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  1. I think are 1GHz CPU, i need to upgrade the server for sure at least. Maybe as you said, with 5-6 Ghz could be work fine. I will try.
  2. I have actually 4 CPU and 4GB RAM. But I can buy more RAM and CPU to upgrade the server.
  3. Hey dude, thanks. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe I could try to upgrade the server with 2 more Gigabye and try again.
  4. Is it possible set the amount of memory used from the game inside the server? I've configurated the server on a 64bit CentOS, but i have this error when I start the server: Malloc Size=65535 LargeMemoryPoolOffset=196655 I supposed it is a problem about memory (i have 4GB RAM).
  5. I'm a fan of Oakland Raiders (moved to Las Vegas now). I'm pretty happy of our QB Carr and the new entry Marshawn Lynch. I hope this season will be a step better than the last one. We literally fall inside a big storm of bad luck after the injury of Carr. Hope to see the Play Off with the Raiders next season.
  6. I'm following this thread, I literally love this type of stuff.
  7. I've waited for a while, but finally I bought this game with a 33% discount on steam. I'm still trying, but I already love this title. Hope to have fun with some of you guys, see ya on the field! Cya