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  1. Brahhs Afghan Map

    I want to see this finished!
  2. Tutorial: Generating your own minimap for Squad

    Nice, I'll give this a try!
  3. Checking ammo

    Should be added. Maybe an animation once you press a certain key to take out the mag and check how much it weighs to check roughly how much ammunition there is in the clip.
  4. Incentive to wait for MEDIC

    Then the developers should make it so: if TK revive then no ticket
  5. The ability to check how much ammunition you currently have roughly in a magazine would be a great addition to Squad. I believe it was a feature in Project Reality, so I am surprised that this is not a feature in Squad already. Let me know what you think! Perhaps it could be implemented as so: press a key and you will see a text or an image that will tell you the magazine is full or nearly full the magazine is around halfway full the magazine is empty or nearly empty Thanks!
  6. I know we have barely a week of early access, but I believe we need a better server browser. The browser needs filters, although it is already filtered through alphabetical and player count. It needs to at least have an option to filter by ping. Also, it usually takes me half a minute to load up the server list after pressing the "Update server list" button with a decent setup and internet. How could we reduce this time to open up all the servers?
  7. How many maps are there in Squad? Can you list them?
  8. Squad League Release Party

    Server still locked at 18:03 EST.
  9. Squad League Release Party

    Looking forward to joining! http://twitch.tv/z3r0o_ Streaming all afternoon!
  10. The M60E6 machine gun

    I wholeheartedly agree with this.
  11. As we all know the M60 machine gun has been replaced in today's world by both the M249 and the M240 machine guns. However, this new variant shows the latest improvements made to the M60, as it can compete with modern machine guns. This machine gun shoots a mean 7.62 mm NATO round at an effective range at 1100 meters, so why can't we use it? The Danish Military uses this recent variant of the M60 since 2014. If U.S. General Ordinance made this variant of the M60, when can we see the American military using it? Could we see this weapon being implemented in Squad, in the near future? Do you think yes or no, in the question of if this really does belong in Squad? In conjunction of a faction of the Danish military, is M60E6 a good weapon of choice in Squad?
  12. Destroyable buildings

    The idea of destructable buildings in Squad is a great idea. In fact, the developers of Squad are already working on a system of a modular building system which they can use in their maps in the October 2015 update for squad, located here. This is talked about by Bluedrake42 in his video on the November 5th update for Squad. He mentions that yes, the developers are using a similar building system for both forward operation bases (FOB) and for the whole map overall, like in screenshots here. However, if destruction is implemented in this modular building system, the impact on player performance (FPS) is a main concern for the developers. Now, I know that Unreal Engine 4, the engine that Squad is built on, does a well job performance-wise when it comes to destruction. Bluedrake42 also points out in the same video, as he has talked to Iron, one of the developers of Squad, that possibility of destruction in this scale might be there. Certainly, if the developers have decided that there will be this destruction in Squad, they are working on it now or later on. Also, I want to point out that the type of destruction that the community, including I, really do want, at best, is a Battlefield-esque destruction visualized here.
  13. Fools Road

    Maybe the players need to play the game more. Getting more comfortable and knowing the difference with the uniforms of the two factions comes with experience.