion when turned off). Best suggestion I have is this: 1. Use your Map often. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with friendly elements and their most recent positions before moving in. 2. Use your radio / proximity - I particularly like to call out to other squads via proximity when Im nearby letting them know so I don't get blue on blue. 3. Learn uniforms. Every faction has a distinct "look". Even the RGFs on desert maps look different than the US Army (longer helmets, black kneepads, desert digicam). As you play, you'll get more confident with your target selection. One thing I will piggy back off of this post with is this: When dead, friendly player names should disappear. I've had a couple of times where I've aimed, seen a name, hesitated, and not fired only to waste that split second and get shot by an enemy because he was standing behind the dead body and/or the name was displaying above him.
  2. Unless they add a similar ability to another class to all other factions, this would be a no go for me, considering only one faction gets a Scout.
  3. Why the medic aversion?

    I don't play Medic because it's a tough role to play. I gravitate mostly towards the AT and Grenadier roles because that's where my gameplay style (direct / indirect fire support) is best suited. When I do play Medic, it's something that is stressful and sometimes frustrating for me. Here's why: 1. A lot of times squads don't do enough to protect their medic. They expect you to run out and revive them, but will often times look straight at you when you get them up, instead of pulling security. 2. Death count - I find that I die most when playing the medic. Why? Because you're often asked/ordered/expected to run into a firefight to revive people and then you get yelled at if you don't. See my next point. 3. Demanding players / SLs - unlinke any other class, I hear medics get abused most often. "MEDIC! HEAL ME!" is all I hear when I'm playing the class. If you don't have your bag out almost 100% of the time healing, people complain. If you don't revive them because their position is too dangerous, they complain. If you tell them to wait instead of giving up, they complain. 4. Clunky revive mechanics - I have a giant med bag, but it apparently doesn't hold enough to stabilize somebody who's bleeding out? To me, part of the problem is how long I have to spend in the process of reviving. It becomes tedious. I get that part of this game is realism, but in reality a field dressing is trumped by the medical kit a corpsman or medic carries. 5. Last, but certainly not least, it's a thankless role. I play grenadier, a lot. I can't count the number of times I've been congratulated for a particularly good 40mm round, or marking enemy locations with smoke. As a medic? I can count on one hand the amount of times somebody has said "thanks" when being healed or revived. I know, it's silly. I shouldn't EXPECT to be thanked. But still. For me, I'm just not cut out to be medic, because of the above. But I give major kudos to those who are. And, always, if the squad needs a medic I'm happy to roll that. But I can see why people avoid it like the plague.
  4. Xbox Gamepad Optimization

    So first off, I did search looking for a good thread on optimizing controller use. I was only able to find resources on Steam gamepad use. Second, yes, I understand the game was built around KBM use, not a controller. That being said I do use an Xbox controller because mouse and keyboard is harder for me to use and feel comfortable with. My questions surround the implementation of controller support: 1. Is there something I'm missing about rebinding the controller? For example - there is no 'use' key bound, prone and crouch are mapped to buttons way too far apart (down DPAD and X) and so on. This makes it a bit cumbersome to manage especially in a fire fight. And seriously, who maps reload to Up DPAD? Lol 2. Is there a setting I need to tweak (I couldn't locate one if there was) to enable the controller to drive and operate vehicles? The controller works marginally when driving, but won't let you turn or go backwards. 3. What settings, if any, should I tweak to smooth out aiming with a controller? I tried turning of mouse smoothing, but couldn't see any difference either way (even when using a mouse). I also tweak aim speed to right around where I normally have it and it didn't seem to improve. It's not terribly bad in CQC, but when I'm using an ACOG or trying to engage long range targets, I find aiming to have a lot of stutter to it and I find myself overcorrecting and not able to find a sweet spot. Thanks in advance for any assistance, and if there is a thread about this already I apologize, please link it and I'll go read there. (In before "god damn free to play weekend" - I purchased the game, lol).