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  1. I just figured that i have played PR and this about 13 years, and now after 1 year of playing Squad i thought to give some feedback even tho some old PR devs didnt really like me in the end :P Game looks and sounds very good, animations are superior and very very very detailed vehicles sound and look cool. And maps have views where you just gotta stop and stare at it for a moment because it looks really cool. Effects are super detailed and really make epic moments in the gameplay even more special. Music and video trailers are perfect for this type of game, watching em on youtube really makes you wanna try the game. And i just love what you did with the player placeable fortifications, thats something what i have not seen in other game at all. Players being able to design and build their own fortress and then see it being attacked is probably one of biggest things compared to other similar war games. I hope all this is making squad very successful But most positive thing i have seen in your game is that you have been open minded for new gameplay ideas to a point where you even implemented old conquest gamemode, a mode what all of us wanted to get rid of back in the days(including me). Thats the reason i even got encouraged to try give any feedback at all, that and my highest respect on IRONTAXI to pull this all together and make it success, you are a hero ! Im only assuming that you are trying your best to make the game sell well, unlike with PR where we didnt care about how big the playerbase is going to grow, thats why i would like to suggest the same thing i always do ^^ Make more gamemodes = attract more players and make more sales What i mean with it is that milsim-level of complicated gameplay system doesnt attract all types of players. Would it really be that horrible if you would make a gamemode that is little bit more simplier to play and learn as an addition to current modes. Less restrictions on vehicles usage(like less vehicles would need crewman kits), simplier spawning system (spawning on squad leaders or inside APCs, and get rid of rallypoints but keep the hubs), easier resupply, more supplies on vehicles so there is no need for supply runs so often, and other little details like that. Especially the spawning on SL and APCs would make the gameplay function as designed even if all the players would be 80yo grandmothers, the most casual ppl on earth and prove is that battlefield franchise has always used similar system(not saying they are all grannies tho). We had this gameplay back in PR 0.5 and it was super popular, playerbase basicly exploded. I believe same could still work in squad. What could you lose by doing it, the current gamemodes would still be there. Even if you dont like that idea, please keep trying new gamemode ideas, some of them might becomes super popular ^^ - ex[R-Dev]Deer
  2. [ USA ] Firestorm Server

    Your admin dont seem to care about whos the villain and who is trolling.. he just kicked everyone involved in any way. I was rearmin SPG technical in mainbase when 2 known trolls jumped in Hunter P and Craig+random numbers. Plus few other guys, i gave them a ride to battle but the trolls Hunter P and Craig didnt jump out, instead Hunter wasted all the ammo on SPG by shooting ground in front of the vehicle. I tried to make them jump out of the car without succes and then called admin, told him exactly what had happened but he just told not to complain and just keep playing the game... how can i play if they dont get out of my vehicle ? Other ppl in the server told admin too that those 2 are known trolls, Hunter P and craig.. but he just didnt care. I drove the vehicle out in the desert to make those guys get out of the car but then admin kicked me for "wasting assets"... he ignored everything i told him and blamed me for trolling.
  3. Feedback from old PR dev :)

    I have got the same answer over a decade now ^^ But now different ppl are in charge and they may see things differently. Playerbase being fractured is bad excuse imo, attracting more different types of players makes playerbase much bigger in general, and bigger it gets the more ppl are telling their friends about the game, this brings money, and makes all gamemodes have more players.